Month: February 2000

The Power Of Chiropractic – Stewart M. Bittman, D.C.

Chiropractic is my life. It is my mission, my path to serve. Its principle is my road map for life. Its practice is my purest way to express love. Through chiropractic I have experienced Innate, my connection to God. I have witnessed “miracles”, which were simply Universal Intelligence expressing itself from above down, inside out. I have seen lives changed, hearts opened, prayers answered, bodies and minds healed, simply through the act of releasing the Law of life within. Through chiropractic, I have become a shepherd. A steward. A warrior. A servant.

What we have and what we do is so magnificent. So big. By allowing Innate to express with less interference we help reconnect the spirit and the flesh. We help reconnect that individual with the Source of all good and allow the greatest doctor in the Universe, who specializes in that individual, to do its works. With each adjustment delivered with that little something extra, love, we restore a bit more balance and harmony to the Universe. The word “universe” means one song, and you can’t alter a bar or a note without affecting the whole deal. We can help make the song a little sweeter. We can help smooth out some sour notes in the song. Or tune some loose strings.

Each person or dog or whatever it is that comes in your office is a unique expression of the Great Spirit, a personification (or dogification or whatever the case may be) of Universal Intelligence. That individual is essentially an assortment of subatomic particles arranged into recycled atoms that is reorganizing itself so fast you can’t even see it. Somehow this mass of Twinkie and brown rice atoms is capable of doing quadrillions of things simultaneously, including healing itself. There is a design for that individual, a plan. And we don’t know the plan and we can’t improve on the plan. But we can remove interference so that the plan can manifest. Is that big? Can you picture a world in which all individuals are manifesting their plans, fulfilling their purposes, serving all others with their unique gifts and talents? Can chiropractic help change the world?

Perhaps this brings up a little fear, or maybe a lot. Perhaps it brings up doubt, or even laughter. Perhaps it brings up your breakfast. It really doesn’t matter. But if it resonates with you or fires a spark in your consciousness, then take heart. I’ve seen the possibilities, in Panama. Four times. I’ve seen the entire energy of a country change in 6 days. I’ve seen people line up by the thousands, wait for hours, walk for miles, carry people, and hand over their babies, for a chiropractic adjustment. I’ve experienced Innate working through me to the exact extent that I could get myself out of the way (which was easy to do in Panama), allowing me to adjust 2000 people in a day, some of which I didn’t even have to physically touch. I’ve gained the knowledge of how powerful chiropractic and I are when I use chiropractic in its purest form, without any strings attached. And again, I’ve witnessed the miracles that inevitably resulted.

These same possibilities exist, not only in Panama, but everywhere, including our offices. But first, we must accept our Power. We must learn to hold it. We must grow, expand, and evolve. We must overcome our fears. We must clean ourselves up. We must become tuned so Innate can express our highest potential. We must become clean, hollow bones for Innate to use to play out our unique notes in the universal song. We must stand up and reclaim our principle and then offer it to a world that desperately awaits it.

Millions of people are literally dying for what we have in our hearts, our minds and our hands. They are separated, subluxated. They seek the answers in a place from which they will never come: outside themselves. They are brainwashed, programmed to believe their problems are coming from a lack of something from the outside. They are convinced that they are weak, deficient, vulnerable, separate, created incorrectly. But all this is changing, ever so slowly. The world seems to be waking up. When they do, where will they find us? Will we be lurking around the corridors in hospitals, clinging to a dead paradigm? Or will we be part of the awakening, helping to lead more and more people from the darkness? Can we, will we love ourselves enough to work at becoming clearer channels for Innate to work through? Can we, will we love people enough to serve them without attachments, expectations or any desire for the fruit it might bear? Can we, will we love God enough to become as powerful as we can be and to fulfill our purpose to our greatest potential? I know one thing for sure, the world is ready.

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Superbugs Are Spreading

A February 28th report from Associated Press states that cases of drug-resistant “super bacteria” are on the rise in Los Angeles and have began infecting “healthy” people which is baffling medical doctors.

The AP report mentions that although bacteria do develop a resistance to antibiotic treatment over time, overuse and inappropriate use of antibiotics has accelerated the process.

In the past, the drug-resistant super bacteria strains had been infecting individuals already undergoing antibiotic treatment for some medical condition. However, medics now say that super bacteria are beginning to emerge in the general population among “people with no previous hospitalizations.” The report sites a case in Burbank, California in which a 67-year-old patient nearly died from a drug-resistant strain of Streptococcus pneumoniae. The patient received 4 weeks of treatment with vancomycin, a very toxic and expensive antibiotic while in the hospital as well as undergoing surgery to treat the infection.

Here are some questions you may choose to ask:
Are people with “no previous hospitalizations” necessarily healthy?
Is health just merely the absence of disease and hospitalization?
How do we define health?
Who are the healthiest people you know?

Click here to search Planet Chiropractic for other articles on “Superbugs @ 7:17 am | Article ID: 951841027

Psychiatric Drugs And Our Children

The week’s March 6th issue of U.S. News & World Report features a report on the use of psychiatric drugs in children. The article is available on this weeks news stands or by visiting (save the pages for offline viewing as they will probably be removed next week.)

Although the article is written from a medical mindset, there is much valuable information provided.

U.S. News reports that since psychotropic medications are untested on children, prescribing them to children becomes a process of trial and error. “The treatment children get is often dangerously haphazard” says the report.

The US is #1 again. (don’t get too excited doctor) According to the report, the United States consumes 80 percent of the world’s methylphenidate (the generic term for Ritalin.)

About the prescription of psychiatric drugs and children, a Columbia University professor had this to say: “pediatricians and family practitioners should not be prescribing these drugs for children under 18. They don’t have the time or the skills.”

The report features a table of some of the most common psychiatric medications along with 1999 prescription totals and the numbers are just staggering. For example, more than 84 million prescriptions were filled in 1999 for SSRI anti-depressants such as Prozac.

Source: US News Cover Story March 6th, 2000 @ 7:21 pm | Article ID: 951798060

ICA 6th Annual California/Western Region Membership Convention

The ICA 6th annual California/Western region membership convention was held this weekend in Los Angeles, California. For the past 6 years, Drs. Ron Oberstein and Mark Kimes have been hosting the west coast’s premiere chiropractic event. This year’s event was no exception with featured speakers including Drs. Joe Accurso, James Sigafoose, and Sid Williams.

Drs. Ron and Mark, along with the support of Life West and many others, delivered a fantastic principled chiropractic event that was attended by hundreds of chiropractors from across the US.

So much is involved in preparing for these events and next years event is already in development, as these doctors just never seem to rest. Watch for next years event information on Planet Chiropractic’s event pages.

Planet Chiropractic had the opportunity to conduct interviews with Drs. Joe Accurso, Stew Bittman, and Tina Sigafoose, which will all be available via audio broadcast for those of you using our streaming media services.

Missed this years ICA event? Want to dip yourself daily in the philosophy of chiropractic? You can order the entire weekends program, which is available to you on six audiocassettes via the Life Chiropractic College West bookstore. For more info call: 510 276-9013 ext. 281/275 @ 6:06 am | Article ID: 951750398

New England Journal of Medicine – Financial Conflict-of-Interest

The New England Journal of Medicine has published an apology in this week’s issue, admitting to violating its own conflict-of-interest policy.

According to the journal, they have violated their own conflict-of-interest policy 19 times over the past three years. The journal is considered one of the most prestigious of medical publications.

A review of the journal was prompted after a news report surfaced pointing out one such violation. In each violation, the journal allowed articles by individuals who had financial ties to pharmaceutical giants such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck & Co., Pharmacia & Upjohn and Wyeth-Ayerst.

According to the journal, a stricter policy for review articles is difficult to maintain because “there’s so much connection between academia and the private sector now.”

Here are two links:
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See Planet Chiropractic related article from October of 99′
Medical Journal May Have Flouted Own Ethics 8 Times

Update: Here is a link to the Los Angeles Times Article

L.A. Times: Top Medical Journal Admits 19 Lapses of Ethics Policy

The L.A. Times was the first to bring light to the activities of the New England Journal of Medicine back in October of 1999. @ 7:01 am | Article ID: 951408079

Gates and Others Partner in Vaccine Program

PRNewswire reported today that the Bill and Melinda Gates children’s vaccine program has partnered with other pro-vaccine groups to “fight misinformation on the web.”

Four “science-based vaccine websites” have announced the launch of a “web ring” that has been created to “make it easier to access reliable, independent, science-based information about vaccines and immunization.”

The “web ring” is known as the Allied Vaccine Group and the URL is Members of the Allied Vaccine Group include:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Children’s Vaccine Program at PATH
The International Vaccine Institute in Seoul, Korea
The National Network for Immunization Information and
The Vaccine Page

Other websites are expected to join the Allied Vaccine Group as well.

According to the report, the group was created in response “to the recent proliferation of websites disseminating rumors and speculation that do not pass scientific review.”

Also according to the report, it was stated that all of the group members “believe that immunization saves the lives of millions of children and adults every year.” Note: Is that a science-based belief?

If you would like to express your concerns to Bill and/or Melinda Gates, you can contact: Scott Wittet, Communications Director of Bill and Melinda Gates Children’s Vaccine Program by calling 206-285-3500 or by email at: [email protected]

Do you have the freedom to choose where you receive your healthcare information and what you do with that information? @ 8:31 am | Article ID: 951327068

Drugging Our Children

It’s all over today’s news; toddlers are being given medications not approved for their use.

Planet Chiropractic has been reporting about the increase in the use of psychiatric drugs among children for some time now, the news we report today is quite disturbing and should concern everyone.

Several news feeds are reporting on a study in this weeks Journal of the American Medical Association, which shows an increased practice of giving psychiatric drugs to children.

According to the study, there has been an increase in preschoolers in state Medicaid programs and an HMO getting psychotropic medications.

What the researchers found very disturbing was that these drugs are being used in children without any justification. The drugs are not even approved for use in children of this age group. Ritalin for example, carries a warning against its use in children younger than age 6. The drugs are being prescribed to children under the age of 1. (That is not a misprint, less than one year old and being pumped with poison.)

How does a medical doctor diagnose a child less than a year old with ADHD? This is just plain sickening.

Here are your links doctors:

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How Many Are Dying in Hospitals? – President Wants To Know

You may not see it on your local news but it comes across global news feeds daily – As many as 98,000 Americans each year are dying in US hospitals. What is often not mentioned is who is behind the news. There are massive opportunities for lawmakers and politicians to find a “solution” to this incredible problem and these groups are primarily responsible for perpetuating this news. Here are some of today’s links:

President wants hospitals to disclose deadly mistakes Nando Health/Science
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Clinton’s Plan on Medical Mistakes ABC News – Health
Clinton wants hospitals to disclose serious and deadly… Nando Health/Science

Do we have a solution to medical error? The choice is yours doctor. @ 6:43 am | Article ID: 951234215

A Chance To Cut – A Chance To Kill

Nando Times Media reported yesterday on the struggles hospitals are facing in attempts to decrease the number of deaths from medical error.

The report highlights “health care’s dirty little secret: Medical mistakes kill somewhere between 44,000 and 98,000 hospitalized Americans a year.”

As we have reported here in the past, when we compare the numbers of deaths yearly due to medical error to an event such as the recent Alaska Airlines crash, we find the following:
A jetliner tragedy such as that in the Alaska Airline crash would occur at least 1.3 times daily with as many as 3 jetliner crashes per day. That is 3 jetliner crashes daily, each carrying 88 passengers, for a total of 264 accidental deaths occurring seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Hospitals all across the country are searching for ways (and looking for funding) to ensure the safety of patients that enter their system.

According to the report, “health workers often refuse to disclose errors for fear they’ll be sued or fired.” One must wonder how many medical mistakes are going un-reported.

The Institute of Medicine would like to see medical mistakes cut in half within five years. Here is a suggestion: keep people out of hospitals.

There are many chiropractors that feel we have an obligation and responsibility to tell the public the truth. The choice is yours doctor.

Here is your link: Hospitals devising new ideas to cut medical errors
(This is a great article and should be read in its entirety.) @ 7:37 am | Article ID: 951151072

An Overdose of Medical Optimism

The February 14th issue of the Los Angeles Times featured a two-page article about major medical and scientific journals and their role in mass media.

This was an in depth article regarding the methods used by major medical journals to get their stories into headline news.

The article points out the fact that medical journals have become “cash cows” for their owners. It was noted that two of the leading medical publications, the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association, although “peer reviewed” are more concerned about profits than reliability according to critics.

L.A. Times writer Terence Monmaney, notes that the New England Journal of Medicine “apparently has violated its own ethics policy numerous times in the past three years, publishing articles by researchers with drug company ties and not disclosing the potential conflicts of interest.”

A newspaper reporter was quoted as saying that medical journals are “so hungry for publicity that they really trump up their papers to an astonishing degree. The abstracts they send to journalists are really over-hyped.”

News organizations and the public are the potential victims of this growing desire for profits and acclaim, according to the article. These motives may result in distorted medical hype and propaganda rather than honest news.

Note: The L.A. Times has began charging a fee to access their information on the internet so rather than linking to the article, we will link you directly to the L.A. Times so that you can access the article if you so choose. Follow the link below.

Medical Journals Exercise Clout in News Coverage: Major publications set the agenda, exercising what some reporters call a stranglehold on coverage. @ 10:04 am | Article ID: 950900645