Honda LA Marathon Makes Rain Contingency Plans for Race Day

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

With Showers in Forecast, Honda LA Marathon Makes Rain Contingency Plans for Race Day & Offers Runners Tips For Wet Weather

Goal for Sunday: Keeping Thousands of Volunteers & Runners as Warm, Dry & Safe as Possible

LOS ANGELES — With weather reports forecasting possible showers for race weekend, the Honda LA Marathon is offering advice for runners and making strategic contingency plans to help runners, volunteers and medical stations stay as dry and warm as possible if it rains on race day this Sunday, March 18.

Glenn Ault, M.D., associate dean of the Keck School of Medicine of USC and medical director for the Honda LA Marathon, offers a number of tips for running in the rain.

“Though the weather forecast changes daily, runners should be prepared for the event of rain to help keep them more comfortable during the race,” said Ault. “While we can’t control nature, there’s a lot runners can do to minimize problems caused by wet weather.”

Santa Monica Umbrella at LA Marathon

Here are Dr. Ault’s tips:

  • Wear shirts made of “technical” fabric that wicks away moisture from the body. Avoid cotton, which soaks up moisture and gets heavy, and if you wear layers, choose light layers that you can shed during the race.
  • Avoid cotton socks; wear socks of thin fabric that wick away moisture.
  • Wear a trash bag or moisture repellent poncho while waiting for the race to begin; discard it when the race starts.
  • Have a friend or family member bring dry clothes and dry socks for you to change into halfway through the race, and after the race.
  • Wear a body lubricant or Vaseline to reduce blistering and chafing.
  • Consider wearing a cap or jacket made of breathable fabric, and gloves if the air is cold.
  • When running, avoid metal manhole covers and painted white lines on streets, which can become slick in wet weather.

    “By following these simple tips, elite runners and recreational runners alike can ensure they have the best possible race experience no matter what the weather is like,” said Ault.

    Race officials have made extensive preparations for the possibility of rain and will update their contingency plans as race preparation continues.

    “We’re confident that by coordinating our efforts with the Fire Departments in all four jurisdictions and Keck Medical Center of USC, we’ll have enough equipment and support to keep our runners, volunteers and medical personnel as dry, warm and comfortable as possible on race day,” said LA MARATHON LLC Chief Operating Officer Nick Curl. “Whatever the weather brings on Sunday, we’re working to make this year’s race the best one yet.”

    Rain contingency preparation includes the following:

  • 10,000 plastic trashbags have been ordered for runners to “wear” if needed. 5,000 will be placed at the start line and 200 will go to each of the 25 water stations.
  • In addition to the 23,000 mylar blankets or heatsheets at the finish line for participants, 200 heatsheets will go to each of the 10 medical stations, 500 heatsheets will go to the finish line medical stations and additional heatsheets will be sent to the warming buses in Santa Monica.
  • 18 shuttle buses will be on reserve for the finish line in Santa Monica, there will be warming buses located on Colorado with water for each bus and additional buses will follow the last runners to be staged at medical stations along the course as warming buses.
  • Runner vans are available for miles 6-23 for runners who do not need medical attention, but want to drop out of the race.
  • Warming buses will be stationed at all 10 course medical stations.
  • 6,000 rain ponchos have been ordered for volunteers.
  • Heaters will be located at the finish line medical stations.
  • Buses for the relay exchange at Mile 13 will stay on site so those waiting for the exchange can stay dry.
  • 18 EZ Up Tents have been ordered to help shelter the gear check areas.
  • Additional areas of Dodger Stadium will be open for shelter and the Expo tents will remain in place on Sunday as additional shelter in Lot 6.

    To further plan for wet weather, the Honda LA Marathon is working closely with the Santa Monica Fire Department, which has jurisdiction at the finish and Los Angeles City Fire Department, which has jurisdiction at the start and through much of the course, as well as LA County Fire and the Beverly Hills Fire Department. Keck Medical Center of USC physicians and medical staff will have medical tents at strategic locations along the course, at the finish line, post finish area and family reunion area. Also, the American Red Cross is working with the Santa Monica Fire Department to provide blankets and first aid in Santa Monica.

    ABOUT THE RACE: The Honda LA Marathon gives runners and fans a unique way to experience the beauty and diversity of Los Angeles. Now in its third year, the iconic Stadium to the Sea course starts at Dodger Stadium, goes through Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Echo Park and Silver Lake, and passes world-famous landmarks such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Sunset Strip and Rodeo Drive. The race ends on Ocean Avenue near the Santa Monica Pier. The energy, enthusiasm and entertainment along the course are unparalleled.

    Source: Los Angeles Marathon @ 1:37 pm | Article ID: 1331833039