Getting Chiropractic Adjustments Once Every Four Years

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

“Tell the staff to schedule you in for your next February 29th chiropractic adjustment appointment.” That’s what I told a handful of patients today, just to see if they were paying attention. Funny how many people didn’t realize we were putting them in the computer for a four year follow-up appointment. Now that’s planning!

23rd street lifegaurd station venice beach 90291
23rd Street Lifegaurd Station Venice Beach 90291
Don’t let the sunshine fool you, while it may appear beautiful along the beach in Venice California (that’s the 23rd Street Lifeguard Station near my house), it’s rather chilly out. Chilly for many of us Southern Californians is when it’s below 65 degrees in the afternoon. I can hear the violins playing in Michigan, Chicago, and other parts of the United States, that really know what it’s like to be chilly in February. Even though I’m originally from New York, I have joined the warm-blooded bunch.

It’s marathon training season here in Los Angeles, and I have a good number of runners coming in for regular adjustments, as they prepare for the 2012 Los Angeles Marathon on March 18th. What’s cool as we’ve been getting calls from as far as Japan and Kenya from people that want to get adjusted before the event. The Internet, my work as a chiropractor, my interest in long-distance running, as well as my photography skills, have helped me to meet world-class distance runners from all over the world. Looking forward to seeing if someone like Markos Geneti or Wesley Korir crosses the finish line under two hours, six minutes and 30 seconds. Markos Geneti won the 2011 LA Marathon with a time of 2:06:35, which at the time was the fastest marathon ever run in the state of California.

What I love about the distance runners, and many of my other clients that are engaged in other kinds of physical activity that require consistent training, is that discipline mentality. They run whether it’s raining or not. They make time to train, even if they have to take time off from work in order to accomplish their goals. They get adjusted with consistency.

Chiropractic care once every four years is better than no chiropractic care at all, and I suppose if you were born on February 29th and you had your first chiropractic adjustment today, you’d at least be off to a good start. Personally, I’d like to see people be more consistent with their care, like they were training for the marathon of their life. For those of you that tend to procrastinate, February 29, 2016 (Leap Day 2016) is a Monday, and the good news is most chiropractors will be working on that day. I’ll do my best to remind you a few thousand times between now and then, to go visit your local chiropractor.

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