Family Wellness Lifestyle Magazine For Better Education

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Browse around the reception area of most medically minded health-care facilities and you’re likely to come across magazines of all types. Besides your traditional publications, like National Geographic, you may expect to find common publications like Time, People, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, and maybe even the Robb Report. However, there’s a good possibility that magazines displayed in the offices of chiropractors, and other holistic health care practitioners, won’t include those you’d likely see at your major chain supermarket checkout stand. There are two primary reasons for that.

Drug Advertising & Condition Based Content
Open up a copy of People, and you’re likely to come across advertising for pharmaceuticals. Whether they be prescription or over-the-counter, ads for pain relievers, cervical vaccines, birth-control, diabetes medications, and a medicine chest of other pills and potions, fill the pages of many of today’s magazines. As if the advertising isn’t bad enough, many popular magazines spread the idea of a symptom based, outside in, take a pill for every ill, lifestyle. Fortunately, there has been an emergence of magazines geared towards those seeking holistic health, which limit or restrict the advertising of drugs, in their publications.

chiropractic kids at the beachA collaborative effort from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and the Alliance for Holistic Family Health and Wellness has continued to provide healthcare practitioners with a magazine that is suitable for wellness based health-care provider offices. I’ve commented before on the growth of the ICPA, and the organization’s magazine (known as Pathways to Family Wellness).

The latest issue of this magazine arrived at my LA chiropractic office earlier today (we receive them by the case and share them with our practice community). Just browsing through the publication, I was reminded that I couldn’t be addressing the importance of having such a publication in one’s office enough. The magazine is truly geared towards those seeking a Family Wellness Lifestyle.

The current issue features articles from doctors of chiropractic, Ph.D.’s, other health-care experts, and even parents living a lifestyle of wellness and holism. Topics range from the benefits of laughter, tips on choosing a holistic practitioner, natural birth, concerns about fluoride, defending informed consent, and a number of mind-body articles. Articles such as Chiropractic Care and Wellness (authored by the magazine’s editor) are an example of what you could expect in the publication.

A breath of fresh air for wellness based healthcare practitioners and their clients is the knowledge that no drug advertising is featured on any of the magazine pages. Scanning through the publication, advertisements I noticed included those for baby sleepers, wellness conferences, natural parenting websites, and books related to wellness and nutrition.

I was visiting the pathways magazine website and I discovered they had a limited time gift promotion. Their offer allows you to receive a complimentary copy of the magazine, and also offers an opportunity to sign up for a free monthly electronic newsletter called Family Wellness First. While it’s not official, when signing up for your free copy of the magazine, enter planetc1 in the Referral Code field. If you’re not already receiving this publication in your health-care office (or home), take advantage of this opportunity.

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