COCSA Annual Convention November Saint Pete Beach Florida


Have you registered for the COCSA Annual Convention November 12-14th, 2009 in St. Pete Beach, Florida? We are getting closer to white sandy beaches, cold fruity beverages, and the COCSA Convention!

Have you met the General? – Thursday November 12th – Join us for dinner with General Becky Halstead – “Steadfast Leadership and Life Principles for you, your practice and your profession”

COCSA Annual Convention November 12-14th, 2009 in St. Pete Beach, Florida

Dinner sponsored by Florida Chiropractic Association, Palmer College and National University: General Halstead sponsored by F4CP

Eight Critical Steps to Getting Member (and Future) Members’ Attention! Taking Your Association to a New Level of Marketing & Communications Competence. Join us Friday at 10:15am for Melynn Sight’s insight!

Most times, we don’t see things as they are; we see things as WE are. When associations communicate with members, it is almost always from the association’s point of view. AEs are frustrated when members don’t seem to pay attention, read, or respond to their mail! You will leave this upbeat session with eight specific practices to make your members pay more attention to and act on the services you offer. Learn first-hand about association mistakes and successful communications makeovers. Learn the new rules of communication to successfully market to your members.

Please join us for Rita Emmett’s presentation: “Blast AWAY Procrastination” – Author of The Procrastinator’s Hand Book; Manage Your Time To Reduce Your Stress: – Recovering Procrastinator & Professional Speaker, (as seen on the Today show with Katie Couric) November 14th, Saturday at 2:15pm

STAND TALLER – LIVE LONGER — Dr. Steven Weiniger, author of Stand Taller~Live Longer, presents the concept of Posture Expert as a path for chiropractic cultural authority and acceptance. Dr. Weiniger will describe how strengthening posture is an achievable target for chiropractic “branding” by bridging the gap from the broad public health initiative of COCSA endorsed Straighten Up America to an in-office, individualize clinical program.

Mary Bushman — HIPAA and Beyond – The New ERA of EHR – Real World Claim Attachments Experience – Overview: This presentation will provide some background on Claim Attachments, the Claim Attachments pilot and the first steps to Electronic Health Records. The adoption rate for the electronic standard solution for automating the claims attachments process remains low, however those who have implemented have enjoyed not just efficiencies, but significant ROI. After today’s session you will better understand the advantages to implementing this solution and preparing for implementing a total Electronic Health Record System.

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HAPPY 40th COCSA! — Please join us for a fabulous Celebration of 40years of COCSA! Enjoy a Wonderful Evening on the Beach with Magic, Dinner and live Music! Networking Reception Sponsor – Core Products — Dinner Celebration sponsored by NCMIC PAYDC — Entertainment Sponsor – Parker College @ 12:54 pm | Article ID: 1254945298