Historical Chiropractic Research Funding and Los Angeles Hospital

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

If you followed along any of the chiropractic writing I’ve done in the last 12 years or so, chances are you’ve read about mentions I’ve made on numerous historical chiropractic events. While everyday is a day of chiropractic history, some events are better publicized than others, and many don’t receive any press (inside or outside of chiropractic) at all.

los angeles hospital chiropractic check$2250 Chiropractic Research Funding check in 1945

The above is an image showing a photottatic copy of a check for $2250 marked pay to the order of  Chiropractic Research Funding by Los Angeles Hospital, Inc. in December of 1945. It is an excellent example of possibly forgotten chiropractic history in the city of Los Angeles. Like an example I showed in July of this year, of a historical chiropractic mailing address, the above image serves as a reminder of chiropractic related activities taking place in one particular city many years ago.

While the city of Davenport Iowa tends to get most of the attention when it comes to historical chiropractic stories (as it should), it behooves us not to forget even maybe more recent historical chiropractic events. It doesn’t matter if these things took place locally, nationally, or internationally, every story has its place.

The 2004 Chiropractic Expansion trip to Russia was a very big deal to the chiropractors that made that monumental event happen. Mission trips and chiropractic expansion projects are under works around the globe and many chiropractors have dedicated their lives towards moving the science, philosophy, and art of chiropractic care forward.

Chiropractic history includes stories of chiropractic schools that once existed in Manhattan as well as stories of chiropractic educational expansions in places like Hayward California with dedications of new colleges (captured on audio) by former presidents of chiropractic colleges like Dr. Sid Williams.

chiropractic research funding los angelesClose-up displaying address for Los Angeles Hospital Inc on Westlake Park Blvd.

Even non-chiropractic historians may find images like this of interest. If you look at the address above for Los Angeles Hospital Inc. you may notice that the address is listed as Westlake Park Blvd. 2024 W. 6th St., Los Angeles 5, Calif. FEderal 4819. The city of Los Angeles has undergone many changes in the near 64 years since this check was written. There’s no longer a Westlake Park Blvd. in Los Angeles (I believe it’s been renamed Wilshire Boulevard) and mailing addresses now use postal codes instead of divisions of cities into zones. I believe the “Los Angeles 5” identified a particular area within the city and the “FEderal 4819” was the precursor to the use of United States postal codes.

When I think about my own chiropractic experiences I can’t go back much further than the early 1970s. Most of the stuff that I’ve had available to share online has come from my personal collecting of books, photos,  audio recordings, and whatever also come across during the past 15 years or so. Basic things like chiropractic photos from when I was in school (I had some of the most awesome chiropractic classmates) and 1999 chiropractic blogging histories are fairly abundant in my collection of “stuff” I’ve accumulated.

security first national bank west 6thSecurity First National Bank of Los Angeles

As if someone intended for me to publish more information related to historical events in the industry of chiropractic, earlier this summer my historical collection grew considerably, mostly related to the history of chiropractic in the state of California. An old-time chiropractor had passed on and, and afterwards his widow delivered to me stacks of chiropractic textbooks, publications, journals, radiological guides, and other chiropractic related documents.

As I mentioned above, some of these documents may even bear interest to those not seeking history regarding chiropractic, but those seeking historical topics in general. I found that the Security – First National Bank Los Angeles is now Bank of America. Today, if you drive along S. Alvarado St. or W. 6th St. near MacArthur Park, you’ll pass a BofA branch located at 2101 W. 6th. Today the postal code for that area is 90057.

If you’re interested in viewing a much larger version of the check shown above, use this photo link to view it in an expanded size. The $2250 check was reportedly presented by the president of the Los Angeles Hospital, Inc. Dr. George Taylor, to Chiropractic Dr. J. Ralph John. The presentation took place during a dinner meeting at the Los Angeles Elks Temple on January 3, 1946. The Elks later became the Park Plaza Hotel and they have a historical page showing photos.

I can’t help but be reminded by what Dr. Ian Grassam said regarding the price of greatness when I think even seemingly little events in chiropractic history. There’s so much to be remembered and still so much to do while moving forward.

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