Chiropractors Embracing The Internet

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

How many chiropractors believe that the Internet will make the practice of chiropractic easier and will help to improve the quality of chiropractic care provided during the next few years?

A recent survey which appeared on Yahoo News! suggests that medical doctors are increasingly embracing the internet. The survey reportedly found that, “An overwhelming majority of physicians -96%- believes that the Internet will make the practice of medicine easier and improve the quality of care by 2003.” (That is less than two years from now)

According to the survey, “more than one-third considered internet based technologies to be essential” and most agreed that much of the potential will not be realized due to the total lack of system compatibility across the various health care organizations.

Findings from the survey suggest that physicians believe the Internet is transforming the practice of medicine more rapidly than most people thought possible.

The same concepts ring true for chiropractic. In my opinion, the profession should have a much greater focus on internet standards that will help to make the practice of chiropractic easier, and most importantly will improve the quality of care provided.

It is also my opinion that we increase our focus and support technology based companies that are owned by chiropractors, not the medically owned companies that are moving into the chiropractic marketplace. (Remember what Ayn Rand said about supporting your destroyers?) Chiropractic Web Hosting companies such as are owned by chiropractors and were created to serve chiropractors and their patients by using available internet technology. The Chiropractic Leadership Alliance, Ventura Designs, and Planet Chiropractic are just a sampling of other chiropractic companies increasingly using technology to better serve the profession.

The increased use of technology such as Planet Chiropractic Streaming Media is one small example as to how we can better close the gap and begin educating others as to what it is that we do. It is a cost effective and efficient method of reaching many people and can easily be adopted and incorporated into any chiropractic website.

Planet Chiropractic and have teamed up in various ways to better serve chiropractors using the Internet. I hope that others will join us to help deliver a more unified message of chiropractic across the internet.

Dr. Ian Grassam had often said that the chiropractic profession needed something to level the playing field. I believe the Internet has the potential to be the great leveler of that field. Let’s work together as a team, support chiropractor owned internet and technology ventures, and play our chiropractic hearts out.

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