Chiropractic President Makes History with Election to CCE Board

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Dr. Guy Riekeman, President at Life University, Makes History with Election to CCE Board

Guy F. Riekeman, D.C.Life University is pleased to announce the election of President Guy F. Riekeman, D.C., to the thirteen member Board of Directors of the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE), marking the first time in the University’s history that a Life representative has been elected to serve on the CCE leadership in any capacity.

The CCE Board of Directors is the primary policy making body of the CCE and sets the accreditation standards by which institutions are assessed. The Board also elects the individuals who serve on the CCE’s Commission on Accreditation and selects the practitioners and public members who serve on the Board of Directors. Dr. Riekeman was elected to this prestigious position by his peers, the presidents or designees of the nation’s 14 chiropractic colleges.

“The entire Life University community is immensely proud of President Riekeman’s election and confident he will be an invaluable asset to the CCE Board,” said Chuck Ribley, D.C., chair of the Life Board of Trustees. “It is an honor to have Life University and its commitment to vitalistic education represented on this important body and to witness the confidence Dr. Riekeman’s peers have in his steadfast commitment to the accreditation process and his unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of education and governance.”

President Riekeman will complete the remaining portion of a three year term concluding January 2007 and then be eligible for an additional three year term of service.

On the Board’s agenda for the coming year is a systematic review and revision of the accreditation standards. Brian J. McAulay, D.C., Ph.D., provost of Life University, has also been appointed to the CCE’s Task Force on Accreditation Standards Improvement, the subcommittee that will develop a proposal regarding the new standards for the Board’s consideration. @ 9:59 pm | Article ID: 1150952347