Chiropractic History and Chiropractor Faces

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Today we are celebrating nine years of delivering Chiropractic News online. These past few days I was taking a look at our news image archives and I saw the many faces of chiropractors that have had a part in making planet chiropractic a successful destination on the Internet. Not that many web sites can tout nine years of continuous original content development, and there’s no way planet chiropractic would’ve done this without the support received by thousands of chiropractors, chiropractic students, and advocates of chiropracticly based lifestyles. We’d like to thank everyone who has ever submitted an article (especially those that have written a significant amount of content), forwarded chiropractic news stories, and taken an active role helping us become the success we are today. Many blessings to you!

There is a whole bunch of photos in the archives of chiropractic authors and influencers that have had something to do with our chiropractic news over the past nine years. Maybe by this time next year we will have archived the image folders so that all those pictures would be available for you to view without having to browse through the entire website. Below are four individuals that we are honoring today. The discoverer, the developer, and two influencers, all who have affected the lives of many.

chiropractic history - DD PalmerLet’s start with DD Palmer, the man who discovered chiropractic in September of 1895. If it were not for this gentleman I’d maybe be writing to you today about some technological advancement in widget design on some corporate web site. Maybe I’d be doing some Internet marketing and/or research for the pharmaceutical industry. Thank God for DD! Here’s a news archive article that was added to the web site on September 18, 2000.

The Father of Chiropractic – Daniel David Palmer. “Palmer was interested in finding the true cause(s) of disease. He wanted to know why two people who lived in the same house, drank the same water, breathed the same air and often had the same parents, could have two dramatically different constitutions, one being healthy and free of disease and the other sickly. Palmer felt that there must be something other than environmental factors influencing an individuals health. His theory, was that this internal factor was the function of the nervous system. On September 18, 1895, D.D. Palmer would have the chance to prove his theory.”

chiropractic history - BJ Palmer B.J. Palmer would be the next obvious photograph to be listed here. BJ is known as the developer of chiropractic, and to this day, he has done more to promote and preserve the principles of chiropractic than any other to enter the profession. B.J. was the son of D.D., and he was President of the Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa from 1906-1961. I often think if BJ had a web site it would definitely be a blog and there would be volumes of information available. Palmer was a voracious writer and he published some 39 volumes of chiropractic “green books” that were published from 1906 to 1963. Original editions have become rather valuable and these chiropractic texts are still read by chiropractors today. BJ would’ve loved the Internet and there is no doubt he would have taken full advantage of the opportunity to spread the message of chiropractic worldwide. BJ was well-known for epigrams and chiropractic web sites all over the Internet display many of his quotes. My favorite being… “You never know how far reaching something you think, say or do today, will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.”

Reggie goldNext we have Reggie Gold. Reggie was speaking in the lobby at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, California in January of 1995. I was chiropractic student at the time and I’d never heard him speak. I could have been considered your typical chiropractic student, walking through the lobby with my lunch bag from Burger King, and this long-haired ponytailed guy is speaking in the lobby with a group of students and faculty listening in.

Today, I couldn’t tell you a thing Reggie said but I could tell you that it was a pivotal event in my life. The event was solidified later that day when I returned to a chiropractic classroom with great enthusiasm about my future in chiropractic. The classroom instructor overheard my comments about Reggie’s idea of chiropractic and she assured me that I’d never get any information in school like I did from that “nut” of a chiropractor. I’m glad she cleared that up because from that moment forward I knew not to confuse what was taught in chiropractic school with chiropractic. Here’s an article from December of 2000 about Reggie’s visit to Orange County California… Chiropractic, Sex & Reggie

James SigafooseHere’s a photo of Dr. James Sigafoose taken in in a civic gymnasium (I think it was owned by the Lions Club) in Costa Rica. Besides Reggie, Sigafoose (as he is known to many) could easily be the most influential (yet often under recognized) chiropractor the profession has ever seen. Sigafoose and I shared a hotel room during the chiropractic mission trip in which this photo was taken. He is a known cookie thief so make sure you don’t have any snacks lying around that you don’t want to be disappearing.

Sigafoose has been lecturing to chiropractors and chiropractic patients for years. I spent some time in his Pennsylvania home (which is now owned by his eldest daughter Tina) in the late 1990s. I slept in a room that used to be his chiropractic office. It was about the size of a two-car garage and it was right off of his living room and kitchen. When in chiropractic practice, Sigafoose was one of those chiropractors seeing massive amounts of volume. He had days in which more than 500 people per day would come to his office for an adjustment. I saw some photos from the 1970s when I was at the house. There were pictures of Reggie Gold and James Sigafoose working together. They were young chiropractors then. It was incredibly inspirational to see photos of these two out on the lawn with megaphones, crowds of people, and lines of cars, on the property where he practiced chiropractic. This man without a doubt has been the most influential chiropractic individual in my life. Here’s a link for some articles either authored by Sigafoose or written about him… sigafoose news search

Thanks again to everyone that has worked to make planet chiropractic such a great success. We love and appreciate you! @ 12:39 pm | Article ID: 1182454771