Backpacks and Schoolyard Drugs 2007

by Daria Belov

The 2007 September Labor Day holiday is officially over and children across the United States are heading back to school. In the spirit of the school yard, we took a review of some school related articles posted to Planet Chiropractic during the past several years, and organized them here.

The first article comes from November of 2000 titled Adults Stealing Ritalin To Get High. Kids, be on the lookout for parents and possibly relatives trying to steal your Ritalin. It’s true, it’s even been in the news. Back in 2000 a former elementary school principal was jailed for switching out prescription Ritalin with sugar pills.

The principal had to know there must be profit in those pills. We go back to October 31 of 2000 with the headlines Wanna Buy Some Ritalin? Back in the fall of 2000 news was out that kids were buying Ritalin in the schoolyard. According to the news reports, thousands of young kids were grinding, popping, and snorting Ritalin.

children in schoolyardThe summer of June 2003 brings us news that children in other developed parts of the world are being over medicated by medical doctors and parents. A study conducted to find if children were at risk found that… More Than Half of all Primary School Children Taking Drugs. Accorded to the study, many of the medications were over-the-counter drugs versus prescription drugs.

Chiropractic news from the summer of June 2006 brings us an article from San Diego-based chiropractor, Dr. Darrel Crain, titled Child Control & the Chemical Straightjacket. Crain, a former textbook editor, has a way with words and he’s authored a number of articles posted on kid related topics.

Back to the summer of July 2001 with an article from the state of Connecticut regarding a unanimously passed legislation that prohibits teachers, counselors and other officials from schools from recommending psychiatric drugs, such as Ritalin, for any child. The article is titled A Strike Against Ritalin and there is mention that nearly 20 million prescriptions for psychotropic stimulants were written in the United States during the year 2000.

There are hundreds of articles hiding in the virtual corners of Planet Chiropractic news archives involving topics such as Ritalin, psychotropic drugs, and children.

So far this post has been all drugs and no backpacks. Lets hit the summer of August 2006 for a report on Children, Chiropractic, and Backpacks. That month, the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors was featured in a Courier Post article that offered suggestions for children carrying backpacks.

Back in August of 2001 we find some news archives on Life Chiropractic College West working together with the community to collect numerous new backpacks for local children returning to school.

While we’re on the topic of kids getting back to school, let’s include the June 2006 article about American corporations, soft drink vending machines, and the effects of the nation’s fast food industry on our children. The article is titled… Profits in the schoolyard: Apples, Pears & Soda Pop and it’s another authored by chiropractor, Darrel Crain.

This school yard post is wrapping up with a November 2006 news archive on the leading cause of school bus-related injuries and the safety of school buses in the United States.

Kids, be safe. Get plenty of exercise, and stay healthy. Don’t spend your entire school year on Facebook, or waste your afternoons trying to duplicate stunts you’ve seen on YouTube. And don’t forget to tell your parents it’s time for a visit to your local chiropractor. @ 9:45 pm | Article ID: 1188967573