Autism Vaccination Discussion Continues On

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

News of autism and questionable connections to mass child vaccination programs, continue to spark fiery discussions that separate those that feel there is distinct link between vaccination in the development of autism, and those who claim there is no signs to support such accusations. The topic of vaccination and autism is in the news again this weekend as federal health officials reportedly held a meeting today to discuss a case of a nine-year-old girl who became autistic after receiving numerous vaccinations. They are also discussing another case, in which a six-year-old girl from Colorado received a flu vaccine (FluMist) and died after becoming weak, and being hospitalized for surgical intervention.

autism and shotsDeath of a child is a high price to pay for vaccinating against the flu, especially when vaccine effectiveness is questionable. Parents have the right to be informed as to the risks associated with receiving such vaccines. Some will argue that the benefits of vaccinating children during flu season far outweigh the risks, but critics, including parents that have grown increasingly agitated, want more answers and less mandates. Parents that have chosen not to vaccinate their children are not irresponsible faith healing whack jobs, as some reporters in the major media have made them out to be, they are individuals that have rights and freedoms which deserve to be upheld.

According to news from the New York Times news service, federal health officials gathered today along with some of the world’s leading experts to discuss the case of Hannah Poling, a child whose family (her father is a neurologist) received a settlement from a federal vaccine injury fund, after it was found the young girl developed autism soon after receiving childhood vaccines.

As government and public health officials continue to claim no link has been made between vaccines and autism, parents continue to shout otherwise. Among those parents are those receiving quite a bit of attention, such as Jenny McCarthy, who spoke on Oprah in September of 2007, to bring greater attention to parents battles with autism, and a quest for answers.

The autism debate is not over, it rages on, while scientists, parents, and public officials, continue seeking answers to the seemingly unanswerable question… What is the cause of rising autism rates in the United States?

Autism case at meeting forefront
Experts to Discuss One Puzzling Autism Case, as a Second Case Has Arisen

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