Autism Vaccination Discussion Continues On

News of autism and questionable connections to mass child vaccination programs, continue to spark fiery discussions that separate those that feel there is distinct link between vaccination in the development of autism, and those who claim there is no signs to support such accusations. The topic of vaccination and autism is in the news again this weekend as federal health officials reportedly held a meeting today to discuss a case of a nine-year-old girl who became autistic after receiving numerous vaccinations.

The Autism Debate Rages On

News regarding autism and vaccination is back on the front pages of many websites today, as the autism vaccine debate rages on. According to various news sources, a Georgia family will issue a press release today regarding a US government “vaccine court” decision, with a finding that the family should be compensated from a federally funded vaccine injury fund, as a result of injuries occurred after their child received vaccinations.

Ron Paul on Immunization and Vaccines

The topic of vaccines and aggressive vaccination policies is no longer a subject discussed only amongst small groups of people. It’s a topic that’s made its way to mainstream media and television. In many cases, proponents of mass vaccination are continually portrayed as saviors of the people, while those wanting greater transparency from government and big Pharma, are shown to appear as unscientific cultists, radicalists and fanatics, and uneducated religious nuts. Then there is Ron Paul.

ABC Sticking it to Pediatricians with Eli Stone Series Premiere

Eli Stone Series Premiere on Thursday, January 31 has some pediatricians apparently throwing temper tantrums. The anticipated series premiere of this legal drama, which features actor Jonny Lee Miller in the role of Eli Stone, debuts with a story involving the topic of vaccines, the mercury-based preservative known as thimerosal, and a drug company cover-up.

Flu Shot and Flu Season 2007

Each flu season between 5 and 20 percent of the population suffer symptoms of flu-related illness. Flu seasons come and go, and occasionally the flu shot is a “good match” with laboratory-confirmed influenza. Participation in the flu shot program has grown sharply during the past thirty years, but the death rate from flu-related illness has remained virtually unchanged the whole time.