2012 CCA Annual Convention and Exposition with Parker Seminars

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

May is definitely a great time to be visiting San Diego in Southern California. This year the California Chiropractic Association (CCA) has teamed up with Parker Seminars to put on the 2012 CCA Annual Convention & Exposition. The three day conference takes place at San Diego’s Paradise Point Resort & Spa, a 44 acre beach island resort. I’m looking forward to seeing presentations by several great chiropractors and I’m excited to see colleagues again.

CCA Chiropractors California Convention 2011
CCA Chiropractors at 2011 Convention

While it was fun going to Reno Nevada for the 2010 CCA Convention and the 2011 CCA Convention, the Paradise Point Beach Resort is a great location for a chiropractic conference, especially if you’re bringing family.

The Planet Chiropractic continuing education seminar pages also have details about the 2012 CCA Annual Convention & Exposition San Diego. The event is a joint effort between CCA and Parker Seminars, I expect it’s going to be a terrific event, even if you have to sit in the room through much of the day getting your continuing education credits.

CCA has been providing free CE seminars for a few years now, the exhibitor sponsored event has been a great success. CCA members can get free continuing education credits as long as they prepay with a credit card and call the CCA to register. CCA member chiropractors can call (916) 648-2727 ext. 141 or 120 to get registered. I’m not certain how many hours of continuing education is available, make sure you ask the CCA. For chiropractors that are not members of the CCA you will want to contact Parker Seminars at 888-727-5338 to get registered for this event.

Registration is open at 7 AM on Friday morning (May 4, 2012) and opening remarks from the president of Parker University, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, will be made around 8:30 AM. I believe Friday goes until 7:30 PM. There’s the after dinner activities taking place throughout the beach resort. Many of the chiropractors I know like to stay out late talking the Tic on conference evenings.

While the 2010 and 2011 CCA events in Reno had the convenience of a massive Three Nations Plaza Wal-Mart located on the property across the street, the Paradise Point Beach Resort is located on an island, so maybe plan ahead and bring some snacks with you. One great feature about the San Diego location hotel is the ability to park your vehicle directly in front of your room. I like to run in the early mornings when I’m doing continuing education, since I’m sitting in the room the remainder of the day. I’ll probably pack a cooler with beverages and snacks so I can rehydrate and fuel up in time to get back to classroom sessions.

The CCA says they have a prepaid lunch option as well. The conference PDF reads: You are “on your own” for lunch. However CCA and Parker are offering a healthy “to go” lunch option on Friday and Saturday. This deli-style lunch is partially sponsored by Pharmax and LiteCure Medical, therefore discounted tickets are available for purchase. Pre-paid lunch tickets will be included in your welcome packet to be picked up at the Event Registration Desk.

I’ve eaten at both the waterfront Barefoot Bar & Grill and the Tropics Bar & Grill (mostly for snacks and drinks), located at the resorts main pool. There are some great restaurants in local San Diego for those of you going out in the evening. The beach atmosphere is totally relaxing, it should be a great weekend for chiropractors and their families.

Chiropractors Jeff Spencer Jason Deitch
Chiropractors Jeff Spencer and Jason Deitch

Confirmed chiropractors that are speaking include Fabrizio Mancini, James Chestnut, Jeanne Ohm (Connecting Kids and Chiropractic), Jeff Spencer (Treating Sports Injuries), Gene Orlowsky, Miles Bodzin, Patricia McLean, Mitch Mally, Rick Markson, Tracy Wilson (The Family Wellness Practice), Curt Hamilton, Troy Dukowitz, Eric Plasker, Brad Glowaki (Creating Marketing Venues to Tell the Chiropractic Story), Leslie Hewitt, Jason Deitch (How to Turn Facebook Into Your Own Automatic New Patient Referral Machine), Gerry Clum, Frank Sovinsky, Mark Charrette, James Carter and more.

See you in San Diego California on May 4, 2012!

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