Month: June 2003

Some Chiropractic News Links For You

One gentle adjustment – From football field to doctor’s office

… The ex-B.C. slotback is doing his hands-on work for a bigger cause these days. The guy deemed not good enough to catch passes by ex-general manager Adam Rita two seasons ago now works on former teammates, having graduated last year with a doctorate of chiropractic.

“Athletes know the benefits,” said Graham. “They know it’s important to keep joints moving properly and muscles moving right, so they’re more motivated to coming in when they’re feeling well.” You could, ahem, say he’s made the adjustment from player to doctor quite well.

A measure of victory – Top graduate at Life chose her path late, never thought of transferring

Fifty seven year old recent Life University graduate is class valedictorian. “I would, without chiropractic care, be in a wheelchair right now,” said Dieck, who spent several months in a wheelchair when her back spasms were at their worst. “With regular chiropractic care I’m able to function enough to have gotten through school.”

Desert doctor continues reporting from Kuwait

Chiropractor, Dr. Dan Olson, reports from the Middle East. “We’ve been operating in Kuwait and Iraq for more than two months now. We are all environmentally qualified and the missions have been steady. The UH-60 Blackhawk is a utility helicopter, so the missions we can perform are quite diverse. It would be difficult (and not permitted) to get into detail about the missions we’ve been assigned, but they’ve varied from the mundane to the exciting and from the somber to the funny (we flew Conan O’Brien around).”

Dr. Jill Miehe: What’s Chiropractic All About?

One question that I have been asked is: What it takes to become a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.): In short, approximately seven years of school. After undergraduate studies with a focus on the basic sciences, a Chiropractor will attend Chiropractic College. This intensive education consists of 4,200 hours of classroom studies, labs, and clinical studies. @ 11:08 am | Article ID: 1056737335

Chiropractors Own Back Expert Position

Ipsos-Reid survey says B.C. chiropractors “own” back care issues in this province

RICHMOND, BC, June 27 /CNW/ – A landmark study conducted by Ipsos-Reid for the British Columbia College of Chiropractors, demonstrates that the profession in this province enjoys overwhelming support, and more credibility in the treatment of back and related problems than any other health provider.

“B.C.’s chiropractors have a very positive image with the general public,” the survey reported. “A significant number of British Columbians (chiropractic users and non-users alike) hold very favourable views of the profession. . . . there is some sense from the quantitative findings that chiropractors ‘own’ the positioning as ‘back experts’.”

The survey paralleled a national study conducted by Environics Research Group into the treatment of back pain, released this week by the Canadian Chiropractic Association. The Environics study of 1,500 Canadians (1,062 of whom suffered back problems during the past two years) demonstrated that chiropractic doctors scored a “very satisfied” rating of 69% among their patients across all provinces.

Researchers reported that almost two-thirds of Canadians experienced back pain within the past twelve months, and more than 70 per cent experienced back pain over the past 24 months. Other recent literature demonstrates that one- third of all visits to health professionals in Canada relate to back-related problems. Faster and more effective treatment could have a profound, positive impact on patient care and health plan costs.

“What this underscores is what we have been telling governments, health insurers and workers’ compensation boards for years. They should fund the public’s choice of necessary treatment for these conditions, rather than create administrative barriers that discriminate and make it both expensive and difficult to see the professionals who can provide the best care,” said Dr. Don Nixdorf, executive director of the British Columbia Chiropractic Association. “The public preference – despite having to pay for it – in the case of back, neck and related problems, demonstrates that chiropractic care provides faster relief from pain without drugs or surgery, getting people more quickly back to work and into productive lives.”

The province’s 800 chiropractors treat 500,000 different patients each year. The Ipsos-Reid project in B.C. consisted of four focus groups (two each of users and non-users) in March, followed by 500 telephone interviews conducted in April.

Ipsos-Reid said that 85% of chiropractic patients reported that they had a favourable impression of the profession and 58% among those who had never visited a chiropractic doctor. The blended result demonstrated a “favourable” rating of 74%.

Asked about where they would seek treatment if they encountered back or neck problems in the future, 68% of respondents said they would consult a chiropractor. This represented 80% of users and a clear majority of non-users. Chiropractic patients mentioned the non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical care and more rapid relief from pain while those who were less likely to choose a chiropractor expressed concern about cost and lack of coverage in medical plans.

“There is a very important message here for health system managers in government, business, labour unions and insurers,” Nixdorf said. “It shows that the public knows how to get faster and better treatment, and how to get back into productive lives more quickly. Health policies should reflect these public standards for care.”

Ipsos-Reid survey says B.C. chiropractors “own” back care issues in this province @ 9:41 am | Article ID: 1056732073

Chiropractically Speaking

(from our latest office newsletter)
by Dr. Stew Bittman

The first principle of chiropractic states that there is a Universal Intelligence in all matter, which maintains everything in existence and gives it all its properties. A Creator, if you will. A Unifying and All-Knowing Presence, that expresses Itself through all of creation, including you and I. This Intelligence maintains the entire universe in a blessed, magnificent, and incomprehensible state of balance and harmony.

The 20th chiropractic principle (there are 33 in all) states that there is a personification of that Intelligence in all living things, which maintains the same state of balance within that particular organism or individual, known as Innate Intelligence. Innate Intelligence is therefore our connection to Universal Intelligence, as well as to each other and to everything else. We are indeed all connected, all one, and, in many ways, all the same. These principles are the beacon toward which my life continually unfolds. When I remember them, work them, own them, share them, and live them, my life becomes a fearless, sacred dance, and I am free to share my God-given gifts in service to all. And the world and I in turn receive unlimited and abundant blessings as a result. It’s really a heck of a deal, and it’s immensely simple, just not very easy.

It’s not easy because most, if not all of us, have been taught the complete opposite. Our society has trained us that we are separate, deficient, vulnerable, and powerless. We have become convinced that we are bad, that we live in a world that is bad, and that our badness will be judged and punished, eventually. It has taken some time and a lot of work on myself to realize that I could never be punished any more severely than I punish myself when I buy into these ideas. These ideas create internal conflicts, which I tend to resolve by being dishonest with myself and others. And my dishonesty causes me to punish myself. Kind of crazy, isn’t it? How could I be bad, or separate, or deficient, or powerless, if God created me? Did God create any junk? And if God is continually expressing thru me, how could I be anything other than whole and perfect? How could my gifts be anything other than life changing and indispensable? How could I ever lack for anything? How could I not love myself? How could I ever do anything that would hurt myself? And since you and I are one, and God is expressing thru you, too, how could I not love you? How could I do anything to hurt you? How could I ever desire anything other than to serve you? These things are only possible when I forget my Source and my connection. And I work, diligently, daily, continually, to remember.

I received a gift from one of my teachers at our last workshop that has tremendously helped me to remember, and I’d like to share it with you. Whenever you encounter someone, look him or her in the eye and say these things to yourself:

-Just like me, God is smiling thru this person’s eyes
-Just like me, this person has known sadness, loneliness and despair
-Just like me, this person is looking for love and happiness
-Just like me, this person is learning about life

I am suggesting that even though we are truly unique, whenever we remember our sameness, we free ourselves to manifest our uniqueness in a way that serves everyone and everything. Only then will the world become the cooperative, harmonious paradise it was designed to be. @ 7:06 am | Article ID: 1056377162

Balance (A Monday Morning Message)

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

This time of year I always have to force myself to slow down a bit and smell the roses. I remember when I first started in practice I went over 3 years without taking a day off. I thought it was the way to go since I cared so much about my patients and my practice. I hired a consultant around that time and she told me that I needed to take a vacation. I asked her how she knew and she said she knew because I hadn’t taken one yet. She told me she thought that if I would take a vacation that my practice would grow after I came back. She said the magic words. If it would make my practice grow then I would do it. It worked. My practice grew.

I have learned that if I am in it for the long run then I am going to have to take care of myself and be gentle with myself. If I profess to be a healer of sorts then I need to be healed. I need to have something to give if I am going to give. I can’t give something that I don’t have.

It reminds me of that old cliche: I work hard and I play hard. I give 100% to my practice when I am in my practice so I don’t have to feel guilty about having a life outside of the practice. I give, I receive. I allow the Universe to give to me. I allow myself to refresh. I allow myself time to be, just be without anyone depending on me or expecting things from me.

Sometimes I have to give myself a little opportunity to miss my practice. I need to look forward to returning and to being refreshed. I need to lighten my load and be ready and willing to serve. I need to unscramble my brain and return unscrambled. I can’t function to my best if I feel like I am a martyr by not taking care of myself. I can’t allow myself to become a victim of my circumstance. I need to choose to take a vacation before innate chooses one for me by making me sick. I need to be responsible for my condition. @ 7:20 am | Article ID: 1055859620

More Than Half of all Primary School Children Taking Drugs

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s not just kids in the U.S. folks. Children throughout the world are being over-medicated by doctors and their own parents.

A survey was conducted to find if children were at risk of being over-medicated. The recent Melbourne (Australia) study found more than half of all primary school children take some sort of medication at least once a “fortnight.” (fortnight: fourteen nights or a period of fourteen consecutive days)

According to the study, the medications are often not prescription drugs but common over-the-counter medications bought by parents. Researcher, Dr. Alissa Lim, found 15 per cent of the 250 different medications identified in the study were for prescription use only.

The study found that “sixty-two per cent of children had used at least one medication in the two weeks covered by the survey and 14 per cent had used four or more.” Children were most commonly medicated for conditions that included viruses, headaches, asthma and eczema.

Study authors believe the findings show a need for better education targeted at parents. “Parents should be aware that many drugs had only been tested on adults and there was limited information on effectiveness, safety and dosage for children,” stated Dr. Lim.

Kids ‘at risk of over-medication’ @ 1:59 pm | Article ID: 1055365170

Research reveals possible link between infertility and undetected spinal problems

By Madeline Behrendt, D.C.

Psst… the secret is out. Have you seen it?

“IT” is The Journal of Vertebral Subluxation website (, which has begun publication of a series of case studies and commentaries documenting positive responses to chiropractic care among infertile women, regardless of factors including age, history and previous intervention. The first in the series, “Insult, Interference and Infertility: An Overview of Chiropractic Research,” is a literature review of 14 retrospective articles exploring the possible affect of spinal problems on fertility. The balance of the series will be published over the course of the summer.

Yes the secret is out. This series exhibits the commitment by 12 practicing family chiropractors to documenting what occurs commonly in chiropractic practices as subluxations are cleared. At the 2003 WCA Summit, I asked the audience to raise their hands if a subluxated infertile woman in their practice became pregnant while under care, of course the result was a sea of hands. But how many people know this? In my community I asked 50 women if they knew where in the spine the nerves to their reproductive system were located – none of them had EVER been told this basic information, but these women wanted so much to find out, they understood it could impact their health. Research can close the gap between who is already receiving the benefits of chiropractic care, and those who need to but have no idea of it’s benefits. Research is a tool for educating both the public and the local media.

These articles are fascinating – they represent 8 different techniques, different cultures, they highlight different aspects – each stands alone and they all stand together to make a powerful statement. They are also very readable and easy to utilize and hand out.

I encourage all chiropractors to visit the website to read and use these articles to benefit their community. Abstracts are available to everyone, full articles to members (membership can be signed up online, fee is $100 per year).

Don’t let what we do, don’t let what you do, be a secret anymore… Let this research support your mission in creating a subluxation-free world. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions/comments, etc. ([email protected]). @ 7:21 am | Article ID: 1055254890

Purpose of Prayer and Meditation

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Are things outside of you dictating your mood? If things are going good you are good. If things aren’t going good then you aren’t good. Most people function in response to their environment or outside circumstances.

The purpose of prayer and meditation is to prepare yourself to handle life as it happens. When I feel spiritually connected (the reason I say feel is because there is no way to get closer than you already are to God), I can make choices and function without letting fear guide all of my decisions. When I am operating with a lot of fear I look for comfort often outside of myself. I miss the obvious and I blame the situations of my life for causing that cloud of fear that forms over my head. It is a spiritual subluxation. It can’t be treated from the outside-in just like any other kind of subluxation. I need to slow down and pray so that I can remember that I am not in charge of the universe and this lightens my load. I search out God’s will for me and I stop taking myself too seriously. I just keep reconnecting to God and try to do as God would have me do. I try to keep functioning from a place of love. I try to bring my love even into the most difficult situations or should I say especially into the most difficult situations. Yet not only into those most difficult situations but into every waking moment. Even into the smallest actions I attempt to operate as an instrument of God. In my spiritually connected moments I bring love, healing and abundance into all of my situations.

Here is a great affirmation I picked up years ago along the way and I thought I’d share it with you. I attract positive paying patients.

That’s all for now. Thanks for forcing me to sit down and center myself when I write these messages. Have a beautiful week. @ 7:32 am | Article ID: 1055169168

Are you forcing your practice?

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

What a weekend! I’m still recovering. We had over 100 people at this past weekend’s Pocono Focus. The cool part is that almost half of those people were under 15 years old. It was truly a family weekend. During the Pizza Pool Party Saturday night I counted 40 people in the swimming pool at one time. The chiropractic speakers blew me away. I am proud to be associated with such a group of dedicated loving people. Each Weekend is better than the last.

It changed for me this year when I stopped and took a look at why I put on these weekends (for the past 10 years or so). It is easy to forget sometimes why you do something after you get used to doing it for a while. The reasons changed for me over the year. When I started it was all about volume. How many people can I reach? Similar to when I started to practice. I how many people can I get to the Focus Weekend? I would get on the phone and try to convince people to come. I would attend tons of seminars to promote the weekend. I would push. I would have a lot more people there then 100 because that was my primary objective.

When I looked at the picture now things are very different. I put these weekends on for a very selfish reason. I need to be there. I need to feel how I feel being around the other chiropractors. I need to make that available to my husband and kids. I have chiropractic kids and that doesn’t happen accidentally. My associates and staff get to be there and even some of my patients. My world becomes a better more principled place to live after we put on a Focus Weekend. We remember why we do what we do and hear other people who do what we are doing and inspire us to perform in excellence.

Now that I coach my clients they too have the opportunity to grow. After the weekend people change. It is like after you do a New Patient Orientation and the patients get it and then when they come in you have something to work with because they possess some of the basic principles that we live under. Focus has that effect on my clients. I support them in achieving their dreams and after focus they are clearer about what their dreams are.

All the other people that come to Focus are just gravy. They are fortunate enough to be along with us on the ride. If no one else came besides my family, my speakers, my associates, staff and patients Focus would be successful. There is no anxiety involved anymore. I can’t fail. It is easy. It is stress free.

Now take this same conversation and apply it to your chiropractic practice. Are you forcing it? Are you operating out of fear? Is it all about your ego? Do you set it up so that you can win? Are you reaching into the hearts of the people around you? Are you sharing the truth?

I once talked to a chiropractic student who I had sent to Life when I was at DE. I was encouraging him to go to DE. I wasn’t having too much luck. He told me that he had been there before and he didn’t understand why he had to go back to hear the same stuff and he also didn’t understand why I kept going back. Same reason patients don’t hold their adjustments. Stress. My stress comes from living in a world where people don’t understand the principle and after a while if I don’t get around people of like mind then I get watered down and lose my Focus. Besides it just feels so good to be around other chiropractic people.

I can imagine 20 years from now sitting at a Chiropractors Philosophy Weekend and listening to the new DC’s talking about how many of them used to go to the Pocono’s when they were a kid and that is where they learned about Chiropractic. I learned Chiropractic in the Ramada Inn’s in New Jersey and in Chinatown in NY with my Uncle Howard Cantor, Dick Santo, Bob Sottile, Lou Panuccio, Bob Ambrose, Arnie Taub etc., etc., etc. Were you there? If you were you would have never forgotten the Passion. Create that Passion in your practice and in your life. Create or attend events where we can pass it on.

Special Thank You’s to some of the most special people in the world, this past weekends speakers: Leo Beloyianis, Pasquale Cerasoli, Mike Goodman, Gary Horwin, Charisse Huston, Peter Lawrence, Adam Nogrady, Mike O’Halleran, Nicole Poirier, Pennie Schwartz, Marilyn Shore, Andy Smith, Dave Smith Kim Stetzel and my husband Ron for all of his help and support.

Mark your calendar and make your hotel reservations for October 4 & 5 in the Pocono’s and March 18-21 (2004) at the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota Florida. @ 6:46 am | Article ID: 1054820795

The Innate Chiropractic Force is Within You

By Dr. Stacy Larsen

In the original movie from the Star Wars series, the mission to destroy the Death Star approaches. Luke Skywalker is apprehensive and nervous. Then we hear the distinct voice of his mentor and teacher, Obi Wan Kenobi, in his head “The force is with you, always.” This reassures and calms Luke as he departs. From that famous line, “May the force be with you” became a familiar catch phrase.

Within each one of us there is a force that is greater and more powerful than the one referred to in the Star Wars movie. It is with us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Different healing disciplines call it different things. Life force, chi or qi are some examples. In the chiropractic profession, the spark of life that animates and makes us alive is known as your Innate Intelligence.

This force keeps the stomach digesting, your kidneys filtering, your heart beating and your immune systems working. It allows your body to do thousands of things simultaneously, coordinating and organizing each process. The amazing thing about this force is that it doesn’t just maintain the function of your being, it is always striving to do it better. It is always constructive.

When this force is fully expressed in you, your life experience improves. The clarity with which you see the world around you is sharpened. Your existence switches from surviving each day to thriving in it. All the healthy habits you have are enhanced by a clear expression of your life force or innate intelligence.

One of the main avenues for the expression of your innate intelligence is over your nervous system. The life-giving messages originate in different parts of the brain and use the telephone line of the body, the nerves, to transmit them. Your skull and spine are designed to protect the brain and nerves at all times. When the spine loses its natural balance, unusual and damaging tension is placed on the nerves. If you have ever experienced a cell phone call getting out range, the same situation can happen to your nerves and innate intelligence.

Chiropractors work to improve the relationship between the spine and the nervous system. When that relationship is strong and supportive, your innate intelligence is on job. Consult a chiropractor to make sure it is fully expressed. The force is within you!

– – – – – – – – – –
Dr. Stacy Larsen
#102, 4706 48 Ave
Red Deer, AB T4N 6J4
(403) 340-0278 @ 7:39 am | Article ID: 1054737565

Your Computer Mouse May Bite

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

A recent study found that the more you use your computers mouse, the greater were your chances of suffering problems in your hand, wrist, neck and shoulders.

This is a subject that I have quite a bit of personal experience with as I used to perform an average of 12-16 hours per day of computer programming & web development on various chiropractic websites. Many of those long hours at a computer involved the use of a mouse.

I was aware of the problems that many suffer and wanted to avoid those problems for myself. One of the methods that I tried which I found to be a benefit was to have several types of mice and/or trackballs available in the office. I found this approach to be effective towards avoiding repetitive long-term loads on my nervous system that eventually may lead to unwanted additional stress and potential wrist and neck problems.

I’m not suggesting that you change your mouse and/or trackball every time you sit down to the computer. In my approach, what I did was to alternate between a mouse and trackball about every 30 to 60 days. I have used many different brands of mice and trackballs and I particularly like the feel of most of the products put out by Logitech.

The way this works
Let’s say for example you have a three button mouse situated on the right side of your keyboard. I recommend programming the middle key for some function that you use often (such as double-clicking) so that you can better avoid repetitive stress. Using a new mouse may feel awkward for the first few days but within a few weeks you will have adapted. After about four to six weeks of use with the mouse I then switch to a trackball. What I like most about using a trackball are: (1) greater precision movement, and (2) less side to side movement of the wrist (a mouse requires far more left-right wrist action). The trackball involves much more thumb movement then a mouse does and I have found that switching to the trackball allows my index finger and middle finger more rest.

Just like the mouse, the trackball may take a few days to become accustomed to. I have found that the change in movements are different enough from a mouse that it allows some of our muscles, tendons and ligaments a chance to recover from the beating we may have put them through while using the mouse.

After about four to six weeks of using the trackball I then switch back to a mouse. In my case and now rotate to a different version mouse than I was using in the first place. This mouse has four buttons instead of three and once again it takes a few days to adapt. You’d probably be fine just switching between one mouse and one trackball however I do recommend that if you are going to switch back and forth do try to use a trackball and a mouse rather than two trackballs or two mice.

A side note. Don’t forget to clean your trackball and or mouse on a weekly basis. This helps to provide more fluid movements and creates less resistance. Refer to your product manual for more information on cleaning your devices.

I used to try the same approach with keyboards but that was more cumbersome than switching mice. I have tried so many keyboards and have found far too many of them to be uncomfortable. One of the most comfortable and accommodating keyboards I’ve experienced over the years was Microsoft’s natural keyboard (no longer in production) as Microsoft switched to a keyboard elite model that had smaller keys.

When Microsoft came out with the office keyboard I decided to give that a try. One of the things I like most about the office keyboard are the additional keys and scroll bar on the left side. I rarely ever find use for the keys at the top of the keyboard such as the ones used to start Microsoft Word or Excel. What I do use on a continual basis are the cut copy and paste keys which I found to be invaluable and well worth the purchase of a Microsoft Office keyboard. The built-in scroll bar on the left side is also beneficial since some of us tend to keep our hand outstretched and on a mouse/trackball while surfing the web. What I like about this keyboard is that many of the tasks that I used to do with my right hand I can now do with my left, creating better balance and symmetry between the two.

Another bonus I have found is to spend more time learning some of the shortcut keys built into nearly every program on your computer. In Windows, using shortcut keys such as CTRL + C to copy something rather than using your mouse to scroll up to the upper left-hand of the screen and choosing edit>copy is one example. Even right clicking the mouse and taking advantage of the menu of items that comes up can save you some time and involve less movement than dragging your mouse cursor to the top left hand of the screen.

The goal is to become more efficient so that you can click less and still get as much work or more accomplished.

This brings us to the recent study. Researchers found, “the more you click using your computer’s mouse, the greater the chance of suffering from pain, swelling, numbness and other problems in the hand, wrist, neck and shoulder.” This, according to the article.

According to the research, they found the problem was not only use of the mouse, but involved performing repetitive tasks.

Studies found that those who worked in front of a computer almost all day and used the mouse at least half the time had a four times higher risk of problems than those who used the computer the same amount of time but used the mouse only a quarter of the time.

A second study found that those who used the mouse for more than 30 hours per week had as much as an eight-fold higher risk of developing forearm pain, double the risk of moderate to severe neck pain and triple the risk of right shoulder pain. Neck and right shoulder symptoms started to become evident after more than 25 and five hours of weekly use, respectively.

Certain computer users, who use the mouse almost all the time, are particularly at risk, the researchers noted.

The studies did not examine differences between users of newer ergonomic mouse devices and traditional types of mouse devices.

Both studies were presented at the 27th International Congress of Occupational Health.

Reuters Health:
Computer’s Mouse May ‘Bite’ Hands, Wrist, Neck

– – – – – – – – – –
Dr. Michael Dorausch is a chiropractor in Los Angeles, serving the beach communities of Playa Vista, Playa del Rey, Venice, and surrounding areas of LAX. @ 9:25 pm | Article ID: 1054700723