Some Chiropractic News Links For You

One gentle adjustment – From football field to doctor’s office

… The ex-B.C. slotback is doing his hands-on work for a bigger cause these days. The guy deemed not good enough to catch passes by ex-general manager Adam Rita two seasons ago now works on former teammates, having graduated last year with a doctorate of chiropractic.

“Athletes know the benefits,” said Graham. “They know it’s important to keep joints moving properly and muscles moving right, so they’re more motivated to coming in when they’re feeling well.” You could, ahem, say he’s made the adjustment from player to doctor quite well.

A measure of victory – Top graduate at Life chose her path late, never thought of transferring

Fifty seven year old recent Life University graduate is class valedictorian. “I would, without chiropractic care, be in a wheelchair right now,” said Dieck, who spent several months in a wheelchair when her back spasms were at their worst. “With regular chiropractic care I’m able to function enough to have gotten through school.”

Desert doctor continues reporting from Kuwait

Chiropractor, Dr. Dan Olson, reports from the Middle East. “We’ve been operating in Kuwait and Iraq for more than two months now. We are all environmentally qualified and the missions have been steady. The UH-60 Blackhawk is a utility helicopter, so the missions we can perform are quite diverse. It would be difficult (and not permitted) to get into detail about the missions we’ve been assigned, but they’ve varied from the mundane to the exciting and from the somber to the funny (we flew Conan O’Brien around).”

Dr. Jill Miehe: What’s Chiropractic All About?

One question that I have been asked is: What it takes to become a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.): In short, approximately seven years of school. After undergraduate studies with a focus on the basic sciences, a Chiropractor will attend Chiropractic College. This intensive education consists of 4,200 hours of classroom studies, labs, and clinical studies. @ 11:08 am | Article ID: 1056737335