Month: May 2002

Focus on the Gifts

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

“When there is nothing left but God, that is when you find out God is all you need.”

I hate when life doesn’t turn out the way that I think it should. I’ve been there and every time it gets really challenging I get desperate enough to call on God and there he is. Sometimes it is hard to know if he is really there when I lean on him. Sometimes I forget that prayers are only wishes if I don’t follow through with action. What is the right action?

When things get tough I turn to God for strength. I turn to God so that I don’t feel so alone. I turn to God because it makes me feel safe. I sometimes forget to turn to God and consult with him when things are good but I often don’t forget when I am being challenged. Maybe I wouldn’t have such tough challenges if I stayed more connected to his will for me. Praying only when life hurts is sort of like getting adjusted only when I am in pain. I’ve heard it said many times that chiropractic unites man the physical with man the spiritual. Medicine is physical. Religion is spiritual (sometimes). The chiropractic adjustment re-connects us by opening up the life channels so God can be expressed in our bodies.

As a chiropractor my job is so simple in that I don’t have to be responsible for the patient becoming asymptomatic. I am responsible to clear the patient so that their life’s force can be conducted and so that their body can heal itself, if it is able. I don’t take credit for when the patient gets “better” because if I do than I also have to take “credit” for when they doesn’t “feel” better. Sometimes that is tough for me because I want to control things in life including my patients symptoms. I have become an expert at locating and removing subluxations and that is my responsibility as a chiropractor. I also have become a master in communicating. I expect the patient to retain the responsibility for their body (anything else would be an illusion). I need to explain to them with all the passion and evidence that I can muster that it is vital for them to value that service for a lifetime. I want to be their chiropractor not just when they are hurting (yes, I believe that I need to be there for them then too) but just as importantly I need to be there for their continues health and aliveness.

I often joke with the patients that “I might be white and flaky but I’m no aspirin,” and even after saying that and a lot more during my weekly new patient orientation and my ongoing table talk sometimes they still choose to try to treat me like an aspirin. Early in practice I used to blow them out of my office if they wouldn’t do it my way. Some people think that is the best way to go. More recently for me I have been able to accept them where they are at. If I blow them out then they are gone. If I keep them around then I have more chances to turn them into the kind of patient that I would hope they would be.

I guess I softened a bit since I have children. I have learned to love unconditionally. That is how I’ve grown to love my patients too. I can’t seem to turn them away if God sent them my way. I accept all patients regardless of their physical condition and their ability to pay. I don’t even let what I perceive as ignorance to get in my way either. I can’t afford to judge anymore. I have lost too many years trying to decide if a patient qualifies for my love or even if another chiropractor measures up to what I think should be. I see it as my job to just stay in a state of peace and love. I know that sounds corny but it sure beats the alternative. I don’t think God judges and so if he doesn’t bother judging than maybe I don’t need to either.

When I am judging others than I am obviously not dealing with my own stuff which is all I can really change – myself. I need to mind my own business and live my life as an example and let others judge themselves if they would like. I try to make my life and my practice so attractive so that people want to be around me and my methods. I don’t need to put anyone else down to make myself feel better. I need to focus on staying connected and living God’s will for me. I am very grateful and I focus on the gifts.

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Being Totally Conscious Of The Healing Process

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

HEALING is what it’s all about. All of us in this profession are Healers or we wouldn’t be in Chiropractic. And all of us should be competent “doctors”, also, but that’s not why we’re here. This world is too full of “doctors” who can put a name on the dis-ease the patient temporarily has but can’t do a thing to fix it… what sick people are crying out for is Healing!

I met an old time DC named Dr. Joe at a seminar recently (50+ years in practice and still adjusting patients) and he gave me some tips on Healing that might be helpful to all of us. He explained his methods of enhancing the Healing process (developed over the past 50 years and based upon teachings from hundreds of Chiropractic seminars, Native American Pow-Wows… he is part Cherokee, and his own personal experience). He says that we can all enhance the Healing process and put ourselves into a “Healing State” by certain physical procedures. The following are the ones he uses (and he still adjusts many patients every day):

Before Entering The Adjusting Room:
– I have strong emotional concern for the patient and I think “good health” at all times.
– I realize the patient is surrounded by an aura of electromagnetic energy and that my contact with the patient will start before I actually touch them. When I do touch the patient, I will use a very light but firm pressure on the patient’s body so as not to add any more irritation to their nervous system.
– I will use the intuitive direction of the Innate Healing Force to channel the direction of my contact on the patient and to modify the adjustment according to the needs of this particular patient at this particular time.

As I Walk Into The Adjusting Room And Before Adjusting The Patient I Concentrate On the Following:
– I am so well organized that I will effectively project my training and experience to the patient.
– I give the patient a sincere compliment to help them like themselves better.
– I visualize the nervous system and all of its parts in the prone patient.
– I ask the patient “What’s Better Today?”

As I Adjust The Patient I Do The Following:
– Throughout the adjustment, I keep my tongue pressed gently to the top of my mouth to strengthen my energy field.
– I gently rub the palms of my hands together to normalize polarity and to dissipate any tensions that might still be remaining from the last adjustment.
– As I adjust the patient, I “zero in” my mental activity on the contact I am making on this particular patient at this particular time. I allow nothing to disturb my concentration.
– When I adjust the patient, a mental image of the patient’s problem appears in my mind and the method of correction is known to me immediately.
– I visualize the abnormal position of the vertebra… and the correction of the subluxation as I adjust it.
– I adjust the patient lovingly and effectively in 5 minutes or less. I move quickly and confidently. The healing of the patient is quick and powerful.
– After adjusting the patient, I place both hands lightly on the pain area, perform slow deep breathing, and concentrate totally on the contact my hands are making. This revitalizes the “Life Force Center” in the patient by contact with energy that is beyond the physical. I visualize the patient’s body full of light, electromagnetic energy, health, joy, comfort, and strength. I see nothing but “the perfect expression of the Innate” in the patient’s body.

– Whenever I speak with the patient after the adjustment, I always place my hand on the patient’s body to “bridge the gap” to the Innate.
– I encourage a high degree of activity and fullness of life in the patient, avoiding totally any “age” concepts.
– I am in control of the situation at all times. I tell the patient when they need to see me again and get their commitment to the appointment before I leave the adjusting room.
– As I leave the adjusting room, I tell the patient “The adjustment went very well today. You’ll get better” and I immediately walk out of the room.

Happy HEALING! @ 8:19 am | Article ID: 1021907974

Palmer Has New Vice President

From Media Relations; Palmer Chiropractic University System

Dr. David Koch Named Palmer’s Vice President for Professional and International Affairs

Davenport, Iowa – Guy Riekeman, D.C., president, Palmer colleges of chiropractic, education and research, has announced the appointment of David Koch, D.C., to serve as Vice President for Professional and International Affairs, effective immediately.

Dr. Koch, 50, will join the President’s Cabinet and represent the three colleges of the Palmer Chiropractic University System in various capacities throughout the educational community and the world, according to Dr. Riekeman.

“As the president of three chiropractic colleges and the Research Center, I have day-to-day responsibilities at each location. Notwithstanding these commitments, I frequently need to serve as our ambassador to the outside world. There are major chiropractic developments happening in Brazil, New Zealand and the United Kingdom in addition to the United States. With Dr. Koch’s support as a Palmer Chiropractic University System representative I will be able to operate more efficiently and enhance Palmer’s leadership capacity,” he said.

Dr. David KochDr. Koch joined the Palmer faculty in 2001, following four years as president of Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in Spartanburg, S.C. Since coming to Palmer he has taught chiropractic philosophy, acted as a presidential adviser and served on various planning committees.

“I still plan to teach and maintain that vital interaction with students,” said Dr. Koch, “but this new job will be an exciting opportunity to grow professionally and to help carry the Palmer Chiropractic message to audiences worldwide. Palmer’s reputation as the flagship of the profession is well established, but we must do more than just maintain that tradition. We must fulfill our responsibility to that tradition by providing ongoing leadership for the profession every day.”

Dr. Koch, who resides in Davenport, Iowa, is a 1980 graduate of Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic. He is the author of numerous articles and has lectured extensively throughout the United States. As a chiropractic philosophic researcher, his field of interest lies in expanding and updating chiropractic’s philosophic paradigm.

– – – – – – – – – –
Visit the College web site at: @ 11:01 am | Article ID: 1021485660

Palmer Has a New Web Site

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The Palmer Chiropractic University Foundation has a series of new websites to represent their schools and activities. Actually, Palmer has had their new web site system since the beginning of this year but I have been delayed in getting the news out. The main web site,, looks great and there is lots of info available. The opening screen (in Palmer purple) gives us our choices of Palmer college in Davenport Iowa, Palmer college West in San Jose California, and Palmer college Florida in Port Orange (yes, there is a new Palmer College in Florida!). There are also primary links for chiropractic research, information about Lyceum, chiropractic history, and the latest Palmer news and events.

Some of you may be wondering Palmer Florida, when did their become a Palmer Florida? Well, this is been in the works for some time and in fact, classes are to begin in October of this year. Visit the Palmer Florida section of the web site for more information.

One of the sections of the web site I liked best is the chiropractic history section, particularly the section about the Palmer mansion. The Palmer mansion fact sheet tells us briefly about B. J. and Mabel Palmer’s collection of idols, lambs, knives, rugs, art, and memorabilia. Also in the history section, we can read about some of B. J. Palmer’s many epigrams, which according to the web site, were designed to influence Palmer students, staff, and faculty attitudes. You can view some of the epigrams on the Palmer web site, such as…

Throw away your wishbone, straighten up your backbone, stick out your jawbone and go to it.

When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.

Chiropractic is health insurance. Premium small. Dividends large.

An optimist is the one who sees a light where there is none. A pessimist is one who blows it out.

Hats off to all involved at Palmer for creating a great new web system. Add this to your list of resources for chiropractic information on the internet. @ 8:57 am | Article ID: 1021478263

May The Force Be With You

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Warning: This article contains quotes from the upcoming Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.

It’s that time again. Within days from now, millions of children worldwide (and adults) will be back in the spirit of Star Wars, and talking about “The Force.” It doesn’t seem like 22 years since Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back made the following statements…

“Life creates it, makes it grow… Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you. Here, between you, me… the tree… the rock. Yes, even between the land and the ship.”

For many of us that grew up watching these films, these words took on profound meaning, like Nicene Creed of the Christian Faith. We grew up with an understanding that we were surrounded by energy and that we were all one. We tried hard to “feel the force” in our adolescent and young adult lives.

Since becoming a chiropractor, this concept of “Force” has taken on much greater meaning in my life. It has been more than once that I have heard someone compare principled chiropractors to “Jedi Knights”, something one should take as a compliment even though based on science fiction. Those Jedi are a philosophical bunch, protectors of the peace they are. They commit their lives to service. The point is that for many, this talk of “Force” is very real (and not just for us). Maybe it is just me but it seems millions are on the topic lately of Life Force, Innate, Being One With God, One With The Universal Spirit, etc… And just wait until a week or so.

Let me tell you this Star Wars film rocks and both Obi-Wan and Yoda bring us some great philosophical words throughout the film. This time around Yoda lets us know, “clear your mind must be…” “reach out, sense the force around you. Use your feelings you must.” (What do great chiropractic mentors say about preparation for the adjustment?, hmm?)

Obi-Wan Kenobi in his philosophical mentoring way tells us, “You have been focusing on negativity… be mindful of your thoughts.” Again he says, “Be mindful of your thoughts…” followed by “You have made a commitment to the jedi order. A commitment not easily broken.”

My chiropractic friends, be mindful of your thoughts, for what you think about you shall bring about. Your mind must not be focused on negativity. Do not forget you have made a commitment, a commitment that is not easily broken.

May the force be with you. @ 10:02 am | Article ID: 1021395723

Conjuntivitis, Fiebre Y Gripe (En Espanol)

Por el Dr. Edwin Cordero

Haces varias semanas me invitaron a dar una charla sobre los beneficios de la Quiropractica a un grupo de padres de ninos impedidos. La maestra que me invito es paciente en mi consulta de varios anos y ella entiende la importancia de mantener el cuerpo funcionando a su capacidad optima libre de interferencias al sistema nervioso y a la columna vertebral.

Luego de la charla varios padres estaban muy interesados en hacer citas para evaluar las columnas de sus ninos. Al día siguiente un matrimonio trajo a su hijo de 7 anos de edad llamado Shane. El joven tenia problemas congénitos de retardación mental y ataques epilépticos. Luego de la consulta, examen y radiografias pude determinar que este nino tenia Subluxaciones Vertebrales en varios niveles de la columna. Les recomende ajustes Quiropractico 3 veces a la semana por aproximadamente 4 semanas.

Ellos estaban de acuerdo con mis recomendaciones y comenzamos a ajustar la columna del nino. El nino respondio muy positivamente dentro de varios dias. Los padres estaban tan contentos que tambien comenzaron como pacientes. Luego de varias semanas de ajustes Quiropracticos Shane comenzó a sufrir de un problema de los ojos llamado Conjuntivitis. La madre vino a mi oficina y me pregunto que si la Quiropractica podía ayudar a su hijo a mejorar de los problemas del ojo. Mi respuesta fue muy sencilla. Un problema de Conjuntivitis es una indicación de que existen defensas bajas en el nino. Las defensas bajas o la resistencia baja es una indicación de un problema del sistema nervioso que esta siendo interferido.

Yo le recomende a la madre que trajera a Shane varia veces durante el día para ajustarle su columna y remover las Subluxaciones permitiendo que el cuerpo aumentara el potencial de sanamiento naturalmente. Esto fue un paso muy grande para esta familia ya que ellos nunca han experimentado con alternativas naturales para su salud y la salud de sus ninos.

El día siguiente Shane continuaba con conjuntivitis pero en adición fiebre y la gripe estaban presente. La madre no sabia que hacer, si ir al Medico de cabecera o continuar con la Quiropractica. Yo le asegure que el cuerpo humano tiene una capacidad interna llamada la inteligencia innata que esta encargada de mantener un balance interno en paz y harmonia cuando no existen interferencias a la columna vertebral y al sistema nervio.

Continuamos ajustando al nino hasta que el cuerpo se normalizo y todos los sistemas internos comenzaron a funcionar adecuadamente. Shane y su familia disfrutan de una salud aumentada gracias a la Quiropractica. El cuerpo humano tiene la habilidad y la capacidad de sanarse a sí mismo cuando no existen Subluxaciones. Es tiempo de que usted tome el primer paso hoy mismo y busque a un Quiropractico para que le evalué la columna vertebral y ver de que manera el Quiropractico puede ayudarle a aumentar su potencial humano utilizando la Quiropractica.
¡No dejes para mañana lo que se puedas hacer hoy!

– – – – – – – – – –
El Dr. Edwin Cordero es un graduado de la Universidad de LIFE en Atlanta Georgia en el 1993. El nacio en Fajardo Puerto Rico y tiene licencias en Puerto Rico y la Florida. Su oficina esta ubicada en Lantana, Florida. Visite su website en: @ 9:18 am | Article ID: 1021393130

Knowing When it is “Right”

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Our Spirit is our inner guide. And our Spirit never, never, gives us wrong directions. Because we’re human, it’s all too easy to deny the voice from within. Some call it conscience. And our behavior, maybe frequently, maybe occasionally, belies what our conscience knows is right. We suffer for it.

We are trying to be healthy–emotionally, spiritually, physically. Each day we can make progress. With each action we take, we have a choice. Our Spirit, our conscience, should be consulted. Right choices make for right actions that will emotionally and spiritually benefit us and the other persons close to us. – Hazelton

The telephone rings – Do you answer it? When you get that funny feeling that something isn’t right, do you heed the warning or do you ignore it or cover it up. God talks to me through my gut. When I know what is really right, do I listen to God or do I take back my free will and do Sharon’s will? When I think that I know better I am in trouble. When I do what I want to do when I want to do because I want to then I am basically saying OK God tell me if I am on the right path as long as we agree I’ll do your will. Sometimes I ask for God’s guidance and we disagree and the answer is NO, it’s not that God isn’t hearing me, it is that the answer is NO.

In my arrogance I want it my way. I ignore my innate AKA gut feeling AKA women’s intuition by acting anyway even when I feel it is not right. When the accompanying emotions arise I do something to cover them up. I work on trying to make myself feel different. I used to feel like being good to myself meant not letting myself feel emotions that I didn’t want to feel. I had a lot of methods to feel different. My favorite was overeating. I also would “party”, shop, or work too much. All these methods would help me feel different. Feeling my feelings is what I need to do to be alive. It is not natural to not feel different about different things. Feelings are a symptom as much as physical symptoms tell me what is going on with my body, emotional feelings tell me if I am in the flow, I feel what is right and what is not as right. This is one of the ways that God talks to me. Just like I wouldn’t want to never have physical symptoms ever again I also wouldn’t want to never have emotional feelings.

The true danger for me about numbing myself out is that it is impossible for me to stop doing it because I don’t know after a while that I am doing it. I become numb and I get used to living that way. I might not get as low lows yet I also don’t get as high highs. In addition it becomes almost impossible for me to hear that inner voice that comes through in my clarity that I have come to know as innate. I have to be brave to be willing to stay in this awake state. Feeling my emotions can be very scary. For me it part of growing up (I know, it is about time). I know I wouldn’t be willing to stay so un-numb if I didn’t stay in a good spiritual place and I also need to have people in my life that are in a similar place. I need to choose people to have in my life that are on a similar spiritual path. I am a spiritual being in a physical body not the other way around. God talks to me through other people in addition to myself as long as I stay connected.

– – – – – – – – – –

Now for a little advertisement. I am heading out to Newport Beach California next weekend. We are getting together to put on a philosophy weekend. The idea behind this weekend is to gather a group of successful Chiropractors to talk it down. We share our passion for Chiropractic and why we love what we love and how we create practices that reflect our passion. We would love to have you join us. We will be right near the Orange County Airport. If you are ready to rub elbows with other principled chiropractors and rededicate yourself to changing the world one spine at a time – please join us. The registration information is on or my site If you have any further questions feel free to contact me at [email protected] or at 570-350-4091. I hope to see you there! Sharon @ 9:13 am | Article ID: 1021306416

With Knowledge Comes Responsibility

By Travis Robertson
5th Tri Student – Palmer College of Chiropractic

There’s a saying that says, “With great power comes great responsibility.” There is another that says, “Knowledge is power.” Now, if “Knowledge is power” and “With great power comes great responsibility,” would it make sense to say the following? With the acquisition of a vast knowledge comes a required vast responsibility. And so it is with Chiropractic. We have a vast knowledge of the living cell, the body, the world, the universe, and their purpose.

It is our knowledge, not our belief, that the universe is a purposeful place with an intelligent design. That knowledge sets us apart from other healthcare professions and people in general. This is the reason why some people look at you the way they do when your telling them something about Chiropractic. They sometimes have the look of, “they are just a crazy Chiropractor. What do they know?”

We know something that others do not know or choose not to accept. We know when others just believe. We see what others, at this time, cannot see. We know what drives the universe. We see, taste, smell, touch, and hear the simplicities of the universe where others merely perceive complexities. We, Chiropractors, are a ribbon of change, of simplicity, of love, that is unfolding in the universe right now. Millions are awakening to this simplicity, this knowledge every year. Our adjustments are what these people are receiving. Their own observation of the changes in their body, their attitude, and their life, after the adjustments, starts them on this journey of understanding.

The adjustment is truly a powerful thing. It is NOT, however where our true power resides. The adjustment is merely the medium, the key, that we utilize to unlock that patient’s inner power. The True power resides within each and every one of us. Within Chiropractic our true power resides in our knowledge, our knowledge of the Science, of the Art, and the glue that holds it all together, the Philosophy. They say that “Knowledge is contagious. Infect truth.” If there is anything that you want your patients to “catch” it should be knowledge.

I know that it is hard sometimes to talk Chiropractic, and I have trouble too. It is especially difficult explaining it to your family. They are sometimes the most difficult ones to reach for that awakening that you are trying so desperately to achieve. Keep on them and they will come around. It may be at the end of this life, as it was with Pasteur, but they will know. At first they may only believe. This is a critical stage for them. In this stage they are relying on your knowledge, your power fully for most belief is done blindly. Your power will be tested to the extremes during this stage and for some people they will forever remain in this stage.

The first stage of a patient is typically one of fear, then faith, and finally knowledge. Each step involves a different type of awakening and realization about yourself, about life, and about the universe. Each time the understanding becomes more simple and obvious that at times it can be frustrating when other don’t understand what you understand. Believe me. I’ve been there.

Remember our Knowledge is our Power and with this tremendous power comes a great responsibility. The responsibility that we have is to “infect” truth / knowledge. This calling for Chiropractic is both a gift and a curse and at different times you may see it in these different lights. Hold strong and let the knowledge flow, and watch a life, a community, a country, and/or a world change for the better.

This was inspired to be written after watching the very motivating and entertaining movie, Spider-Man. Remember, “With great power (knowledge) comes great responsibility!” @ 9:16 am | Article ID: 1021047378

Chiropractic Philosophy – Is It Really So Important?

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

I got so mad listening to Jim Parker. Here I was a proud graduate of a “scientific” Chiropractic college up Chicago way and had passed a number of state boards with no problem. But after 3 years in practice, I wasn’t doing too well (a polite way of saying I was s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g). Out of desperation more than anything else, here I was in Dallas with several thousand other DCs (many of whom looked very prosperous) listening to a little man named Jim Parker rattle on and on in his gravel-rough voice about things that hadn’t even been mentioned during my entire college career.

Crazy things like “Innate Intelligence” and “Above Down Inside Out” and “The Power That Made The Body Can Heal The Body”. He even talked about some nonsense he called “LLL (Lather Love Lavishly)” and then he had the gall to say it was the essence of all Healing. Filled with what I thought was “righteous indignation”, I was really upset. Here I had spent 4 years in Chiropractic college studying all the basic sciences, a great deal of physical therapy with a small amount of spinal adjusting thrown in here and there and he tells me that LOVE is what does the Healing and that Chiropractic Philosophy is the driving force behind this profession. I truly thought the man was out of his mind and that everything he said was sheer lunacy. Of course, being filled with such foolish and unwarranted arrogance, I was totally and completely wrong and Dr. Jim was totally and completely right.

At that time, I was egotistical and foolish and was sure that I was smart enough to do this Chiropractic thing. But life has a way of teaching us, in no uncertain terms, where our mistakes lie. Mine were right there in my face, front and center. But in my arrogance, I couldn’t see them at the time. It took a powerful mentor like Dr. Jim (teaching the total philosophy, art, and science of Chiropractic) to show me, finally, how to “allow” the Universe/God to utilize me as a channel of Healing for my fellow man.

The true power of any group of people is derived from the philosophy that propels them to great achievement. Without it, they’re just people doing a job and living out their allotted time on this planet. With it, they become a cohesive driven force that is unstoppable. A personal and group philosophy is essential for all human achievement. Nothing just happens on this planet. It has to be made to happen because of our total commitment and deep belief in our destiny and in what we have to do to achieve it.

We’ve seen this throughout the course of human history. Small groups of people achieving far beyond anything that would have been expected and, as a result, often changing the history of this beautiful planet. Driven by a philosophy (or “cause” or “destiny”…call it whatever you will) that, once it infused the entire group, pushed it on to great achievement.

This has the potential for great good or great bad. It all depends upon the “truth” behind the group philosophy. The communists in the latter part of the 20th century showed the world what a comparatively small number of people can do to endanger an entire planet. However, their cause was based upon egotism and the need for power and not “truth”, so they failed and were destroyed as a result. Hitler and the Nazis also made great changes on this planet but their philosophy of hate destroyed them in the end. And we’re seeing it today in the extremist Muslims who are willing to kill themselves and others to promote what they conceive to be a worthy cause. They, like others following a faulty philosophy, will ultimately fail, too. Any philosophy based not upon LOVE but, instead, upon human arrogance is doomed to fail.

But, on the positive side, we’ve seen it in the small groups of early Christians who, strongly persecuted though they were, prevailed over the multitudes of non-believers of that time period and radically changed the thinking of the entire western world. And we’ve also seen it in black people of the United States with their unstoppable drive to achieve total equality.

Without a powerful driving philosophy based upon universal truths, we all tend to flounder around just taking up space on this planet for the short time we’re here on Earth. With a powerful philosophy pushing us to great achievement we can become one of the massive unstoppable forces in the history of this world that will literally run right over any opposition and dramatically improve life on this planet forever. The ultimate strength comes from the truth behind the philosophy. If their philosophy is based upon truth and universal laws (and Chiropractic philosophy certainly is), the group has the potential to help this entire planet and its people evolve to a much higher state of being and to live life on an extremely high plane of existence in the future.

Our philosophy is based upon truth and that’s a good start. But thinking about it and contemplating it is one thing, taking action on it is something totally different and totally necessary in order for great achievement to take place. Are we going to do this? Just look around this profession and see the promising signs of the “ground swell” of powerful no-compromise energy that is rapidly coming to the forefront in Chiropractic. The spirit that drove the early Chiropractors is back and forming an unbeatable combination that the drug companies, the medical politicians, and the physical therapists don’t have a prayer of stopping. I believe that we’ve all decided not to remain a pathetically small and powerless group on the fringes of the healing community and that we have decided to lead the way into the new millennium.

In 1964, Ronald Reagan made a statement that could well apply to all of us associated with this profession. He said:

“You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on Earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children’s children say of us that we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.”

It will be difficult and discouraging at times as we go through this transitional period in the history of Healing (and the present powers-that-be are going to fight back desperately with every means at their disposal) but I’m convinced that we have accepted our mission, our “rendezvous with destiny”, the reason why all of us in Chiropractic are here at this time on this planet. Do we have the will, the stick-to-itiveness, the ability to sustain our herculean efforts throughout the tough times to come as well as the good times? Only we can answer this question. But as we hit the inevitable “walls” on our predestined journey, we should remember the powerful words of Winston Churchill spoken during the darkest days of World War II: “Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up.” @ 9:15 am | Article ID: 1021047345

Antibiotics Don’t Work

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Hey, is there anybody out there?! How many times will we have to continue reading in the news that antibiotics are failing us before someone actually stops prescribing/taking them?

Here it is again. News headlines from MSNBC that read… Antibiotics don’t work for bronchitis – Study urges doctors to stop common treatment approach and Drug-resistant germs on the rise – Doctors say only solution is to cut down on use of antibiotics. Must I say it again? Antibiotics are failing – stop giving out useless drugs!

The first article, based on a study in this week’s Lancet Medical Journal, urges doctors to stop giving antibiotics for acute bronchitis. According to the article, millions of people with acute bronchitis are visiting medical doctors every year and most are being given antibiotics… “even though there’s not much evidence antibiotics help.”

According to the article, some experts are saying that the results of this study show that antibiotics are in most cases “useless for acute bronchitis and that no antibiotic, whatever the type, should be given for the condition.”

And if you think the antibiotics are going to prevent one from suffering a more serious illness such as pneumonia think again. According to the article, there is no test to tell whether a persons bronchitis is viral or bacterial. Apparently the decision to give these useless drugs is based on di-agnosis. Di meaning two, and agnosis meaning don’t know. The doctor does not know and the patient does not know (two don’t know = di-agnosis) but the patient expects the doctor to do something.

If that’s not enough, the same news network also reports that drug resistant germs are on the rise. According to the second article, there are great concerns about the dangers of antibiotics. Experts are saying that germs are becoming so use to antibiotics (like rats to rat poison and roaches to roach poison) that they are becoming incredibly resistant.

Use to be that the common medical route to treating an infected papercut on ones finger simply involved taking antibiotics. Today, thanks to the principle that intelligence exists in all matter (yes, even in bacteria), the medical route of antibiotic treatment may not work. That may lead to more potent antibiotic therapy which, in the case of a nurse practitioner mentioned in the article, may nearly kill you.

We are talking about a papercut, not heart transplant surgery. Can you imagine cutting your finger on your tax return and almost dying from the side effects of the treatment given? Talk about death and taxes. And what about skin infections, ear infections, and sore throats? Some experts say antibiotics will soon be useless.

My heavens, what are we to do? “The only solution, doctors say, is to cut way down on the use of antibiotics. In particular, no one should get antibiotics for the common cold or for other viral infections where they do no good whatsoever.” If we don’t cut back dramatically, experts say that millions may be facing deadly risk.

Chiropractic, antibiotic free since… well, since always!

MSNBC: Antibiotics don’t work for bronchitis – Study urges doctors to stop common treatment approach
MSNBC: Drug-resistant germs on the rise – Doctors say only solution is to cut down on use of antibiotics @ 7:39 pm | Article ID: 1020998379