Month: May 2002

Know Your Chicken Sandwich

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

Becoming a Master at Adjusting the Spine Gently & Painlessly

Becoming a HEALER requires devoted study and training in all of the aspects of healing. One of the most important of these aspects involves the actual correction of the spinal subluxation. The top practitioners in Chiropractic have always been masters in the correction of the subluxation.

The founder of the highly successful Chick-Fil-A restaurant chain was recently asked what was the secret of his great success. He thought for a while and answered, “Know Your Chicken Sandwich.” He expanded on this to say, “find what you are good at, learn everything you can about it, and then make it even better.” Chick-Fil-A did it with the chicken sandwich and the rest is history.

Dr. Arlan Fuhr of Activator Methods puts this principle another way. He says, “the way to become known as a genius is to learn more and more about less and less.” Pick a certain field and study and learn as much about it as you possibly can until you are an absolute expert in that one particular field. That is your “Chicken Sandwich.”

Our “Chicken Sandwich” in Chiropractic should be something that is totally unique in healthcare. This leaves out physical therapy (since there are Physical Therapists out there who are better trained than we are in that field and, at least in the public’s mind, know what they are doing). It leaves out massage therapy since there are people out there who are excellent at that and are comparatively well trained. And it certainly leaves out the use of prescription medication since the M.D.’s have been doing this for quite a few years and are “fairly” competent at it. The one unique thing that we do in Chiropractic is the “correction of the spinal subluxation.” How well we know it, how well we do it, and how well we present it to the public largely determines our success in this field as Healers. This doesn’t mean we can’t use other methods to assist us in healing but that we should always concentrate on “the correction of the subluxation” as the key in our healing practice..

Although this is our “Chicken Sandwich”, we as a group do not agree on what a spinal subluxation actually is. There is still a great deal of controversy about whether the subluxation involves a “pinched or irritated nerve” – or if a subluxated vertebra can actually irritate a nerve. Further research is obviously needed in this direction. But unfortunately, some of the research being done in our Chiropractic colleges is not focused on learning more about the “subluxation” and its correction but on subjects that have been done or can be done by others in the medical field (such as the “Effect of Vitamin C on the Integrity of the Disc”, etc.). Let’s research and find out more about the “spinal subluxation.” Sick people are waiting for and desperately need this knowledge – and we’ve been chosen to give it to the world. Let’s research our “Chicken Sandwich”, not someone else’s.

But does it really matter to those of us working in the field exactly how a subluxation damages the nervous system and the body? We know it does and we know how to fix it (there are many excellent techniques being taught in Chiropractic that can correct this destructive lesion) and that’s all that matters to our patients. Major DeJarnette — one of the top researchers this profession has produced — often said “Learn how to correct the subluxation and don’t bother with why — how will get your patients well, why is of interest only to those doing the research.” He was so right. The correction of the subluxation is what dramatically helps patients get well. Anyone in practice for any length of time (and who knows how to correct the subluxation) can attest to the fact that it not only works but works powerfully and consistently. And certainly not just for sprains & strains, but for helping really sick people get well.

Our explanation to patients that “the vertebra moves out of place and pinches the nerve” seems to give our medical critics (and many Chiropractic researchers) much grief since they claim it’s impossible that it happens this way. But our patients don’t really care if this explanation is exactly correct. They only want to get a basic understanding of their problem and how it affects their health — and they want to get well. And don’t our friends in the medical profession do the same thing for their patients? What is a “slipped disc?” Does a disc actually slip? No, but it’s simple for the patient to think of the disc as a “hockey puck” that can slip out of place and cause trouble. The Osteopaths have used the term “sacroiliac slip” for many years — it’s not totally correct but it does paint a picture the patient can visualize. The majority of patients only want an explanation that seems “logical” to them and that they can understand. Other than that, they just want to get well. Certainly let’s research the “subluxation” and find out why it’s so damaging to health and how to correct it even more effectively than we do now — but in the meantime, let’s fix it and get sick people well.

We Chiropractors are at a crossroads in the history of our profession. The insurance companies and their Managed Care are causing some of us to look in other directions besides Chiropractic as a way out. We have something that is enormously powerful as a tool for healing but some of us have failed to recognize this and want to leave and go into areas that are already more than adequately covered by others — and in which we would always be viewed as second-rate (while we can always be first-rate, the very best, at the “correction of the spinal subluxation”).

So it is incumbent upon each of us as Chiropractors to learn as much as we possibly can about this health-destroying lesion called the “spinal subluxation” and to become a master at correcting it. There are brilliant and creative D.C.’s out there who are willing to teach us this essential information if we don’t already know it. Let’s learn how to normalize the nervous system by correcting the subluxation painlessly and then watch miracles happen (and they will happen when we fix the subluxation). Powerfully effective Chiropractic techniques are taught at many seminars all over the world. Let no one in or out of this profession tell us that Chiropractic doesn’t work or that we need to dispense drugs to our patients to help them get well (or even to relieve their pain). If we’re not seeing miraculous results in our practice then it’s us that’s not working, not the Chiropractic principle that’s not working — and we need to learn how to correct the subluxation (which we’re not doing if we’re not getting the results we want). It requires effort, study and prolonged practice on our part to become a master adjuster but the results will be unbelievably rewarding to our patients, to us, and to this entire profession.

Pick a Chiropractic technique and devote yourself to learning it totally and completely. There are incredibly successful adjusting methods being taught in this profession the mastery of which will help to make us a Healer/Chiropractor. Diversified adjusting works but you may find it’s only the “tip of the iceberg” while the great mass of the iceberg is not even known to many of us in our own profession. Let’s each of us search for and uncover the rest of the Chiropractic iceberg — learn it thoroughly and use it to Heal the sick people of this planet.

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Step #10 To A Hundred A Day

By Rick Wren, D.C.

Success Principle #10 (Routinely Re-exam/Re x-ray and do a written Re-report of Findings) is probably consistently done by only 10% of the profession. Much of this procrastination is twofold. The first being that the doctor is doing most of the re exam procedures themself and he/she feels he/she doesn’t have time. The second being, he/she is in fear of what the findings may reveal whether it be good or bad.

The typical re-exam procedure usually shows great improvement within the first 12 visits. The typical Chiropractor that doesn’t do a very good first 3 days, is in fear that the patient is leaving the practice. The well educated patient knows this is the first step of many to “Wellness.”

The typical Re x-ray procedure will many times show very little improvement. The typical Chiropractor does not like to show post x-rays because there may be very little change. Re-x-rays are to validate how difficult spinal correction is, so small changes are very common. Doing regular surface EMG’s also demonstrates how spinal correction can take a long time. Especially when you use the Subluxation Station from CLA.

The Quantifications Report shows all the EMG’s performed and compares their results on a graph. You can easily demonstrate how the rate of spinal correction is directly proportional to the 3 kinds of stress (Physical, Psychological, and Chemical).

The true reason for re-exams is to re-establish rapport. To make sure you and the patient still have the same goals. Some times the goals have to be altered from the original. For example, the patient has prepaid for a whole year and they are tired of coming out 3 times a week after 4 months of care. I simply state to the patient that we can graduate them to 2 times a week, but our tests indicate that it will be 30% less effective. Most will agree to re-commit to 3 times a week, but some will still want to go to 2 times a week even though they will get less results. We have reset goals and everybody is happy.

When evaluating re-exams base it on Physiological and Physical findings, not on symptoms. Even Medical Doctors keep treating heart disease after the chest pains are gone. Chiropractors should be concentrating on spinal correction and preventing spinal decay after the symptoms are gone.

I have made 3 documents available below. The Re-exam Report will help you build a Re-exam report. You can get my exam form at the bottom of the PVA Equals Knowledge article. The Re-exam form will help you do it in about 4 to 5 minutes. The Sub-Station document is to give you a cover sheet to the Surface EMG report from CLA.

If you are not performing regular re-exams or your PVA is consistently under 30 you should consider purchasing our 18 CD set from the Planet Chiropractic online store and studying daily to break those old habits. See you in San Diego in late June (

LLL, Dr. Rick Wren (Founder of The Society of Chiropractic Masters and Parker Team Teacher)

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My Vision of My Practice

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

I like daydreaming. If I can see something in my minds eye I can usually create it, provided it is God’s will. I often talk about the freedom of turning it over to God and praying for God’s will, not my own. I find my life works better when I wake up in the morning with the objective to serve. I want life to give me the opportunity to love, give and serve out of my abundance. That for me is the simple part. Where sometimes I get a little confused is being able to see how I can best be used. I am not a hard-line goal setter. I want to be lead, I’m tired of leading. I’m tired of thinking that I am in control, it is an illusion. I want to be less hung up in the effects and more focused on what I can do, the cause. If I judge my success on the effects and change my intention by the results I can often stop before the miracle occurs. God speed is how fast things happen in my life not Sharon speed. I’ve got to stay in touch with my feelings and my gut, my innate and attempt to flow in my life and not fight against what is right for me.

I want to encourage you to take a few hours in a quiet place and run a video in your head of how you want your practice and your life to look. Here is a sample of my vision early on in practice.

I can see myself paying all of my bills on time.
I can see myself saving $____ each and every week.
I can see myself with ____ CA’s.
I can see them loving them their job and happy to be working in Chiropractic and for me.
I can see my parking lot full of cars.
I can see all of my adjusting rooms full and ____ people in the waiting room.
I can see myself adjusting ____ patients a day.
I can see myself seeing ____ New Patients a month.
I can see all this happening with little or no struggle.
I can see having ____ people at Orientation each week.
I can see myself doing ____ outside talk a week.
I can see myself doing ____ open houses a year.
I can see my practice flowing with positive paying patients.
I can see having ____ children getting adjusted each day in my practice.
I can see my bulletin board stimulating the practice and changing monthly.
I can see a quarterly newsletter going out to the patients.
I can see an ad going out every Monday in the local paper and the phone ringing with new patients.
I see sometime in the future opening ____ more offices.
I see sometime in the future getting married and having ____ kids.
I see balance in my life.

When we are kids we are taught that daydreaming isn’t good, especially if we are doing it when we are supposed to be doing something else. We are taught to sit still and fit in. Well now we are all grown up (maybe) and it is time to allow yourself to create again. It is OK to have fun. It is OK to find out who you are and be yourself. Stop waiting for the next milestone. LIVE. Feel safe in knowing that you have a God and you don’t walk alone. Your life is full of purpose and challenge. You are a vessel of God’s love. Your expression of this love is your gift to the people around you. You are a force for good.

You are making a difference. You matter. Act like all you do is making a difference in the world because it is. You are whole and healthy. Your life challenges and excites you. You are perfect just the way you are. You don’t have to change for anyone. No accidents, your life so far has turned out exactly as it should have. Yes, we all make mistakes, that is part of our path. We are human. Forgive yourself for being human. You are really OK. You are whole. Dream – see the gift the future is, feel the gift that today is. And after you dream take some time to write it down. You don’t ever have to show anyone. Allow your mind and spirit to soar. Make a plan and proceed.

– – – – – – – – – – – –
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Holistic Chiropractic Healing

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

One of the toughest lessons I had to learn and, perhaps, that we all have to learn is that no external circumstances, happenings, or people are ever the cause of the problems/dis-eases in my life. I finally learned that when I have a “problem/dis-ease” in my life, the problem is “ME,” not anything or anyone else! All I have to do to confront the problem is to look in the mirror that’s what most people would consider the bad news. The good news, however, is that all I have to do to find the solution to the problem (or the cure of the dis-ease) is also to look in the mirror! I’m the problem/dis-ease in my life… and I’m the solution to the problem/dis-ease in my life (no matter what form that problem/dis-ease might take).

It took me a while to realize that this is not bad news, instead, this is wonderful news a gift from the Universe. Because I have little or no control over external circumstances or the behavior of other people, but I do have full control over me I can change ME! And since I’m the problem and since I do have full control over ME, I can solve any and every problem/dis-ease in my life (in fact, this is the only way my life problems/dis-eases can ever be solved).

This gives me total control over any circumstances that are not what I’d like to have in my life?I can change any problem/dis-ease in my life by changing ME.

digging a hole

I recently heard a quote that fits in very well here, “In life, if you find yourself in a hole stop digging.” How true this is?! At times, all of us find ourselves in a “hole” in our life and when we realize that we’re digging the hole ourselves, all we have to do is quit what we’re doing and we find ourselves no longer in the “hole.” This “hole” in our lives can be any problem and/or dis-ease. It’s something so vital to learn in this life and yet many of us fail to achieve this learning (we all know older people and some not so old who have never achieved anything worthwhile in their lives because of these “holes” they’ve gotten themselves into and now they spend all their time explaining to others why they didn’t make it in life “The world is rotten,” ” The politicians are crooked,” “I never had a chance because of my childhood,” “An honest man can’t make it in this world,” “If you’d been through what I’ve been through you wouldn’t have made it either,” etc.). Many thousands? and perhaps even millions of people use these excuses, but there are also many more out there doing extremely well in life who could have used these same reasons/excuses not to succeed but who, instead, have learned this “lesson,” gotten out of their self-imposed “holes,” and gone on to enormous success in this adventure we call human life.

In life, if you find yourself in a hole stop digging.

And, since we do live in a MindBody and not a separate mind and a separate body, our health problems/dis-eases can be corrected in the same way (no matter how serious they may seem to be). It’s “Me” who is the problem/dis-ease and it is “Me” who is the solution/cure. I have full control over my own MindBody and, therefore, there is no such thing as an “incurable” disease or dis-ease. Could it be that the Healers of this planet “Heal” us only by helping us to find and implement the solution to the dis-ease that is temporarily with us? At a basic human level, no one “Heals” us but us!

How do we go about learning this vital life-transforming and, possibly, life-saving lesson? We first have to learn to put aside our ego and our self-importance while we realize that we’re all students in this “game” of life and we all came here to learn certain vital lessons. Our own importance is directly tied in to the growth and evolution and importance of all people on this earth and we might do well to open ourselves to whatever is out there for us to learn. We have to step aside and “lay ourselves open” so the Universe/God can fill us with lessons, abundance, and the beauty of life. It’s our birthright! This world is vastly abundant and it’s abundance is being offered to us.

The abundance of the Universe has been likened to that of the Pacific Ocean… vast, enormous, endless. No matter how much each of us receives from that ocean of abundance, the ocean will never be diminished in any way. The Universe invites us to take all of the abundance we want and always says I love you. That’s just perfect, no matter how much we choose to receive. It’s our choice. Most people bring just a thimble to this endless ocean of abundance and take a tiny amount while some of us learn the lessons well and bring a tank truck and sometimes even a whole train of tank cars and fill them to the brim with abundance and all the good things in life? and the Universe always says the same thing to us and loves us. So how much abundance we receive in this life is up to us. The key to receiving a great abundance of good, however, is learning to let go of the great abundance of non-love thinking that we so often carry with us in this experience on planet Earth. This “opens the dam” and allows Universal abundance to flow into our lives. The only thing that can keep it from us is “us.” We cannot enhance or embellish what is out there waiting for us?we can only interfere with it and stop it from being transmitted into our lives.

This interference can take several forms but the most important always involves our ego… our self-centeredness. The only way to put aside our self-importance is to remove all non-love thinking from our lives. A simple, but not necessarily easy, thing to do. All of our thinking can be divided basically into love thinking and non-love thinking. Some people group all non-love thinking together as “fear.” Dr. Gerald Jampolsky’s book, Love Is Letting Go Of Fear explains this concept very well. I highly recommend it. Love thinking is based upon unconditional love (the book A Course In Miracles tells us that we are here on Earth only to learn to receive and to give unconditional love).

Non-Love thinking would include anger, hatred, resentment, envy, fear, and jealousy. It also includes some types of thinking that many of us might not think of as being non-love?such as doubt. Determining what type of thinking we’re doing is relatively easy. If what we are thinking doesn’t conform to the Golden Rule (as taught by all great spiritual leaders throughout the world now and in the past) “Do Unto Others As You would Have Them do Unto You,” then it involves non-love thinking.

Love is Universal Energy. Love is Healing Energy. Love is (unconditional) Agape Love. Love is doing to others what you would like them to do to you. As Dr. Jim Parker taught us, LLL (Lather Love Lavishly)!

Serve for the sake of serving
Give for the sake of giving
Love for the sake of loving

– – – – – – – – – – – –
Dr. Sid Mouk is a Chiropractor practicing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

La Quiropractica Y Su Salud (En Espanol)

Por el Dr. Edwin Cordero

¿Que es la Salud? Esta es la pregunta de los 65 mil centavos, ya que si les preguntas a 10 personas el significado de la salud vas a recibir 9 respuestas distintas. Por tal razón muchisimas personas sufren diariamente con problemas de salud y no tienen la menor idea porque están enfermos. El significado de la salud es un estado optimo donde el cuerpo y todos sus sistemas están funcionando en harmonia interna y a su capacidad máxima libre de dolores o molestias. Pero mi pregunta es la siguiente: ¿Cómo puede el cuerpo lograr este estado de salud?

La medicina convencional piensa de la siguiente manera, El propósito del Medico es de tapar el síntoma de dolor con el uso de medicamentos y en muchos casos terapias Fisica y por ultimo la cirugía. Esto no es salud ya que el Medico no esta ayudando al cuerpo a ser más saludable. Cuando un paciente se siente enfermo inmediatamente acude a la oficina de su Medico de cabecera. El Medico comienza a hacer preguntas sobre el problema y el paciente responde. Luego de varios exámenes el Medico le da un Diagnosis y el paciente se siente sumamente aliviado ya que el doctor encontró el problema. Lo cómico es que la palabra Diagnosis significa DI = (dos), Agnosis = (no saben) Dos personas que no saben usted y su Medico.

El Quiropractico es el doctor que esta adiestrado en localizar la causa de los problemas de salud. Todos los problemas de la salud están relacionados con la columna vertebral y con el sistema nervioso. Cuando existen interferencias a cualquier nivel de la columna el sistema nervioso esta afectado y de repente comienzan los problemas de salud. Estas interferencias llamadas Subluxaciones Vertebrales son las causas primordiales afectando al cuerpo humano. El único profesional adiestrado en localizar y remover estas Subluxaciones a través de los ajustes Quiropracticos es el Doctor en Quiropractica.

Las Subluxaciones son llamadas la MUERTE SILENCIOSA ya que la mayoría de las personas no saben que tienen Subluxaciones hasta que comienzan a sentir los síntomas de dolor. Esto puede ser dias, semanas, meses y hasta anos después. El problema es que muchas personas nunca han visitado a un Quiropractico para hacerse un examen de la columna. En muchas ocasiones la persona no siente absolutamente nada hasta el primer síntoma (Ataque al Corazón) desafortunadamente en muchos casos es muy tarde y la persona muere antes de saber que tenían una Subluxacion Vertebral.

Dios creo nuestros cuerpos para ser perfectos y todo lo que el cuerpo necesita esta internamente localizado. Existe una inteligencia innata que controla todos los sistemas del cuerpo y permite que la paz y harmonia interna se mantenga constantemente cuando no existen interferencias (Subluxaciones) a la columna.

Es tiempo que comencemos a buscar alternativas para mantenerlos saludables y la Quiropractica es el método más viable que existe para ser más saludable y poder disfrutar de una calidad de vida aumentada. No dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy. Tome el primer paso y acude a un Quiropractico hoy mismo.

– – – – – – – – – –
El Dr. Edwin Cordero es un graduado de la Universidad de LIFE en Atlanta Georgia en el 1993. El nacio en Fajardo Puerto Rico y tiene licencias en Puerto Rico y la Florida. Su oficina esta ubicada en Lantana, Florida. Visite su website en: @ 8:27 am | Article ID: 1020698821

Playing Basketball with Innate

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

I haven’t touched a basketball in over 4 years (believe it or not I was once a bit of a legend, right out of the New York City school yards), and for the past few months Innate has been nudging me back onto the court. So far, I’ve managed to avoid it, citing age and bad knees and oxygen tanks and some other truly empowering excuses. Well, Innate has most recently pulled out the two by four. On consecutive days this week, I ran into 3 guys from my last basketball team, none of whom I had seen since our last game, over 4 years ago. Okay Innate, I’m heading out on the court. Coincidence, you say? I chuckle at the thot. Law, I say. Simply the way It works. Manifestation, synchronicity, connection; call it what you will. All I know is that my life is run more and more by something way beyond my puny intellect. Something that flies in the face of logic and of everything I learned in school. Something that appears more and more as I open my heart. Something that dances with all of creation. Something we call Innate.

This past April was marked by the manifestation of several of my dreams. It was incredibly busy and incredibly balanced. It was also incredibly fulfilling and incredibly humbling. And it was all incredibly perfect (that’s the last “incredibly”, I promise). The humbling part happened because I think I got a little cocky. After a series of personal triumphs, even tho I was aware of my ego beginning to prance around a bit and I kept an eye on it, I know I forgot to fully acknowledge the Source of my triumphs. Here’s what happened. For the past 4 years, I had spoken at the local community college’s Earth Day event. A rather small venue, but always fun. The large event in town for Earth Day, in which the entire community gets involved, happens 2 days later at the Middle School, and I’d always wanted to get on the stage for that one. This year, for some reason (could it be that last year I kind of got down on the educational system?), I wasn’t invited to speak at the college. I put out a silent intention to speak at the Middle School. The morning of the big event, one of my practice folks, who was involved in planning it, called and said, “Dr. Stew, we messed up and left an hour unplanned, could you possibly speak at 1 PM?” My ego went into full-scale self-celebration. “Can you believe how I manifested that? Now the whole town gets to hear me! What a month!”

Needless to say, it was a major fiasco. My mike kept cutting out, we tried 3 different ones, and no one really wanted to listen anyway, being more interested in low flow toilets and xerotrophic gardening and sustainable forest management and stuff. I attempted to shout my way into everyone’s attention, pleading that we’d repeat Earth Day for another 333 years until we learned to heal ourselves, and I basically came off as a raving lunatic. I knew a bunch of people there, and several of them came to hug me after I gave up, but I know they simply felt sorry for me. Well, my ego began it’s old pattern of second-guessing itself and beating me up and wanting to dig a hole somewhere and have me crawl into it, and I finally woke up. It was all perfect. I realized that I had given it my best shot and that perhaps one person got the message, and I learned some invaluable lessons about humility and about how truly loving this Universe is.

Jim Parker used to repeat a line that I believe DD Palmer first came up with. “Take no credit; take no blame.” I realize this applies not only to my adjusting, but also to my life. And I like the part about not taking the blame a lot better than the credit part. I take responsibility, never blame. And I allow myself to take some credit. I take credit for asking for what I want instead of what I don’t want. I take credit for the courage and awareness to make right choices and to sing my song. I take credit for the discipline to do the work, as a disciple to Innate, to allow myself to be used as an instrument, to allow myself to surrender to the perfection of life’s flow, and to allow myself to manifest my birthright of abundance and joy and love. The rest is not only out of my hands, it is out of my mind. Out of my mind and in my heart is where I choose to be. As a chiropractor, being in my heart brings the world and me closer to wholeness. Being in my heart brings me the experience of love, given and received. Being in my heart brings me a clearer view of the big picture. And being in my heart will be bringing me onto the basketball court really soon. Let’s hope it holds up out there.

– – – – – – – – – –
Dr. Stew Bittman is one of the speakers who will be at FOCUS on May 18th & 19th in Newport Beach, California. Won’t you join us? Make a commitment to chiropractic, get on the phone and register today. (570) 476-7557

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When was the last time you had your bike adjusted?

By Richard Cimadoro, D.C.

It goes without saying that if your wheel is out of alignment, you won’t get far. But if you’re having to call a friend to pick you up twenty minutes into your 50 mile ride because your back’s killing you, maybe you need to keep reading. As a chiropractor and competitive cyclist, I share the analogous theory that being properly adjusted applies not only to your spine, but to your bicycle as well. To experience a ‘oneness’ between man and machine, proper fit is essential.

Richard CimadoroLike attracts like. Do what you love and all else follows. It happens that I’ve had an affair with bicycles my whole life. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many of my patients are also cyclists. It began innocent enough, one cyclist would complain about knee pain, another of neck pain. Using the Dick Tracy method of asking the right questions, I have been able to offer effective advice to my cycling patients and keep them on the road.

The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine. – John Howard

When considering the needs of a serious cyclist, be on the lookout for obvious bio mechanical flaws. Some essential topics for a proper fit include: correct frame size, seat height, fore-aft of the saddle, and reach to the bars. Many of your patient’s neck, back and knee pains, as well as hand and saddle numbness can be resolved by looking at their setup.

1. Determining Correct Seat Height: There are many formulas for determining a proper seat height. I have found that knee flexion measured with a goniometer is most practical and reliable. Begin by having the patient pedal comfortably on a stationary trainer seated comfortably in the center of the saddle. Stop at the bottom of the pedal stroke and align the crank along the length of the seat tube. This is the lowest point. Measure the knee angle. A proper knee angle will be between 28-30 degrees.

2. Determining Correct Fore/Aft Saddle: After correct seat height, this is the most critical setting. This is important because it establishes balance on the bike and how connected they’ll feel to power output. If they are on a stationary trainer, make sure the front of the bike is level. Sitting in the heart of the saddle, place the cranks in a horizontal position (3 and 9 o’clock). Take a plumb line and drop it from the tibial. The plumb line should fall through the axle of the pedal. If it doesn’t fall correctly, move the saddle for/aft until the plumb line is centered where it needs to be. Using this as your reference point, you can now set the saddle position. Most competitive road cyclists prefer to leave their saddle in this neutral place and change their position by “sliding” along the saddle while riding-moving forward towards the nose for power and back for long climbs.

Note: Recheck your saddle height after adjusting your fore/aft because it can change.

3. Determining Correct Stem And Top Tube: Having the correct reach on your bicycle will be among the biggest factors in comfort, handling, balance and performance. As a starting point, the upper body should be 90 degrees to the upper arms when the hands are on the brake hoods. (Consider what kind of back they have, flat or rounded. Also whether they roll their hips forward on the seat (a good thing for racers, albeit sometimes uncomfortable) when determining your reach.

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” – John F. Kennedy

Another critical area to consider with a dedicated cyclist is flexibility. The most common complaints include: hamstrings, glutes, and hip-flexor tightness. Back pain in cycling, especially after climbing or hard efforts, can be addressed by proper stretching.

And finally, my favorite cycling story: The cyclist who came in with neck and back soreness, and after a few adjustments reported not needing his asthma inhaler anymore. Next week, I’ll look at his bike.

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Dr. Richard Cimadoro is a chiropractor in Thousand Oaks, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. He has been a competitive road cyclist for 16 years. For more information on bike fit, questions and/or comments, visit his website at: @ 2:00 pm | Article ID: 1020459650

Vaccine Thriller Hits Bookstores

A new book titled “FATAL” is available in bookstores today and on bookselling web sites. The book, authored by best-selling writer Michael Palmer, is about a super vaccine that has been killing its test subjects, although a few deaths is not enough to stop the vaccine makers from bringing the product to market.

Below is an excerpt from the book. You can click on the book cover image to purchase it directly from

FATAL by Michael Palmer
Excerpts from FATAL

Ellen slid behind the wheel of the Taurus and headed north. In moments, in spite of herself, she was reliving the horrible sequence of phone calls that had signaled the start of it all.

“Mom, something’s wrong with Lucy. I took her to the pediatrician this morning. He said she was in terrific shape. Fiftieth percentile in height and weight, way ahead of most three-year olds in speech and hand-eye coordination. Then he gave her two shots – a DPT and an MMR. That was about eight hours ago. Now she’s screaming, mom, her temperature is one-oh-three and a half and she won’t stop screaming no matter what. What should I do?…”

“…I called the doctor. He says not to worry. Lots of kids get irritable after their vaccinations. Just give her Tylenol…”

“…Mom, I’m frightened, really frightened. She’s not screaming anymore, but she’s completely out of it. Her eyes keep rolling back into her head and she doesn’t respond to anything I say. Nothing. She’s like, limp. Dick is getting the car right now. We’re going to bring her to the emergency room….What am I going to do? My baby…”

Beth’s panicked words echoed in Ellen’s thoughts as they did almost every school day after drop-off. With effort she forced them into the background. There were other things to focus on this day, most notably a strategy meeting across the Potomac at the headquarters of PAVE – Parents Advocating Vaccine Education.

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Other Vaccine News

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) has a completely redesigned website. Visit the website at:

“. . . If the State can tag, track down and force citizens against their will
to be injected with biologicals of unknown toxicity today,
there will be no limit on what individual freedoms the State can take away
in the name of the greater good tomorrow.”
– Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-Founder NVIC @ 9:58 am | Article ID: 1020358708

Drug Risks Are Increasing

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

A new study suggests that newly approved drugs are resulting in more harmful side effects than drugs from the past. The study appeared in this week’s Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

According to the study, a review of 25 years of unexpected and harmful side effects of prescription drugs found that 10 percent had been taken off the market or required new warning labels to inform the public about dangerous adverse reactions.

Among some of the medications taken off the market in the past few years are the heartburn drug Propulsid, the diabetes drug Rezulin, and Lotronex. All were taken off the market in 2000.

According to the study’s lead author, the data showed that many serious drug reactions are detected in the years after a drug enters the market. “Millions of patients are exposed to potentially unsafe drugs each year.”

According to an article in the Washington Post, the drug industry’s trade group Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) has called the JAMA study “misinformed and misleading.” But others, despite FDA assurances, believe that the risks from taking drugs are getting much worse instead of better.

It should not be too tough to figure this out: those who take more drugs, are at greater risk. Choose a lifestyle that is not dependent on medication (whether pushed or prescribed) and you will be walking a safer path to better health.

Washington Post: New Drugs Called Riskier Than Old – Study Says Harmful Side Effects Spurred Warnings, Withdrawals
JAMA: Timing of New Black Box Warnings and Withdrawals for Prescription Medications – Recently approved drugs may be more likely to have unrecognized adverse drug reactions (ADRs) than established drugs.

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