The answer to these questions shapes your life

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Get quiet for a second. What do you hear? That voice keeps on talking. Feelings keep on coming up. For the flash of a second that you hear that or feel that you don’t get to choose it. It is there. Now what do you do with it. . . the thought. . . what do you do with it if it is negative. Do you let the negative in and start feeling bad about yourself? Do you start to doubt your abilities? Your previous choices? Your judgment? The answer to these questions shapes your life. These thoughts and feeling can take over if you are not in a good space. Do you let your mind and imagination romance the . . . what ifs? The what ifs can Kill you.

If I let my mind run with those negative thoughts then all of a sudden a lot of the same intense feelings return from when I had a real negative experience in the past. Even though the what ifs aren’t even close to happening I still feel those intense feelings as if those negative fantasies came true. This is a very, very dangerous place for you to allow yourself to stay because what you see and feel in your head will be manifested in your life unless you grab a hold and not let your mind go there.

The only reason I would allow myself to fall into that negative pattern and WORRY is because I am not nourishing my relationship with God. When I don’t feel the connection that always exists then I feel a big whole in my gut and I try to control my life and take back my will. When I try to be the pilot and not the co-pilot then the world all of a sudden seems real scary and my self talk becomes very destructive. My first instinct is to try to make these feelings go away by fixing the things in my life that I perceive to be negative. After I spin my wheels for a while (because there is always something negative to focus on when I am in this state of mind) I finally remember the obvious. For me I need to STOP and pray. I need to remember. I need to do it and do it quick because I’ve got a lot of people depending on me and a lot to lose.

I don’t deserve to stay there.. I’m too awesome. In those moments I forget that. In those moments I need to sit down with a piece of paper and write down all of the things that I have to be grateful for. As soon as I can move my mind to focusing on what’s right instead of what’s wrong the lock is broken immediately and reality returns. Reality is that my life is a reflection of what I allow to run me and my thoughts. This is where choice comes into play. Can I turn the corner? Sure can and each time I have turned the corner it has made it easier to turn the next corner in my life. Hope me sharing my thought can help you with yours.

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