Presuppositions of Healing

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

In Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), the establishment of presuppositions is considered vital in relation to any approach to healing. In fact, many NLP practitioners consider this to be the single most essential procedure in any successful approach to healing. They teach that once the presupposition is established in the patient’s mind, the patient is already in the process of healing themselves… even before any type of healing approach is applied. The dictionary definition of Presupposition is: “To believe or suppose in advance.” NLP teaches that it is vitally important that our patient believe (in advance of having their spine adjusted) that they will be healed and that we are the doctor who can and will facilitate that healing. When this is effectively used, along with expert adjustment of the patient’s spine, miracles are produced.

In the modern day Chiropractic office, one of the most effective ways to establish presuppositions in the patient’s mind is through the use of “scripts” (as taught by nearly every practice management group in this field). “Scripts” are used in most successful businesses. They’re utilized because they work. When consistently used by employees they give a predictability to sales presentations and to the number of sales to be expected as a result of those presentations… and they can be just as effectively used in the Chiropractic office.

Dr. Ed Mernin, one of the most successful Chiropractors in New Orleans, told a story about his early days in business (before getting into Chiropractic) when he was selling insurance. He was not doing well and couldn’t figure out why since he was outgoing and generally related well with people — but he made very few sales. To find out why, he lined up appointments with prospective customers and called the two top salesmen in his company, saying he would like them to do a sales presentation to these prospects and if they succeeded, they could keep the commission — all he wanted was to sit in on the presentation and see how they did it. Since he had not met either of these salesmen, he expected they would be aggressive types with some “secret” way of selling that he could learn. Instead they turned out to be average looking and sounding people who didn’t necessarily present a good appearance or even dress particularly well. But they both sold large policies to the prospects. And the only thing they did that he was not doing was they stuck to the script exactly as they had been taught during their sales training. When it said to smile they smiled, when it said to be serious they were serious – they followed the script exactly as they were taught word-for-word. They realized these scripts had been developed through many years of successful selling and they didn’t change anything in the scripts. As a result of this experience, Dr. Mernin began to do the same thing and he became one of the top insurance salesmen in the state of Louisiana.

Scripts for every part of our practice are taught at all Practice Management Seminars — they have been developed through trial and error in clinics throughout the world and thoroughly tested at thousands of successful Chiropractic offices. When followed exactly by both the D.C. and the C.A. during the initial patient visit, consultation, examination (and reexaminations), and report of findings, they provide an almost guaranteed high percentage of success in converting patients to Chiropractic care by establishing Healing Presuppositions in the mind of the patient before we even adjust their spine. Many of us may not realize what an incredible healing effect these scripts have on patients when correctly and consistently used. When “Healing Presuppositions” are firmly established in the patient’s mind, they are at least 50% healed before we touch them (from “above down, inside out”).

These Healing Presuppositions are established in your patient’s mind by the use of scripts. Dr. Jim Parker (and others) realized this 50 years ago and always taught the importance of using exact scripts by both the D.C. and the C.A., not only to teach the patient about Chiropractic healing and your office, but to actually start the healing process in the patient. Your patient must “own” the presupposition that they are in the right place and that you are the doctor who can help them.

Healing Presuppositions can be as simple as the question (as you walk into the adjusting room) “What’s better today?” This provides a presupposition that something is better — and the patient will start to look for what is better (otherwise they will concentrate on what is still hurting them as they have been taught to do by the medical doctors). The simple statement, “You’ll get better” as you walk out of the Adjusting Room also plants a powerful seed in the mind of the patient. This establishes and embellishes their faith that they will get better.

A dedicated staff that is skilled and efficient in the use of presuppositions will have the patients healing before you ever adjust them. The healing process will start the moment the patient walks into your office – and they will feel it and look forward to it. Healing is facilitated by the entire office, not just the doctor. Everyone the patient comes in contact with in your office can help them heal with presuppositions. Interference has to be cleared in both the mind and in the spine — and, as Dr. Jim Parker so often taught, the mind is the more important of the two.

This is another “piece of the puzzle” in healing. We can help our patients heal in every way possible. This puts us “head and shoulders” above others in health care. Very few in the health profession understand this. Most MDs in the western world are caught up in the “technology of medicine” and have forgotten — or never learned — what HEALING is all about. That leaves the field of healing wide open to us. The Palmers, Dr. Jim, and others have kept the healing message alive in this profession for the past 100 years. All we have to do is listen to what they said, learn it, and Do It. Forget Managed Care. HEALERS don’t need it. @ 7:59 am | Article ID: 1020178762