PGA Championship and Summertime Sports Chiropractic

by Daria Belov

The 2007 PGA championship has been a sizzling topic in this weeks news with Tiger Woods leading in this year’s 89th annual major golf event, taking place in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The chiropractic professions love for Tiger Woods is no secret, especially since he made public appearances in support of chiropractic early in his career, riding on the 1995 Chiropractic Centennial float in the Pasadena tournament of roses parade. While golf and the PGA are leading sports related news topics this time of year, there are other hot summer sports involving chiropractic care for athletes. Tennis pros, Lleyton Hewitt and Roger Federer were in the news earlier this week with news from the Rogers Cup in Montréal.

The NFL Pro football season kicks off in the United States this month which promises to bring increased news coverage of professional football players receiving chiropractic care. While pro chiropractic and NFL superstars like Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys and Tiki Barber, all-time rushing and reception leader for the New York Giants, are retired, the 2007 NFL season will likely have new chiropractic advocates speaking praise for those who help keep them healthy for the incredible sport of pro football.

Besides pro sports like football, major-league baseball, PGA golf, ESPN’s X Games, and professional tennis, there is a diverse world of summer sports enthusiasts receiving chiropractic care in order to naturally improve endurance and sports performance. Popular summer sports like volleyball, surfing, competitive rowing, running, cycling, competitive sailing, and BMX events like those seen in this months Los Angeles X Games, all involve athletes receiving chiropractic care on some level, whether it be for pain relief or natural enhancement of athletic performance.

It’s probable that many professional athletes were introduced and began a regimen of chiropractic care for many of the same reasons the active general public does, with an initial visit resulting from some sort of musculoskeletal injury or biomechanics related complaint. However, in the field of professional athletics, and even many of those that may possibly be categorized as weekend warriors, chiropractic care has become far more utilized as a preventative, performance improving, method of natural health care, rather than a post injury drugless yet therapeutic approach to pain reduction. This is partly due to the athletic mentality that preparation and training are critical factors in one’s overall performance.

Take John Stockton, the former NBA superstar of the Utah Jazz, considered to be one of the NBA’s greatest point guards. His years of chiropractic care with team chiropractor Craig Buhler was geared towards improving and maximizing athletic performance by primarily optimizing function of the nervous system via Buhler’s effective combination of muscle testing, chiropractic techniques, and nutritional guidance.

That’s a different approach from what was reported in May of 2007 with former PGA tour winning golfing legend Bob Gilder. In Gilder’s case it was reported that he sought out chiropractic care the morning he was about to drop out of a the Regions Charity Classic golf event as a result of back pain he had awoken with. Both approaches demonstrate the successful results brought about by chiropractors, where an initial visit may be focused on pain relief, and continued longer-term care plans are designed towards optimal athletic career performance.

Whether your sport be pushing your kids in a stroller while getting a 4 mile run in on a sunny pathway, or driving quarterbacks facedown into the earth’s grass, there is likely a chiropractic program that will fit your lifestyle, providing you with a natural and drug-free approach geared towards maximizing your full human potential. @ 4:52 pm | Article ID: 1186876394