Biological Warfare: the Best Defense is You

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Scientists are saying today what chiropractors have been suggesting for quite some time, the best protection against biological weapons are lurking within each of us.

Every healthy body has an immune system that knows, long before our minds do, when we’ve been invaded by a nasty bug.

According to an article in today’s Nando Times, researchers are trying to boost the body’s ability to resist invading pathogens rather than using the conventional approach of using vaccines which attempt to manipulate the body’s defenses.

This concept of boosting the body’s nonspecific immunity, according to the article, has been accepted only recently by science. People are more familiar with the method of using vaccines to protect against disease. When people think about immunity, they are often referring to an acquired immunity in which the body remembers old invaders and becomes resistant to them.

But what scientists are studying now is a lesser known immunity which they call “innate immunity” or the primitive physiological response that is active in the body from birth. The job of this “innate” is to unleash cells whose role it is to destroy anything that is not self.

The remainder of the article talks about ways the scientists are planning to create drugs (pills, powders, and potions) in order to stimulate this innate immunity in an individual. This is where they lose me. Aren’t drugs non self? If you give drugs to an individual with an optimally functioning nervous system and immune system, will those drugs (which are non self) provide better health or decreased health? Perhaps science will someday find out.

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