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DALLAS — Parker University College of Chiropractic recently presented $23,000 in scholarships to 18 students. The scholarships committee comprised of Parker faculty, staff, students, and alumni, select recipients based on anonymous applications, the student’s financial need, academic achievements, character, extracurricular participation, leadership, and more. The students were presented one of six types of scholarships including corporate partner, leadership, alumni, memorial, Parker Alumni Association, and endowment scholarships.

“Ninety-five percent of Parker students qualify for financial aid,” said JoLynne Jensen, vice president of development at Parker University. “Their financial burden while in school is offset by the student scholarships funds. These 18 students were selected from a pool of 82 scholarship applicants.”

Parker’s alumni continue to support future chiropractors by providing $7,000 in scholarships. Dr. Doug DeShazo, a ’95 Parker graduate, and his wife Diane DeShazo, awarded Aliena Johnston with a $4,000 DeShazo Chiropractic Student Scholarship.

Drs. Brenda and Clark Byroad, who graduated from Parker in ’89 and ’87 and have practiced in Lewisville, Texas for 22 years, presented two of four alumni scholarships including the Byroad Chiropractic Student Scholarship for $1,000 awarded to Gavin Wolff and the $1,000 Dr. Bernard Kunc Student Scholarship awarded to Atrelia Wadley.

In addition, OTZ Health Education Systems represented by Dr. Francis Murphy, a ’95 Parker graduate, awarded Steven Chalk with the $1,000 OTZ Health Education Systems Student Scholarship.

Parker University Donor Wall

A total of $8,000 in corporate partner scholarships were provided by companies supporting the chiropractic profession.

Nicholas Speegle was awarded with a $2,000 scholarship from Erchonia Medical. Chiro One Wellness Centers presented a $1,000 scholarship to Vanessa Morales. Parker student, Angela Natoli, received a $1,000 scholarship from Drucker Labs. Protocol for Life Balance provided Matt Sleeman with a $1,000 scholarship. Evan Pulver was awarded a $2,000 scholarship from Standard Process. Thumper Massager presented Logan Spangler with a $1,000 scholarship.

“This scholarship is a huge blessing,” said Natoli. “This trimester has been especially financially stressful as I had to make large, but necessary purchases, such as a portable table to practice on, board reviews, and board fees, amongst others things.”

Four leadership scholarships were also presented, which included the $1,000 Dr. Phil Cook Student Scholarship awarded to Garett Williams. The scholarship was provided by Dr. Phil Cook, who has served on Parker’s Board of Trustees since 2007.

Dr. Gilles Lamarche, vice president of Parker Chiropractic Wellness Clinics, Parker Research Institute, Parker Continuing Education, and Parker Seminars, presented the Dr. Gilles Lamarche Student Scholarship of $1,000 to Jean-Philippe Mercier.

Dr. Rose Lepien, a ’91 Parker graduate and former Parker Board of Trustees member, provided $1,000 to Lauren Donbar, who was awarded the Dr. Rose Lepien Student Scholarship.

“This scholarship means opportunity to me,” said Donbar. “It has given me the opportunity to pay for experiences I may not have had otherwise such as a mission trip I plan to attend in January to the Dominican Republic. I know this will be an experience I will never forget and I am excited to serve the people there as well as the things I will learn to help better serve my future patients. I’m so grateful to Dr. Lepien for providing me the means for this opportunity.”

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, president of Parker University and 1990 graduate of Parker, presented student, Jason Trainer, with the Dr. Fabrizio Mancini Student Scholarship of $1,000.

Chelsea Verslues received the fourth scholarship awarded in memory of Dr. Matthew Cacka, a 2007 graduate of Parker. Verslues was awarded $1,000 for the Dr. Matthew Cacka Memorial Scholarship.

Parker student, Corey Todhunter was awarded a $1,000 scholarship provided by the Parker Alumni Association.

In addition, Foot Levelers awarded a $1,000 endowment scholarship to Craig Raschke. Nicole Jones received $1,000 from the Dr. Leander Eckard Endowment Scholarship.

Parker University unveiled its new donor wall following the presentation of scholarships.

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