You Are a Chiropractic Hero

Patients thank chiropractors in all kinds of ways. Some show their appreciation by bringing food to the office, others bring gifts, and still many others refer friends and family so that they may also receive chiropractic care. For the chiropractor, it’s not about the receiving, but about the giving, and as I’ve said on these Planet Chiropractic pages many times since 1999, you cannot out give the giver. Ian Grassam called it service, and he said the price was becoming servant to all.

Chiropractic Fun in Southern California Sun

Whether it be getting adjusted to achieve optimal performance, or getting adjusted to recover from stresses and strains put on the body, chiropractic is the way to go for summer sports. As a chiropractor practicing in a beach community, I see a fair share of sun related summer activities, which gets people on adjusting tables for proper spine alignment. This past weekend was no exception, as Southern California chiropractors were hands-on to provide adjustments for amateur and professional men’s and women’s volleyball players at the Corona Light Wide Open event in Hermosa Beach, California.

Surgeon General Report on Chiropractic

Effective, well-documented care exists for the most common spinal disorders, yet nearly 87% of all Americans who have subluxations fail to seek chiropractic care, according to the first ever Surgeon General’s Report on Chiropractic. The report, commissioned by the Health and Human Services Secretary, focuses on the connection between spinal health and overall health, barriers to receiving chiropractic, and the specific issues of children, adults, and the elderly.

End of Days For Chiropractic Profession?

Is it time for chiropractors to begin marketing themselves as manual therapists in order to fit in to some medical model? Is the profession predominantly in favor of peddling muscle relaxers and other pharmaceuticals while performing colonics and doing foot baths? Have the colleges gotten so far out of touch with the rest of the industry that churning out student failures has become the primary business model? The doom and gloom train has left the station but someone forgot to send me a ticket.

Chiropractic Office Holiday Spirit

December holidays can be a stressful time. Drivers are distracted, people are running all about town buying gifts, workers are handling longer hours than usual, and folks are generally stressed. As a Los Angeles doctor of chiropractic, I think we see that stress on the streets (and on the adjusting table) as much as any metro area chiropractor does. We do our best to make the holiday season bright and stress-free as possible. Having awesome weather in Los Angeles helps (no snow, ice and road salt on the ground) but it feels at times everyone’s rushing to LAX International Airport, on their way to see family, and perhaps getting their last chiropractic adjustment of the year.

Chiropractic Questions From Pennsylvania

I’m 23 from Pennsylvania and I’m starting a pre-chiropractic track at IUP here this coming spring. I know I’m jumping the gun on this but I cant help but think what would be more productive, to find a job with a firm? Or start my own business? I definitely want to start my own business one day but it just feels like a bad idea to start directly out of school because for one I don’t come from a rich family so I have to borrow every penny for schooling, having said that I would have to take out even more loans.