If Tiger Woods Planned His Success, Why Can’t You?

By Jennifer Kushell

Playing Bethpage Black in the 2009 US Open today? It’s possible you are if your name is Tiger Woods. Let’s face it. It’s pretty easy for any of us to say we’re going to get to the top of our game, but few actually pull it off – let alone in the sporting world. Tiger Woods did though. So why can’t any of us?

Before you rush to discount the comparison of Tiger’s success in his field to yours (listen up chiropractors), consider the fact that he was just a kid when he built his plan. It wasn’t the smoothest start either. In fact, Tiger was nine years old when he decided he might stop playing golf altogether. After some serious discussions with his parents, he reconsidered, then dove into training harder than ever.

Tiger Woods by Keith Allison
Tiger Woods, the world’s #1-ranked golfer, will play the 2009 US Open Golf Championship this week at Bethpage State Park on Long Island. — photo credit Keith Allison

While he might have his pick of the top tools and equipment in the world today, his initial planning was simple enough for any of us to emulate. In his room, on the wall right above his bed, Tiger went to work on his grand plan. Through a series of pictures and statistics, he created a timeline that laid out the then twenty-year career of Jack Nicklaus, his idol. On it he listed Nicklaus’s every major milestone, benchmark, award and tournament championship, then tracked his own career below. Even at nine, Tiger had already beaten some of Nickaus’s early records, but with the steps to his dream of ultimate success clearly mapped out, he had the plan he needed to become the best and do it earlier than Nicklaus did.

Now building a successful business, becoming a top exec, launching a game changing non-profit… they’ve all got to be easier than becoming one of the top athletes of all time. Wouldn’t you think?

Is it possible that all we really need to succeed at anything is the gumption, talent, tenacity and a plan? Three of those variables are totally in our control. Talent is another story. It certainly can be developed though. Let’s imagine that any raw talent or glimmer of some great potential can be nurtured… just like Tigers. We all have something that we’re great at – even if we haven’t yet discovered it.

In his 5 Graduation Gifts that Aren’t for Kindergarteners, Joey Flores mentioned that planning was essential to success. he even suggested a Career Planner as a way graduating students could perform a scientific self-assessment in career development.

Before you give up on your dream before you even have the chance to see it take flight, consider how much more focused you could be if you had a really well thought out plan, with benchmarks and stats and a big bold visual tracking chart on your wall. You don’t have to be nine to load up your bedroom or office with pictures of your goals. You can even put it on the back of a door or in your bathroom. Just do it. Map your path out. Embellish it with photos and load it up with all sorts of facts and stats. Look at it and contemplate it every day. Keep taking it step by step and readjusting as necessary. This could be the beginning of everything you ever dreamed of happening. So, why would you waste another day imagining what could have been? Plan your success today.

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