ADHD Drugs Pose Serious Risk to Children


ADHD Drugs Pose Serious Risk to Children — Chiropractic Recommended as Safer Approach A new study has found that drugs used to treat attention deficit disorders may put kids at risk for of sudden death. The study, in the American Journal of Psychiatry, found an association between stimulant medications (like Ritalin) used to treat ADHD may cause sudden death in healthy children. In the past, there have been published reports indicating warning signs of danger. Last year, even the American Heart Association suggested the initiation of routine heart screening tests prior to starting children with ADHD on stimulant drugs and called for future studies to assess the risk of sudden death. The manufacturers of the drugs are still denying an association, with some refusing to comment to media inquiry.

Ritalin 10 MG Tablets Blisterpack(photo: blister pack Ritalin 10mg — credit: ADHD CENTER via Flickr)

US news wires, however are informing parents of the potential risks associated with the drug use. In a recent CBS news broadcast, HEALTHWATCH announced that an estimated 2.5 million US children are prescribed these questionable drugs. Dr. Jennifer Aston, CBS HEALTHWATCH spokesperson had these suggestions for parents:

1. Do not stop medications without speaking to a pediatrician.
2. Ask whether other screening procedures like EKG’s can be done on their child and evaluated by a pediatric cardiologist.
3. Alternatives or complimentary therapies like chiropractic and diet change have been shown to be beneficial for these children in place of or in conjunction with the drugs.

She concluded by recommending parents, “Explore their options and weigh the risks verses the benefits.”

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), spokesperson, Jeanne Ohm, DC reports: “Previous evidence related to the side effects of these drugs have kept us wary of their justified use for many years. We are pleased to finally see these concerns made public so parents are aware of the potential consequences of these drugs and can make informed decisions accordingly.”

As for weighing the risks verses the benefits of treatments as suggested by Dr. Jennifer Aston, Dr. Ohm adds, “A recent ICPA study, Adverse Effects Associated with Chiropractic Care for Children accepted for publication by a major biomedical journal reports minimal and minor adverse effects associated with care. Another study from the ICPA The chiropractic care of patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a retrospective analysis, also accepted for publication, shows promising results for children under chiropractic care.”

ICPA Research Director, Dr Joel Alcantara, DC concludes, “It is the ICPA mission to continue to lead the profession’s research efforts relevant to safe and natural chiropractic care for children. ICPA research projects and publications can be found at: @ 9:06 pm | Article ID: 1245298002