by Super CA Lynne

Greetings Super CA’s:

Canada: I hope everyone has had a great couple of weeks. I was away on a family vacation to Disney Florida. It was hard to come back to the snow but not hard to come back to what I love… CHIROPRACTIC!

Whenever I travel I am always checking out the people that wait on me in restaurants, stores, theme parks, etc. I like to analyze them. I like to determine whether they have had chiropractic care or not. You can usually tell the regular chiropractic patients. There is just something different about them. They have a certain air about them, they are lighter, more in tune to what’s going on around them. They definitely have a great attitude. They are the ones that are not flustered when the lines reach around the corner. They don’t get upset when someone has too many things in the 15 and under line. They always wait for the little old ladies to count out $15.00 in change without losing their patience. It’s the guy behind the little old lady that keeps clearing his throat and impatiently drumming his fingers on the counter that really needs an adjustment.

One of the new things they have at Disney is a fireworks display called Wishes. It was absolutley amazing. The back ground music and the voices talking were very moving. It’s all about the importance of wishing and making your wishes come true.

I can remember back in 1992 wishing everyday that the chiropractic office I went to at that time would give me a call and hire me. I had no previous chiropractic office experience. Looking back now I didn’t even really know what chiropractic was all about, I just knew I wanted to be a part of it. Wishing does make things happen, here I am 10 1/2 years later living out my wish, my dream and helping to make a dream come true for others.

That’s what we’re all doing in our office. We have a wish, a vision, a dream for how we want things to be. We have a vision for ways we want our offices to run so we will have line ups around the block. We all have that something different that Walt Disney had way back in the 60’s when he had a wish, a dream, a vision. Just like DD and BJ had back in 1895, a wish, a dream, a vision. It is our mission to fullfil our dreams and help others dreams of wellness come true.

I love you because you love what I love
Chiropractic is Life!!!
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