Halloween and Life Decay

By Dr. Rick Wren

Dear Colleagues and Friends, we have a party every few weeks or so to promote the practice and to break the monotony. Any time we have a party we schedule every patient on that day for an extra visit just for the health of it. If it is scheduled as an extra visit that week it is free (example: 3x per week people will come in 4x.) We put a table full of food and goodies in the reception room and play Abbott and Costello horror movies on the TV’s for Halloween (example: play “I Love Lucy” for Valentines day.)

This generates extra volume for the day and the whole week. You create a “Vacuum” when you demonstrate to the team what being busier feels like. You also demonstrate what the next growth step feels like. It is also a very fun day for staff and the patients. It breaks the monotony and creates synergy.

For Halloween we are also having a Costume Contest for the little ghouls and goblins. They can come in any time on Halloween day and we will take a Polaroid picture of them. We will post it on our bulletin board. The next day (Wednesday) all our patients will vote on their favorite costume. We are giving gift certificates to Toys R Us for first, second, and third place based on the patient’s vote. The staff is allowed to dress up in funny or friendly costumes, so the little ones are not frightened.

Remember, If you always do exactly the same things, you will always get exactly the same results. You have to step out of your comfort zone to grow. To stay in your comfort zone will create “life decay.”

Hope to see you in Cancun (November) and in Vegas (January) at the Parker

LLL, Dr. Rick Wren (Founder of Society of Chiropractic Masters)

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