From Cuba With Love

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Dr. Jeff Ptak of Santa Monica, California has just returned home from his first chiropractic “mission” to Cuba. While the original plan of bringing a group to Havana to provide chiropractic care did not materialize, Dr. Jeff did make the trip solo. While in Cuba, he spoke at an international conference, educated lots of folks about chiropractic, and provided many adjustments.

Dr. Jeff Ptak adjusting in a school in CubaI listened to Dr. Jeff being interviewed yesterday on the radio and I called his office immediately afterwards to congratulate him and to get some more info for the chiropractors of the world.

The trip was from June 2nd through June 10th and Jeff stated that it was just “awesome.” Looking at the photos, many scenes appear much like those from the Panama missions, especially the images taken inside the schools. Notice how the kids watch intently when someone is being adjusted. Those of you that have adjusted in schools have experienced this, it’s as if every adjustment is followed by laughter. (as it should be)

“The people were wonderful” said Dr. Jeff, “they were so happy to learn about chiropractic and to be adjusted.” Jeff made many new friends while in Cuba and he certainly has plans to return. See the photo below, there is some interesting text drawn on the blackboard behind those in the photo and I thought some of you may appreciate it. Do they use words like that in American schools?

Doctors in Cuba

I think we will have more from Dr. Jeff regarding this trip soon. I hope to meet with him later in the week and get the full scoop. Also, some of you may have seen Jeff this past weekend on the Fox Family Channel. Fox had re-broadcast a segment they had done on chiropractic (based in part on info they found on Planet Chiropractic) and Dr. Jeff was one of the featured chiropractors. @ 12:32 pm | Article ID: 992547139