Fellow Parts of the Universal Organism

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

We never play popular music in the office. It is extremely rare, amongst the eclectic mix of Celtic and Native American and other assorted stuff we do play, to even hear a lyric. That’s why it struck me as a tad unusual to hear Hillary playing the Jerry Garcia Band in the office a few weeks ago. It was even more unusual to hear it being played off and on all day long. Then, late in the afternoon when one of our younger folks came in, it didn’t strike me as so unusual to hear him ask if we were playing Jerry because it was the anniversary of his death. No, Hillary had no idea it was that particular date, or even close to it, but I suppose Innate was on the job.

Yes, what a long strange trip it’s been. At one time, I would have dismissed such an event as coincidental; an isolated occurrence that my mind would quickly discard, like an old sock that had lost its mate and therefore its meaning in my life. I’m sure Innate was on the job back then, but my ego made sure it was eternally out to lunch. Then, for a long while, after becoming aware of the possibility of another realm of existence, this kind of thing would not be dismissed as easily. It would tug at the sleeve of my consciousness, begging for recognition and acceptance, trying to get me to acknowledge its place in the rest of my life. Ultimately, of course, it would fail. I might even go so far as to say to myself, “sure, it would be nice if this One Mind and synchronicity stuff was on the level, but…” I would finally let it go as being too weird, too bizarre for my little brain that still wanted things separate, labeled, and “logical.” Innate was on the job, and yet ego was still not willing to give it full-time status or benefits.

Well, after years of whatever it is I’ve been doing, we’re working on throwing a retirement party for ego, and giving Innate the key to the executive washroom of my awareness. I surrender. My life is one synchronistic event after another. I no longer discard any pieces (much as I’d like to discard some of them!). This principle of chiropractic really does apply to every area of my life. It dances around and thru my physicality, my thots, my emotions, my spiritual awareness, my relationships, my career, and my finances. It not only applies; it works! This uni-verse truly is one song, and all the notes are maintained in connection and in coordination by the Supreme Composer, Conductor, and Choreographer. Coincidence is a brain function; Innate knows only connection. Logic is a brain function; Innate knows only wholeness. Separation is a hallucination that Innate sees only as one-ness. Principle #32 states, “Coordination is the principle of harmonious action of all the parts of an organism, in fulfilling their offices and purposes.” We are all pretty much aware of this principle as it applies to the body. But it also applies to the “organism” called the Universe. We have, whenever we’re ready to claim it, the unlimited ability to live out our offices and purposes, our actions always benefiting the other “parts of the organism”, in cooperation and coordination. And just like a tissue cell in a harmonious body, all our needs would be met. Such a sweet deal.

Is it possible for the chiropractic profession to finally, totally, and unequivocally embrace its own principle? Only if its members learn the principle, own the principle, communicate the principle, and live the principle. Only if we stop seeing the principle as something separate from our own lives, and something we only talk about with each other at seminars. Only if we acknowledge this magnificent governing principle as the guiding force in all our affairs. Then, and only then, we could never do, say, or think anything that would not affect millions tomorrow (excuse the double negative). Innate would then truly be on the job, and this world would become more of the beautiful song it was designed to be. Jerry used to sing, “whoa, oh, what I want to know, how does the song go?” Well, I’m not sure if we need to know how it goes, but we certainly can dedicate our lives to getting our individual notes in tune, we can know that those tuned notes fit perfectly in the song, and we can use our gifts to help others tune their notes. Happy note-tuning!

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