Disease Does Not Originate Outside The Body

D.D. Palmer Poster photographed at the Ocean Place Hotel in North Long Branch, NJ. I was in town for a New Beginnings Chiropractic Philosophy Seminar.

Along with a drawing of D.D. Palmer are words written by him regarding disease, drugs, God, and the Universe.

Disease Does Not Originate

Disease does not originate OUTSIDE the body. It is not the work of devils, for God created the Universe. Drugs, serums and pus of diseased animals will not release pressure upon the spinal nerves and spinal cords. There is an Intelligence WITHIN — let’s call it INNATE which transmits to every organ and tissue cell the ONLY real healing force.

How like the words of the One Great Master — “The power is Within us” D.D. Palmer

This marks the official end of my summer blogging break.

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