Developing Your Lasting Purpose with Dynamic Essentials

by Michael Dorausch, D.C.

If you search Planet Chiropractic archives, every year in December, you’ll find I’ve written about the importance of attending chiropractic seminars in the month of January. While I find December is the best goalsetting month, January is a month of taking action. And to me, taking action doesn’t mean just chopping wood and carrying water in the office, it’s time to be with others and get the juices flowing.

With chiropractic seminars on the mind, I had just completed posting the full 2013 schedule for Dynamic Essentials (in Atlanta and Sarasota Florida) to the seminars pages, when I received an e-mail from DE. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. All of the Dynamic Essentials (DE) event dates (January, April, August, and October) are featured on the chiropractic seminars main page, and I’d like to share the following from DE…

All great successes share the same fundamental ingredients. At Dynamic Essentials we believe that, as chiropractors, your success begins with the following:

  • an in-depth comprehension of Classic Chiropractic Philosophy
  • the ability to practice and speak with authority regarding the benefits of Subluxation Correction
  • the development of The Lasting Purpose

    DE Dynamic Essentials

    Whether you have been attending Dynamic Essentials for years or have only recently thought of attending, developing Lasting Purpose is an important step in your life. You may wonder what Lasting Purpose means.

    Dr. Sid Williams, Founder and Developer of Dynamic Essentials, states that “Lasting Purpose, itself, is an overall term for the philosophy which advocates the establishment of a mind set for loving, serving and giving out of your own abundance, just for the sake of doing so with no ulterior motives in mind. This habit produces an atmosphere of support and cooperation among others and thus helps to attract the ideas, people and other resources required for magnanimous achievements.”

    Dr. Sid adds further, “A commitment to Lasting Purpose helps build the human resources of Love and Persistency. While physical resources are depleted by use, the resources of Love and Persistency are increased with use.” However, he cautions, “Loving, Serving and Giving out of your own abundance is not to be confused with Loving to get, Serving to get, and Giving to get.”

    At the January DE Meeting, you will have the opportunity to get a clear understanding of the basic Lasting Purpose principles. You will also have the opportunity from Dr. Sid (video) and other top-notch speakers to learn the DE Building Blocks for chiropractic success.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    January 31 – February 3, 2013

    “Chiropractic today for a better world tomorrow” – Dr. Sid E. Williams @ 11:59 pm | Article ID: 1355374755