Chiropractic Lives in California

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The first chiropractic adjustment was made in Davenport Iowa, by a man named DD Palmer, way back in 1895. It was the adjustment heard around the world, as the spinal mobilization performed by Palmer, resulted in a deaf janitor by the name of Harvey Lillard, being able to regain his hearing.

A profession was born soon after that day and it was not long before Palmer traveled to the state of California to spread the word of his magnificent hands-on technique, known as Chiropractic. While chiropractic is practiced throughout different parts of the globe, and continuing to expand, the state of California is home to more licensed practitioners than any other state in the nation. There are more chiropractic schools in the state of California as well, with two schools located in Northern California, and two in Southern California.

While Iowa is the birthplace of chiropractic, California is no doubt a chiropractic state. The image of healthy soccer moms feeding their kids organically produced goods, practicing mind-body relaxation techniques, being proactive in regards to protecting the environment, and taking a philosophical stand when drug companies and payrolled politicians force untested vaccines on their children, would not be complete without their regular visits to the chiropractor.

Chiropractors and the states organizations know what the rest of the world doesn’t, they’ve got California’s back. For those in the world that watch television and movies, chances are slim to none that a chiropractor wasn’t helping someone on that television or movie set be a healthier and more productive individual. From major motion pictures filmed in giant warehouses, to daily sitcoms and talk shows filmed on studio back lots, the art of the chiropractic adjustment is in high demand, and chiropractors in the state are frequently working behind the scenes to make sure the show goes on.

chiropractic care CaliforniaThe motion picture and film industry is not alone. Schoolteachers throughout the state make their way to chiropractic offices regularly, with an increase in visits when semesters are ending and it’s time to clean classrooms. You can add California’s police force and firefighters to that list as well. While their jobs are to protect and serve, the chiropractors is to adjust and serve, keeping the states police and firefighters healthy, and getting them back to work quickly when injuries occur.

Lets not forget about the millions of commuters in the state getting well with chiropractic care after being involved in auto accidents. While chiropractic itself is not a treatment for any particular disease, in all cases chiropractors work to get people well, and keep people well, without the use of dangerous drugs and risk laden surgeries.

Which chiropractor is right for me? There is something to be said about professionals that support their state organizations as these are usually the people that go the extra mile in volunteering to help others, whether it be patients, chiropractic students, or even other doctors in the same community.

California is home to the largest chiropractic state organization, the California Chiropractic Association, and the active members are the kinds of people you’d want to send your friends and family to. Chiropractors like Dennis Buckley in Pasadena, who not only serves the organization, but serves his community as well. Chiropractors like Maia James in San Francisco, who want the very best for their patients, and their colleagues. Chiropractors like Moses Jacob, who work to continue to provide updated research on the practice of chiropractic and how to better help the state’s residents. Chiropractors like Christ Chipain who strives to keep those in the state’s capital subluxation free, so they can do the work they were elected to do, with a clear spine and a clear conscience.

If you are living in California and don’t already have a chiropractor you can call your own, let’s get you some resources so you can do some research and locate someone who is right for you and your family. To seek chiropractors that are members of the California Chiropractic Association, you can simply enter your ZIP code and locate someone nearby. Here is your first resource. You can also view more pages on this web site featuring information for California Chiropractors.

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