2008 Best Super Bowl Commercials

by Daria Belov

Many people reportedly tune into the Super Bowl for the commercials. If you were watching this years Super Bowl XLII, tuning in for the ads only may have been quite a disappointment. The New York Giants beat the New England Patriots in what will likely go down as one of the greatest superbowl upsets in history. But how did the advertisers rank?

We wanted to hear from Chiropractors across the US so we sent out emails late Friday night asking those watching the game to email or text message their favorite commercial spot.

What we are unofficially calling the 2008 Chiropractors Choice Award, the favorite ad amongst those voting went to Pepsi and their commercial for Diet Pepsi Max. Some chiropractors pointed out that they are not fond of soda, but the ad, which ran early in the game, was just too “chiropractic” with all those peoples heads nodding off.

The ad included comedian Christopher Lee Kattan, who starred in the film Night at the Roxbury with Will Ferrell. The song What is Love?, by the band Haddaway, played while people were depicted nodding off until finally getting a boost from the Pepsi product, which reportedly has nearly twice the caffeine of their regular product. It also contains Ginseng.

We mentioned being able to view all ads in our 2008 NFL Football Super Bowl guide. You can view the Pepsi ad here or on YouTube.


Many ads can be viewed on YouTube AdBlitz channel and all can be viewed at Super Bowl XLII commercials on NFL. In no particular order, here are some of the other ads chiropractors emailed or text messaged in on.

George Clooney starring in Leatherheads, a comedy about a pro-football league set in 1925. The Lifewater commercial, T-mobile spot with Dwayne Wade and Charles Barkley, Victorias Secret and the Chronicles of Narnia sequel all received votes.

The Anti Drug spot of a Drug Dealer Testimonial, which was run by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, displayed concerns of over prescription medications in medicine cabinets. “How am i supposed to compete with that?” a drug dealer complains. “Teens don’t need a drug dealer to get high.”

Internet domain registrar GoDaddy ran a spot for the 4th straight year, but this one featured Danica Patrick rather than Candice Michelle, as reported in our news on Saturday.

Thanks to the chiropractors (which included: Michael Blum, Adam Church, John Reardon, Michael Moore, John Gehnrich, Michael DeNapoli, Jeanine Golden, and Michael Dorausch) that sent in votes.

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