Barry Diller and Chiropractor Michael Dorausch

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

This week’s chiropractic photo of the week was taken on March 14th, 2001 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, during the “Internet World” conference. The photo features keynote speaker Barry DillerĀ and Chiropractor Michael Dorausch (that’s me).

Barry Diller and chiropractor Michael DorauschBarry Diller and Chiropractor Michael Dorausch

At the time, Barry Diller was CEO of USA Networks. I was a chiropractor practicing in downtown Los Angeles where we also had an office for Planet Chiropractic. The building, located on Spring Street and now converted into condominiums, hosted around 48 tech companies during the first dot com boom. We were located within walking distance to the Staples Center/Los Angeles Convention Center and lots of people from our office building were in attendance for the Internet World conference.

Barry Diller spoke about convergence, the entertainment industry, and the tech industry. There was something like 50,000 people expected to attend Internet World that spring week of March 2001. The exhibit halls featured around 500 vendors, and there was an equal amount of speakers, covering all sorts of topics related to the Internet. As I recall, the conference had a very different energy from the years prior, with 2001 being the first West Coast Spring Internet World post dot com bubble bursting. I believe there were five full days of sessions related to everything Internet, I no longer have my notes from Barry Diller’s keynote, but it was inspiring to attend.