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Whiplash and Spinal Trauma with Dan Murphy San Diego 2013

I received a postcard yesterday from the postgraduate and continuing education department at Life Chiropractic College West regarding a Dan Murphy Spinal Trauma seminar taking place in San Diego in January. I’ve been attending Dan Murphy seminars since I was a chiropractic student at CCCLA and I’d recommend his courses for any chiropractor.

Here’s information from the postcard as well a link to Whiplash and Spinal Trauma San Diego information posted on the chiropractic seminars pages.

whiplash spinal trauma San DiegoWhiplash and Spinal Trauma with Dan Murphy, DC

Increase your expertise and improve clinical outcomes with more thorough, confident case management and enhanced clinical records and communication skills with this special, integrative program!

January 19-20, 2013 – San Diego, CA

California Chiropractic Board Approved for 12 Hours Credit
6 hours mandatory (adjusting technique) CA-12-09-6905
6 hours general CA-12-09-6906

The Accident

  • What is injured in a motor vehicle collision?
  • Can spinal injury occur where there is little or no vehicle damage?

The Injury

  • What tissues are the source of chronic pain?
  • How does pain travel from the injured tissues to the brain?
  • How do you document whiplash posttraumatic articular stability?

Effects on the Body

  • What are the 5 principles for chronic pain syndrome?
  • How does whiplash injury affect the immune system, vision, dizziness, emotions, cognition?

Healing and Nutrition

  • How do injured soft-tissues heal?
  • What is the best treatment to heal injured spinal tissues?
  • How do we nutritionally manage pain and tissue healing?

Chiropractic’s Role

  • How do chiropractic adjustments inhibit whiplash trauma pain?
  • How can chiropractors minimize adverse post-traumatic fibrosis?
  • How does chiropractic affect the neurobiology of chronic spinal pain?

CBCE approved for 12 hours credit

Date/Time: January 19-20, 2013
Sat 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Sun 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Location: DoubleTree San Diego
1515 Hotel Circle South, San Diego, CA 92108

Cost: $299 (price increases by $30 after Jan 11) cancellation policy applies – ask for details before registering

Register Today!
Telephone 800.788.4476 Ext 4508

Life Chiropractic College West
Postgraduate and Continuing Education
25001 Industrial Blvd, Hayward, CA 94545

Chiropractor Sid Williams Passes

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

News arrived via email this morning from the staff at Dynamic Essentials… We regret to inform you of the passing this morning (12/27) of Dr. Sid E. Williams, founder of Dynamic Essentials.

Dr. Sid E. Williams Dies December 27 2012
Dr. Sid E. Williams – December 27, 2012

Please keep Dr. Nell and the family in your thoughts and prayers.

DE Staff

“A commitment to Lasting Purpose helps build the human resources of Love and Persistency. While physical resources are depleted by use, the resources of Love and Persistency are increased with use.” – Dr. Sid E. Williams @ 2:44 pm | Article ID: 1356637465

Getting Free Chiropractic Continuing Education

by Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I don’t know of too many chiropractors that would not like to get their yearly continuing education requirements done for free. In California, I’ve been getting free continuing education each year from the CCA, since for a few years they have been providing free CE seminars for paid members. I suppose you could argue that it’s not exactly free, but if you’re a chiropractor practicing in California I’d wonder why you’re not supporting your state organization. As a paid lifetime supporter of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles (now closed) I used to also get free continuing education from CCCLA.

As of 2012, and for many states in 2013, there is a new chiropractic association that is offering free chiropractic continuing education to all chiropractors, the only cost is paying around $20 for the CE certificate (provided by Sherman College of Chiropractic). The Association is based in Utah and is known as the Free CE Association (FCEA). I am sharing a letter I received from them related to free chiropractic education in Southern California, there’s a good possibility they are going to offer free CE courses in your state as well.

Free Chiropractic Continuing EducationYou can view the San Francisco and Orange County continuing education events on the chiropractic seminars pages, and we will likely feature all of their events for 2013. For chiropractors that are members of the California Chiropractic Association, here’s a link to a post with their January 2013 events. I don’t have any association with the people from Free CE, just sharing what I feel is something of value for all chiropractors seeking continuing Ed.

Dear Dr. Michael Dorausch,

You are cordially invited to join us for 12 CE credit hours for FREE! Imagine, a full weekend workshop that includes one of the best chiropractic CE instructors at absolutely no cost to you!

How is this possible? Free CE Association (, a Utah-based non-profit organization, makes free continuing education viable through:

  • Corporate sponsorship.
  • Collaboration and support from practicing chiropractors like us.Free CE Association is mindful of the frustration shared by many of us regarding the high cost of continuing education fees. Our mission is to provide high-quality continuing education for free!Eliminating these costs is achieved without adding downtime or annoying advertising to the workshop. Best of all, the intent is to make continuing education more entertaining!The best instructors, more entertaining and FREE!

    If this news is as welcome to you as it is to us, then please join us at this event on: Saturday JANUARY 26th and Sunday JANUARY 27th from 8am to 4pm at the Hilton Orange County Hotel at 3050 Bristol Street; Costa Mesa, CA 92626(714)438-4903).

    Register now, as seating for this event is very limited!

    Also, hundreds of dollars in prizes will be given away during free drawings throughout the weekend! The only cost to you will be a S20 registration fee to cover the cost of your CE confirmation records being handled and maintained for the required 7 years by Sherman College of Chiropractic (with whom FCEA is affiliated).

    Call today to make your reservation while seats are still available! Or register online at

    Reserve now toll free at: 888-792-5387 or register online at

    Respectfully yours,
    Dr. Dee Stevens, DC
    Director, FCEA

    “During these tough economic times for chiropractors, it’s great to have an option for earning additional CE credits in addition to the state associations.” – Dr. Mathew Roller, DC – President of the Utah Chiropractic Physicians Association @ 2:24 pm | Article ID: 1356031462

Parker University Elects New Board Chairman

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

DALLAS — Parker University’s Board of Trustees elected Dr. Wright L. Lassiter, Jr., Ed.D., D.CE, as board chairman during its recent December meeting. Dr. Lassiter will serve a two-year term in the position. He was first appointed to the board in 2007 and previously served as treasurer.

“I’m honored to serve as chairman of the board of trustees for the university,” said Dr. Lassiter. “Parker is a growing university that has many exciting developments ahead, which I’m glad to be a part of.”

Dr. Wright L. Lassiter, Jr., Ed.D., D.CEDr. Lassiter’s appointment comes at an exciting time for Parker University. With a five-year strategic plan that calls for twelve new degree programs and 2,500 total students by 2017, Parker University is growing to meet the needs of an expanding health care industry. In 2013, Parker plans to launch an associate’s degree in Radiological Technology, a bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management, and an MBA with a concentration in Health Care Management. Parker University currently enrolls approximately 850 students in their doctor of chiropractic and massage therapy programs.

“With my experience in education and the recent hiring of a new president for Parker University, Dr. Brian J McAulay, the institution now has the leadership in place to offer allied health degrees to students with a strong desire to work within health care,” said Dr. Lassiter. “The demand for qualified professions to fill these roles within health care is great and Parker is at the cutting edge of health care education.”

Chancellor of the seven-college Dallas County Community College District, which currently enrolls over 104,000 students and is the largest community college in Texas, Dr. Lassiter, holds numerous years of experience in higher education. He has previously held positions as president of El Centro College of the Dallas County Community College District, president of Bishop College in Dallas, president of Schenectady County Community College in New York, vice president of finance and management at Morgan State University in Baltimore, business manager of Tuskegee University of Alabama, and more.

“Dr. Lassiter is a great fit for this role,” said Dr. Gery Hochanadel, provost of Parker University. “He not only has an extensive background in higher education, but he’s also an esteemed leader in the DFW education community. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Board of Trustees and Parker University will benefit greatly from his leadership.”

In addition to serving on the board of trustees of Parker University, Dr. Lassiter also serves on the board of trustees of Dallas Baptist University and is a past board chairman.

His service in Dallas also includes serving as chairman of the board of trustees of the African American Museum and on the boards of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Foundation, the Dallas Housing Authority Advisory Board, the North Texas Commission, the Texas Association of Community Colleges, and the State Fair of Texas.

He is also a distinguished adjunct professor of management at Dallas Baptist University and holds an honorary doctor of humanities degree from that institution. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Alcorn State University, a master’s in Business Administration from Indiana University-Bloomington, a doctor of education degree (Ed.D.) from Auburn University, and a doctor of christian education degree (D.CE) from Andersonville Theological Seminary.

About Parker University – Dallas-based Parker University, formerly known as Parker College of Chiropractic, is one of the world’s leading educators of health care professionals. Founded in 1982, this private, nonprofit, educational institution prepares men and women to become doctors of chiropractic. In addition, Parker University awards additional wellness-focused degrees including a bachelor of science with a major in anatomy and a major in health and wellness, massage therapy certificates, and continuing education specializations and certifications. Parker University also includes Parker Research Institute, which provides sound, scientific evidence supporting health and wellness; three chiropractic wellness clinics in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex; Parker Seminars, the largest chiropractic seminar organization in the world, and Parker SHARE Products that provide innovative, high quality products, and current information on chiropractic wellness. For additional information about Parker University, visit the website at

Source: Parker University @ 11:59 am | Article ID: 1355849999

Schubel Vision Seminars February 2013

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Quality chiropractic events are scheduled for 2013, and I’m quite excited about that. The motivation, passion, and enthusiasm gained from attending chiropractic events cannot be matched online, you have to get out and live the experience. It’s inspiring to me to see chiropractors like Liam Schubel putting on events that include a stellar list of speakers, especially student speakers. Check out this press release from Schubel Vision Seminars and Mark your calendar to be in the San Francisco Bay area February 2013.

Schubel Vision Seminars, a division of SchubelVisionWorldwide, is pleased to announce its inaugural, history-making seminar on February 15 and 16, 2013 at the Life Chiropractic College West campus in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our vision for this inaugural event is to create caring, loving, and inspiring individuals who are crucial to the transformation of this planet. We have gathered a group of world class Chiropractic speakers, who are standouts in our profession, and whose purpose this weekend will be to provide the latest cutting edge strategies for success in chiropractic. We have an unwavering commitment to assist in the success of every attendee and speaker. We are anticipating a great turnout.

Chiropractors Sharon Gorman & Liam Schubel
Chiropractors Sharon Gorman & Liam Schubel

We distinguish this seminar from others on a number of levels. One of which we are most proud is the premier showcasing of 5 outstanding chiropractic students that will share the stage with our seasoned professionals. This is unprecedented in Chiropractic and we feel it is vital to the evolution and transformation of the future of this profession and the planet.

This very special Schubel Vision Seminar is a must attend event for all Doctors of Chiropractic, Chiropractic Assistants, Chiropractic Students, and prospective Chiropractic students who are interested in expanding their vision of what is possible in health and human potential.

Speakers for this event are:

  • Dr. Leslie Hewitt
  • Dr. Brian Kelly
  • Dr. Brad Glowaki
  • Dr. Shawn Dill
  • Dr. Matt Hubbard
  • Dr. Lyle Koca
  • Dr. Tim O’Shea
  • Dr. Sharon Gorman
  • Dr. Bradley Rauch
  • Dr. Liam Schubel
  • Dr. Judd Nogrady
  • 5 Outstanding Student Leaders

    MC for Schubel Vision Seminars: Dr. Jack Bourla

    Note: Due to unseen circumstances speaker schedule is subject to change

    Registration is now open (Chiropractic Events Schubel Vision Seminars) and we are offering early registration discounts. Please visit to register and for further details about the event. For more information, please contact Liam P. Schubel, D.C. at (732) 995-0194.

    Note: For chiropractors practicing in the Los Angeles area, there will be a Schubel Systems Seminar taking place at the Doubletree in Culver City, on February 23rd, 2013. That’s a Saturday event. Great to see successful chiropractors are sharing what works in serving the world with chiropractic care. @ 1:49 pm | Article ID: 1355424574

  • Developing Your Lasting Purpose with Dynamic Essentials

    by Michael Dorausch, D.C.

    If you search Planet Chiropractic archives, every year in December, you’ll find I’ve written about the importance of attending chiropractic seminars in the month of January. While I find December is the best goalsetting month, January is a month of taking action. And to me, taking action doesn’t mean just chopping wood and carrying water in the office, it’s time to be with others and get the juices flowing.

    With chiropractic seminars on the mind, I had just completed posting the full 2013 schedule for Dynamic Essentials (in Atlanta and Sarasota Florida) to the seminars pages, when I received an e-mail from DE. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. All of the Dynamic Essentials (DE) event dates (January, April, August, and October) are featured on the chiropractic seminars main page, and I’d like to share the following from DE…

    All great successes share the same fundamental ingredients. At Dynamic Essentials we believe that, as chiropractors, your success begins with the following:

  • an in-depth comprehension of Classic Chiropractic Philosophy
  • the ability to practice and speak with authority regarding the benefits of Subluxation Correction
  • the development of The Lasting Purpose

    DE Dynamic Essentials

    Whether you have been attending Dynamic Essentials for years or have only recently thought of attending, developing Lasting Purpose is an important step in your life. You may wonder what Lasting Purpose means.

    Dr. Sid Williams, Founder and Developer of Dynamic Essentials, states that “Lasting Purpose, itself, is an overall term for the philosophy which advocates the establishment of a mind set for loving, serving and giving out of your own abundance, just for the sake of doing so with no ulterior motives in mind. This habit produces an atmosphere of support and cooperation among others and thus helps to attract the ideas, people and other resources required for magnanimous achievements.”

    Dr. Sid adds further, “A commitment to Lasting Purpose helps build the human resources of Love and Persistency. While physical resources are depleted by use, the resources of Love and Persistency are increased with use.” However, he cautions, “Loving, Serving and Giving out of your own abundance is not to be confused with Loving to get, Serving to get, and Giving to get.”

    At the January DE Meeting, you will have the opportunity to get a clear understanding of the basic Lasting Purpose principles. You will also have the opportunity from Dr. Sid (video) and other top-notch speakers to learn the DE Building Blocks for chiropractic success.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    January 31 – February 3, 2013

    “Chiropractic today for a better world tomorrow” – Dr. Sid E. Williams @ 11:59 pm | Article ID: 1355374755

  • 2013 HJ Ross Advanced Chiropractic Insurance Seminars in California

    Here’s a list of Advanced Chiropractic Insurance Seminars being provided for California Chiropractors from January to March 2013. Check the Chiropractic Seminars pages for dates beyond March 2013. Search HJ ROSS.

    2013 HJ Ross Advanced Chiropractic Insurance SeminarsNew workers compensation laws and regulations affecting chiropractors in 2013

    • How to be authorized for care when not in the MPN
    • New lien filing regulations
    • Independent Medical Review will now determine medical necessity – know what they are requiring to use and what we need to provide authorized care
    • Updated language to the 24 visit rule in chiropractic
    • Late payment laws updated and shortened
    • New QME regulations

    Coding 2013

    • ICD9 and ICD10 for today and for the future
    • CPT 2013 updates and specific physical medicine definitions
    • HCPCS 2013 (supplies and supports)

    Medicare – New Carrier, Noridian is taking over

    • Updated secondary diagnosis & Noridian Chiropractic Policy
    • 2013 Fee and deductible updates
    • New addresses and phone numbers

    Health Care Reform and Essential Health Benefits

    • California updates and where chiropractic fits

    Updated coding and policy payments for chiropractic and physical medicine

    • Blue Shield/Blue Cross
    • United Health Care / Optum Health
    • Aetna
    • Cigna
    • ASH
    • Chiropractic Health Plan California

    Audit Compliance

    • HIPAA – Are you up-to-date and compliant in managing social networking and Groupon
    • Insure your documentation meets minimum standards and avoid medical necessity denials and post payment refunds

    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    • Acute, Chronic, Passive & Active care – follow the guides reviewers use
    • Functional assessments – What it means and how to demonstrate it
    • Documentation – SOAP and Outcome assessments
    • New and updated outcome assessment forms that justify and document the success of your treatment

    Personal Injury Updates

    • Personal injury checklist to evaluate strength of claim
    • Constructing a claim from diagnosis to prognosis
    • 3 factors you must address for settlement
    • What to do regarding common denials for treatment
    • Steps you must do to insure full payment
    • Step-by-step protocol for dealing with an attorney who requests a reduction


    • Cash and time of service discounts
    • Pre-Payment Plans
    • What is legal and allowable in California

    Pricing: First Person
    $199 – Super Early Bird (30 days advance registration)
    $245 – Early Bird (10 days advance registration)
    $275 – Advance Registration
    $310 – At the door

    Additional Staff (no-ceus) $150

    *All Seminars are approved for 8 CA CEUs
    100% refund 30 days before the seminar start date.
    Credit only after 30 days of the seminar start date.

    San Diego – January 17, 2013 – HJ Ross Advanced Insurance Seminar For San Diego California
    Los Angeles – January 19, 2013 – HJ Ross Advanced Insurance Seminar For Los Angeles California
    San Jose – January 24, 2013 – HJ Ross Advanced Insurance Seminar For San Jose California
    San Francisco – January 26, 2013 – HJ Ross Advanced Insurance Seminar For San Francisco California
    Sacramento – February 2, 2013 – HJ Ross Advanced Insurance Seminar For Sacramento California
    Pasadena – March 28, 2013 – HJ Ross Advanced Insurance Seminar For Pasadena California
    Fresno – March 28, 2013 – HJ Ross Advanced Insurance Seminar For Fresno California

    Please join us at any H.J. Ross Seminar for a Free “Lunch & Learn” Session (ask about details when calling to register).

    Chiropractic Make Me Prove It!

    Make Me Prove It! says the bold text in a chiropractors advertisement that appeared in a Los Angeles newspaper around 1921. The chiropractor, Dr. C.C. Petersen, was one of several downtown Los Angeles area chiropractors placing advertisements in local newspapers.

    Similar to the You Need Not Be Sick! advertisement by 1919 chiropractor Joseph H. Coleman, Dr. Petersens ad mentions more than 15 so-called conditions that could be addressed with a chiropractic adjustment.

    chiropractic make me prove itMake Me Prove It! (1920s Chiropractic Advertisement)

    The text is not the easiest to read but the information on the left says: CC Petersen’s chiropractic adjustments remove the cause of so-called:

    • Rheumatism
    • Asthma
    • Lumbago
    • Stomach, Spleen, Liver and Eye Troubles
    • High Blood Pressure
    • Nervous and Skin Disorders
    • Constipation
    • Headaches
    • Catarrh
    • Paralysis
    • Bronchitis
    • Neuralgia
    • Neuritis
    • Deafness
    • Hayfever

    According to the advertisement Dr. Petersen was in practice seven years when the ad was placed. Phone numbers were different in the 1920s and it looks like the phone number reads Phone 67542.

    The office was located in Suite 505 to 509 Homer Laughlin Bldg., 315 South Broadway (downtown Los Angeles). That part of downtown Los Angeles was very popular in the 1920s (and still is today). The Homer Laughlin building was constructed in 1896 and is rumored to be the first fireproof building in Los Angeles. Today the downstairs of the building is the location for the Grand Central Market (the oldest and largest open-air market in the downtown Los Angeles area).

    Note the chiropractors adjusting hours include three weekdays working until 8 PM. I don’t know many chiropractors in the United States that today have office hours that late in the evening. Also note there are no hours listed for Saturday or Sunday.

    Dr. Petersen lists being a member of three chiropractic organizations; one national, one state, and one local. The three chiropractic associations listed in the advertisement read: Member National Federation Chiropractors, Federated Chiropractors of California, L.A. County Chiropractors Association

    Certainly a different type of chiropractic advertisement then you can expect to see today.

    Parker University Announces the Appointment of a New President

    by Michael Dorausch, D.C.

    DALLAS — The Board of Trustees of Parker University and Parker Seminars is pleased to announce the appointment of their new president, Brian J. McAulay, DC, PhD. This appointment comes after an intensive three month search conducted by a board-appointed presidential search committee of nine members, headed by Wright L. Lassiter, Jr., PhD, chair of the Board of Trustees.

    Brian McAulay, DC at Parker University“The presidential search committee and Board of Trustees felt that Dr. McAulay was the best choice to lead Parker into the future,” said Dr. Lassiter. “In the search for a new president, the search committee was mindful of the expansion in the role and mission of the institution as a university. In that regard, Dr. McAulay has a PhD in business and management, the doctor of chiropractic degree, and further professional education at the Harvard University Institute for Educational Management, and was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship in educational administration by the American Council on Education. In addition, a noteworthy aspect of his professional experience is service as a chiropractic department chair and teaching experience in business and management at Philadelphia University and Temple University.”

    Dr. McAulay replaces Fabrizio Mancini, DC, who has retired after serving as president for just under fourteen years. During his tenure with Parker, Dr. Mancini had a significant impact on both Parker and the chiropractic profession, raising the visibility of the profession by participating in media efforts that reached millions of people never exposed to the chiropractic message. In addition, he oversaw the renaming of the institution to Parker University in April 2011 and guided the institution through a successful SACS reaffirmation in 2012. From a global perspective, Dr. Mancini oversaw the development of internship programs in foreign cities such as Bogota, Colombia and Mexico City, Mexico and instituted Parker Seminars events in countries including Japan, Greece and Australia.

    Dr. McAulay brings experience in both the chiropractic profession and higher education to Parker University and Parker Seminars. Dr. McAulay’s education is extensive with a PhD from Temple University, a doctor of chiropractic degree from Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic and a bachelor’s of commerce from the University of Toronto. In addition, Dr. McAulay participated in the American Council on Education (ACE) Fellows program and the Institute for Educational Management (IEM) program through the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

    Over the past thirteen years, Dr. McAulay has served as executive vice president/provost and interim president for Sherman College, vice-president for academic affairs at Palmer College, and provost and executive vice president/provost for Life University. Each of these institutions experienced growth and success under Dr. McAulay’s leadership.

    “I am very proud to become a part of the Parker family and I look forward to helping the institution maintain its reputation as one of the premier schools in chiropractic education.” said Dr. McAulay. “While Parker’s history is rich with tradition and success, it’s the future that is so intriguing to me. This is an exciting time for Parker as the institution looks to expand into new degree programs that complement and support chiropractic. I believe my experience in balancing program expansion and foundational chiropractic programs will certainly be a benefit to Parker in the coming years.”

    Last year, Parker University developed a strategic plan that called for the introduction of twelve new allied health programs by 2017. The first three degree programs, slated for introduction in January 2013, include an associate’s degree in Radiological Technology, a bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management and a master’s degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Health Care. All three degrees were carefully selected for introduction based on criteria including how well they support and complement chiropractic, the job forecasts for each degree program and the higher than average expected salaries for each profession these degrees serve.

    “Program expansion calls for a president with a unique set of skills and talents.” said Dr. Gery Hochanadel, PhD, provost of Parker University. “I am very pleased with the board’s decision to hire Dr. McAulay as the next president of Parker. His experience in maintaining chiropractic as the foundational program while expanding degree offerings will be critical to the future of Parker University and the students we serve.”

    In addition to his role with Parker University, Dr. McAulay will also serve as president of Parker Seminars. With over sixty years supporting the chiropractic profession, Parker Seminars continues to serve the profession as the premier professional seminar dedicated to helping chiropractors and chiropractic assistants build successful practices. Parker Seminars has four North American seminars planned for 2013, with the largest gathering taking place in Las Vegas January 10-12, 2013.

    “I am very aware of the impact Parker Seminars and Dr. Parker had on the chiropractic profession and I consider it a great honor to oversee this effort. Parker Seminars is the meeting place for the profession and I intend to continue positioning Parker Seminars as a global resource for the chiropractic profession,” said Dr. McAulay.

    About Parker University – Dallas-based Parker University, formerly known as Parker College of Chiropractic, is one of the world’s leading educators of health care professionals. Founded in 1982, this private, nonprofit, educational institution prepares men and women to become doctors of chiropractic. In addition, Parker University awards additional wellness-focused degrees including a bachelor of science with a major in anatomy and a major in health and wellness, massage therapy certificates, and continuing education specializations and certifications. Parker University also includes Parker Research Institute, which provides sound, scientific evidence supporting health and wellness; three chiropractic wellness clinics in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex; Parker Seminars, the largest chiropractic seminar organization in the world, and Parker SHARE Products that provide innovative, high quality products, and current information on chiropractic wellness. For additional information about Parker University, visit the website at

    Source: Parker University @ 3:15 pm | Article ID: 1355256917

    Chiropractic Adjustments Remove the Cause

    By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

    C.C. Petersen’s chiropractic adjustments remove the cause of so-called conditions and diseases. That, according to a 1920s local newspaper advertisement. The confident chiropractor tells potential new patients that he will know what and where your trouble is without asking a question. The downtown Los Angeles chiropractor practiced in a popular historical location, the Homer Laughlin building, located on S. Broadway Blvd. in Los Angeles, California.

    Make Me Prove It!
    Make Me Prove It!

    As I mentioned in the recent Chiropractic Make Me Prove It! blog post featuring the same advertisement/image, the text wasn’t the easiest to read.

    20 different conditions are mentioned in the chiropractors advertisement. The information listed on the left side of the image reads… C.C. Petersen’s chiropractic adjustments remove the cause of so-called Rheumatism, Asthma, Lumbago, Stomach, Spleen, Liver and Eye Troubles, High Blood Pressure, Nervous and Skin Disorders, Constipation, Headaches, Catarrh (a disorder of inflammation of the mucous membranes in one of the airways or cavities of the body), Paralysis, Bronchitis, Neuralgia, Neuritis, Deafness, Hayfever.

    Today’s chiropractic advertisements tend to feature the term back pain versus lumbago. Chiropractors may mention high blood pressure, neuralgia, and headaches in current day advertisements, but it’s highly unlikely to see ads for deafness, bronchitis, and asthma. The most likely reason is changes over the years in Board of Chiropractic and state laws.

    Dr. Petersen had office hours not too unlike chiropractors do today. You practice Monday through Friday with hours from 10 AM to 5 PM. He also saw patients Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday evenings, from 7 PM to 8 PM. I imagine in those days Dr. Petersen had time between 5 PM and 7 PM to walk downstairs to the Grand Central Market and grab a meal. To this day, the Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles, is a bustle of activity.

    The federal ZIP code had not been established during those days and it was not uncommon for a business to list the name of the building (like the Empire State Building) it was located in, over simply a Name Address Phone Number (NAP) listing. Dr. Petersen’s address was listed as Suite 505 to 509 Homer Laughlin Bldg., 315 South Broadway.

    I found it interesting that this chiropractor was listed as a member of three chiropractic organizations. The national organization was the National Federation Chiropractors, the state organization was the Federated Chiropractors of California, and the local organization was the L.A. County Chiropractors Association. Also, chiropractic licensure in the state of California was new around the time this advertisement appeared in a local newspaper.

    Today there is no National Federation of Chiropractors but there are two chiropractic organizations in the state of California. One is the International Chiropractors Association of California, and the other is the California Chiropractic Association (referred to by doctors of chiropractic as the CCA).

    C.C. Petersen’s ad boldly says: Make Me Prove It! I will tell you what and where your trouble is without asking a question. Each patient receives my personal attention. No one is employed to adjust my patients. @ 11:29 am | Article ID: 1355243377