Month: August 2009

First Ever Network Seminar in South America

Peruvian Chiropractic Alliance

Lima – Peru – South America — On August 22-23 2009 Dr. Donald Epstein presented his newly revised Basic Care Intensive Seminar for Network Spinal Analysis for the first time ever in South America to a very receptive group of Chiropractors in Lima, Peru. Dr Epstein has completely revised his basic seminar in NSA to incorporate his recently published revolutionary model of health, Reorganizational Healing (ROH)1. In attendance were DCs from Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland and the United States.

Chiropractors from Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, and the United States meeting in Peru with Donald and Jackie Epstein for the first ever Network seminar in South America.
Chiropractors from Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, and the United States meeting in Peru with Donald and Jackie Epstein for the first ever Network seminar in South America.

More than half of the Chiropractors of Peru were in attendance, along with all the members of the Peruvian Chiropractic Alliance. “The chance to spend the weekend with another world leader in health and to learn from him more strategies to improve the quality of people’s lives in Peru and South America was truly a special event,” stated Dr Liam P. Schubel, President of the Alliance. “It was just amazing; Dr Epstein’s model of Reorganizational Healing is just so perfectly suited for today’s health care market and fits beautifully with the philosophy of Chiropractic. We need strategies for change in today’s society and the spine is the key to that change. We finally have a model that will allow us to come together and move into the future as community leaders”, quoted Dr Carl J. Lundgren.

Dr Epstein discussed in great detail his models of spinal neural integrity, Adverse Mechanical Cord Tension (AMCT), wellness outcome assessments, Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Reorganizational Healing (ROH). His message inspired the group to raise the standard of what is possible in practice and to be accountable for what we promise as practitioners and healers.

In a special ceremony marking the end of the event, The Peruvian Chiropractic Alliance awarded Dr. Donald and Jackie Epstein with a plaque in recognition of their commitment to making a positive impact on the world. For more information about NSA and future seminars > and for information about NSA in South America;

Journal reference: 1. Epstein et al. Reorganizational Healing: A Paradigm for the Advancement of Wellness, Behavior Change, Holistic Practice, and Healing. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 2009; 15 (5): 475 DOI: 10.1089/acm.2009.0043 @ 12:26 pm | Article ID: 1251746792

Summer is Almost Gone

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you are likely one of the millions engaged in end of summer activities, such as getting kids prepared for going back to school, or preparing for your Labor Day final summer weekend. Having a chiropractic practice nearby the shores of the Pacific coastline in Los Angeles, I’ve seen a number of interesting things taking place inside and outside the office. It’s fire season here in Southern California, and while fires in the hills around Los Angeles never help the hot weather, the combination of heat and smoke does make for interesting sunsets. Hopefully, everyone will stay safe throughout the remainder of this season and California firefighters will do what they do best.

Venice Beach North Pier Sunset
The sun sets on Santa Monica Bay – smoke-filled skies make for interesting orange and purple colors on the horizon.
Schoolteachers — I never anticipated how many schoolteachers would be getting chiropractic care in our office. I’ve talked to many other chiropractors and have discovered this is not a phenomenon, quite a few schoolteachers tend to receive chiropractic care on a regular basis. One thing I learned about schoolteachers is they are human, meaning they simply don’t live just to teach, but have lives outside the classroom. That being said, it’s been impressive to see how many schoolteachers have been heading back to school early (without pay mind you) in order to prepare their classrooms for students returning to school in late August and early September. Be thankful for our educators, while they love their summers, many of them go above and beyond in their efforts to teach our children.

Surfers and Other Beach Rats — The Venice Santa Monica area is not necessarily popular for the surf, and it’s nowhere near in comparison to Malibu and San Diego areas. However, you’re likely to find locals year-round hitting the breakwater, areas north and south of the pier, and some parts of Santa Monica. We had some big swells hit the area this summer, and I would’ve never needed to leave the office to know about them. Apparently activities like surfing, volleyball, beach cruising, wave skimming, boogie boarding, sailing, and even fishing, have resulted in job security for chiropractors. Even though much of my clientele is wellness minded and concerned with maintaining subluxation free proper spinal alignment (they might call it sublimation), plenty of the summer tales we get from those engaged in beach activities, are quite amusing. Something along the lines of… it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. While I care for their health and well-being, we often times have a chuckle together as the story leading up to their visit unfolds.

Take for example the big swells crashing waves onto the beach. I had not one, but five people in a matter of days, report nearly the same injury which occurred in nearly the same popular local surfing spot. Even when you’re in 10 feet of water, the ocean floor may be a lot closer than you think. Joking and antics aside, regardless of your summer (now late summer) activities, remember that ever so boring mantra… safety first.

Back-To-School — Daria summarized the topic of back-to-school related articles pretty well two summers ago. Most of us already know traffic is going to increase over the next two weeks and parents may seem a little bit more frazzled, as their kids get back into school schedules for the fall. Watch out for kids on the road and remember all those school zones you been breezing through over the summer will now actually have kids crossing through crosswalks. Keep your eyes open.

Nearly any chiropractor that’s been in practice for a few years can tell you about the patterns of chiropractic visits for kids around the start of the new school season. Those going back to college are getting adjusted locally before they leave, and those attending college locally (we have students coming from three major universities in the LA area) will be back on their autumn chiropractic adjusting schedule in the next week or so. I have found lots of parents make that extra effort to get the whole family and for adjusting before school starts since their personal schedule sometimes get a little bit hectic during the upcoming weeks. It’s great when chiropractors can accommodate their needs and make sure everyone’s been adjusted before heading back to school.

Summer Vacation — Hopefully you have had some good times this summer, the Labor Day weekend is yet to come, so we’ve all got one big hurrah before the reality of the 2009 holiday season is upon us. Thought about what you want for Christmas yet? 🙂 @ 1:17 pm | Article ID: 1251490683

Chiro Classified Ad Headings and Tips

By Daria Belov

Even in the summer time, chiropractors are posting six or more advertisements per day, on the classified ad pages of the planet chiropractic website. Those numbers tend to increase when school activities resume in September and offices get back to business as usual for the autumn months. I’ve been paying attention to the various categories doctors and staff are posting ads to and I wanted to bring some attention to things that may be important for you to know when placing chiropractic classified advertisements online.

practice-locations(photo: a screenshot showing recent practice for sale advertisements)

Selling One’s Chiropractic Practice — There is a steady listing of chiropractic practices for sale pretty much year-round. At a glance today, I see more than 600 chiropractic practices for sale type advertisements in that particular category. While the majority are for offices in the United States, there are listings for Canada and chiropractic locations abroad.

The screenshot shows excellent examples of advertisements placed that make it easy for users to see where the practices are located. It is important not to forget that someone online may not know that your practice is located in the financial district of San Francisco. The more details you can offer (city and state minimum) the better off you’re going to be in connecting with another chiropractor that may be interested in purchasing your chiropractic practice.

PRACTICE FOR SALE — I noticed some people are posting their advertisements in all capital letters but it’s really not that important. In fact, more people are turned off by advertisements that use all capital letters than those that don’t. If it were a choice between using all lowercase letters or all capital letters, I’d suggest you go with the lowercase. Yes, all capital letters appear to be bold and attention-getting, but they can be annoying to some users as well. Best solution is to do your best formatting sentences properly and using capital letters only when necessary.

Employment Opportunities — Now more than ever everyone seems to be interested in chiropractic jobs and employment opportunities available. The employment opportunity category is best for those looking to hire chiropractic assistants, front desk assistants, in office physical therapists and massage therapists, medical doctors, billing staff, marketing professionals, etc. It is not the best category for those looking to hire associate doctors of chiropractic.

Associates — The best category for seeking chiropractic associates, and for those doctors of chiropractic looking to be employed in someone else’s office, is the Associates category. This is the second most popular category in the classified ad section, after practices for sale. There are nearly twice as many associates wanted ad placements as there are associates available placements. Hopefully students recently graduating from chiropractic schoolsare finding employment in various chiropractic offices, thanks to the many ads being placed. One thing I would advise after seeing lots of potential offices requesting resumes from graduates is for new chiropractors to be sure who they are sending resumes to. Before sending resumes it is a good idea to confirm that the e-mail address you’ll be sending your information to is correct, and is the e-mail for a chiropractor or chiropractic office. No point in you blindly sending curriculum vitae information to various people on the Internet.

Summer Vacation Coverage — In the United States substitution chiropractor coverage is often referred to as vacation coverage while in Canada it’s commonly referred to as a locum position. Either way, the Substitutions & Locum Positions categories is where those ads get placed. Having good chiropractors that can provide care during vacations, absences for pregnancy, family emergencies and other situations, can be a great asset to someone’s practice. It not only helps the chiropractors in the office get some needed time off, it allows for patients to continue receiving chiropractic care on a scheduled basis.

I won’t get into the products for sale categories today, since we cover that quite frequently, with regular reminders regarding potential scams and fraud.

Check out the latest chiropractic classifieds and thanks for being part of this active community. @ 9:44 pm | Article ID: 1250657095

Prospective Chiropractic Student Has Questions

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Questions about functions on the Planet Chiropractic website and concerns regarding the future of healthcare reimbursement in the United States, something I received via e-mail and I thought would be good to share on the site. A visitor writes… “I found your site via Google. First, To bring to your attention, there is a problem with your site when I click on “chiropractic schools”. When I click on it, a FATAL ERROR screen appears. I’ve attempted to click on that link on numerous computers and have gotten the same FATAL ERROR screen numerous times. So I’m thinking the problem may be on your end.”

OK, so the first one is not a question but more a heads up for us. I actually appreciate when people take the time to send e-mails like this, because even if it’s something happening on their computer alone (in this case it wasn’t), someone can look into it and we can work on a solution and/or improvement. Thanks to those that take the time to keep us updated on what the user experience is like on their end, it is appreciated. Let’s move on to the real question…

Spinal Bones and Nerves(photo: plastic lumbar vertebrae model in chiropractic office)

“Secondly, is my question. I have visited numerous chiro schools, applied to them all and have been accepted to all. I say this because I want you to understand my passion for the profession. But I’m scared shitless about Obama wanting to overhaul healthcare. My question is: Do you know where Chiropractic stands within his healthcare reform?

I do know the ACA (American Chiropractic Association) is lobbying hard to Congress. For what? I’m not sure but my guess is to be treated fairly and be accounted and part of the new health care. That’s a scary thing because if Obama was thinking of our profession, the ACA wouldn’t be lobbying for it. Plus, we have Government run healthcare in Medicare and Medicaid, so, I have to base my predictions on Medicare payments. Medicare does NOT cover Chiropractic Initial exams, Reexmams, Xrays, Extremity Adjustments. They just cover Spinal adjustment and pay on avg. about $29 a visit; which here in NJ, Medicare only allows 12 visits per year.

I have three hourly jobs, PLUS my own Massage buisness which seems to be doing well. I’m TERRIFIED of giving up this steady pay (in an economy like todays) plus my Massage buisness to go over $100,000 in debt in Obama’s new healthcare reform will shun our profession. Do you have ANY info there that could help calm me down? Thank you SO MUCH for your time and consideration!”

First, congratulations on acceptance to numerous chiropractic schools, if you choose to continue forward in getting chiropractic education, choose the college that is going to best fit your needs and goals.

I’m not sure you’ll like my answer but I’ll share what’s been going on for me personally and what I’ve experienced during the past near 15 years. When I graduated in the 1990s I remember many people telling me I was getting into chiropractic at the wrong time. The gravy train was over, insurance reimbursement had all but dried up, there was just no point in making a career move to chiropractic. Fortunately for me, very early on while in chiropractic school, I met quite a few “whacked out” practitioners in the field that didn’t seem the least bit concerned with what was going on “outside” their offices. I remember chiropractor Ian Grassam saying something about the lunatics that actually change society. That doesn’t necessarily put money in the bank, but for me personally, I tapped into a motivating factor that had me believing a good chiropractor would be successful independent of any reliance on third party reimbursement. That is the headspace side of it.

On the side of organizations lobbying for a place at the table and healthcare reimbursement, I don’t think anything either of the two national chiropractic organizations are doing is concerning (at least to me). I think it’s a positive thing they are making their presence known, on behalf of chiropractors, and the millions of Americans chiropractors serve. People in the United States deserve to have chiropractic healthcare as an option, and organized lobbying efforts are probably the best way to go about securing those options. That’s really a topic outside of my area of expertise though, and I’ll be happy to post expert opinions from anyone involved in lobbying on behalf of chiropractic in healthcare reform, should they contact me.

So it may sound really unrealistic when I say you’ve got to find out whether chiropractic is right for you, for your reasons, and then go from there. There is no questioning people fail in chiropractic, and create lots of debt in the process, but that’s very much the nature of starting up and running a small business. Over the years, I’ve met many chiropractors on both sides of the proverbial fence, and regardless of practice location or technique, I’ve seen them fail and flourish. What makes them tic is the thing that fascinates me most.

Read some old archives featuring chiropractors like Rick Wren, Sharon Gorman and Ian Grassam and see if something clicks or draws your attention. Also, do some research on chiropractors in your state, and make the effort to visit offices when you can.

It’s perfectly normal to be concerned about the future of reimbursement and I think it’s great you’re asking those questions. I don’t want to suggest you should just be passionate and everything else will take care of itself, but it’s my opinion it should be one of your top considerations (sounds like you already have that part answered though).

I appreciate you bringing the error to our attention and I hope I at least gave you something of value towards helping you make a decision.

If anyone else cares to chime in on this topic feel free to contact me. Click on the yellow envelope above for an e-mail address. @ 1:39 pm | Article ID: 1250109583

Mission Chiropractors land in Cuba

Mission-Chiropractic News

Cuba! Can you believe that we just completed the first organized chiropractic mission trip to Cuba? I have searched and searched but I have never read about any other successful organized chiropractic mission trip to Cuba” said Peter H. Morgan, DC. A special Chiropractic mission team of 10 chiropractors, 3 chiropractic students, three chiropractic advocates and 1 chiropractic office manager brought chiropractic and humanitarian supplies to the people of Cuba. It was the first time an organized chiropractic mission trip actually made it to Cuba. Peter Morgan, DC the spiritual chiropractic leader and founder of Mission-Chiropractic and co-founder of Mission Life International of New York, N.Y. led the five-day mission to the communist nation at a time when new hope has emerged among the Cuban residents. In return, the group, made new friendships and brought home a better understanding of the plight of people on the island.

“Dr. Cucci and I had to depart to Puerta Plata Dominican Republic to set up the Haiti-Dominican republic chiropractic mission trip taking place from January 1 to January 10, 2010. We went to rent two homes in Port au Prince Haiti, we met with several pastors and medical professionals, we hired professional photographers, video crew and jeeps for the chiropractic trek from one end of Haiti, through the middle of the country and finally arriving in the Dominican Republic. We will see patients in churches, village centers and hospitals. People will be waiting on line for days to get adjusted. We stayed in the DR for two days and then we took a 16 hour drive to Haiti and back. We made our arrangements and flew to Nassau, Bahamas. In Nassau we met the rest of our Cuban Mission team. We were 10 males and seven females from California, Delaware, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

The next day we boarded an Old Russian small propeller plane. We encountered turbulence for the entire hour ride. We touch down in Havana and are greeted by hundreds of Cuban workers wearing swine flu masks. It was really eerie, as was going through an extensive and enduring customs protocol. We finally exit the airport and it as if we went back in time. Most of the cars were made in the fifties and they all run and look as if they are brand new. One of our taxis is a 57 Chevy station wagon that can easily hold ten. We are staying in a beautiful hotel that overlooks Havana’s majestic harbor. The entrance to the harbor is guarded by a 400 year old fort. The Spanish raised this fort next to the harbor entrance between 1589 and 1630, with the objective of warding off attacks by pirates and enemy fleets. In 1845 a huge light house was built adjacent to the fort which makes the entrance to Havana even more picturesque. Havana appears like a mix of Spain, the Caribbean and Italy. The architecture is stupendous. There are statues and fountains in the old spacious squares. We encounter many old forts and heavenly churches. We visit extremely appetizing restaurants with musicians serenading us as we enjoy one delicious meal after the next. The highlight of the evening was when we witnessed soldiers dressed in the uniforms of the British redcoats performing a curfew time firing of the canon as they did when the British had captured Havana back in 1762. It is a ceremony of sound and lights performed on the ramparts with great fanfare and a great favorite with tourists and Cuban children who are brought in from the countryside as a treat during the holidays.

The following day we set out on our chiropractic mission work. We board a ferry that takes us across the harbor to Regla. Regla is where the common folk live. It is completely different than the down town tourist area of “Old Havana” where we are staying. As we walk by old worn out buildings and shacks, we catch glimpses through the wide-open front doors. In nearly every house there is a vase bulging with fresh wild flowers placed in the most obvious location on the table or counter. It’s strange to see; the beauty of God’s creation set among these shacks of poverty. Not the flowers, but these wonderful Cuban people.

Blue car on street in Cuba(Photo: a blue car on the street in Cuba, see more images from the trip here.)

No clocks, no alarms, no rush, just the rising sun and the clip-clop-tick-tock of the horse’s hooves set the pace for these folks. We’re off to a converted house-church. Scheduled for 9:00 we start about 8:00. We arrive to a multitude of Cuban patients who have put on their best clothes. It doesn’t matter to the kids that some don’t have shoes or that their shirt is buttoned all wrong. They jockey for position to get a glimpse of us. Not too close, just close enough. These are simple, honest and hardworking people who have waited patiently to see the chiropractors from the United States. We address a large crowd that assembled in the church. We tell them the chiropractic story and set up our adjusting rooms. We were not allowed to bring portable chiropractic tables into Cuba, however our hosts made us a number of fantastic tables that we had in several rooms.

It was a surprise and an encouragement to see how much Cubans can do with so little, it is a truly testimony to the world that the mighty hand of God is upon them. The poverty is devastating, as is the customer service offered in all public places. In spite of this, the Cuban Church where we were stationed is growing every day more and more, about 90 percent of the church population is between the age 13-30 which is amazing! While we were adjusting we were able to see the thirst, enthusiasm, and desire the Cubans had to learn more about chiropractic. The beautiful things they do with little or no resources at all deeply ministered to our spirits.

The next day part of our team was driven about an hour outside Havana to the countryside. We set up our adjusting rooms in a small church and in a house that was attached. As we walked around we noticed that “comfort” was a foreign word. Many of the Cubans living in the home had severe disabilities. The “beds” were just simple slabs of wood, many without a pillow or even a cover. The floors were manufactured by the Pastor in order to make more room for the people who lived there.
When we broke for lunch or dinner we were told that honored guests eat first, everyone else later. They have so little yet it is offered as completely yours. They give what they have from the heart. They would want to give you every thing they have. We made a comment on how we liked the small old fashioned coffee machine, and they wanted to give it to us.

The floor of the kitchen and eating area is plain concrete but is swept and mopped perfectly clean. Life is simple. Life is slow. Generations have been born right on this property and shacks have been added to accommodate the new marriages. They work hard to live; it shows on the roughness of their feet, hands and faces, but their heart is as warm and innocent as a child’s.

All the children in the little community were drawn to us. We felt like the Pied Pipers! Everywhere we go; eight or nine children follow us. The digital camera always brings fun, laughter and smiles. The children transform themselves into to athletes, circus artists, clowns and acrobats for the camera. Suddenly they are all posing for the camera and they begin to do some gravity-defying cartwheel or flip. They immediately want to see their pictures. Their smiles and laughter are like a penetrating dagger that heads straight to your heart. They can’t stop their tongues once their heart is given to you.

I guess no one has told them they’re incredibly poor. All they care about is a quick game of soccer. They play it with a ball made out of some rubber that they picked up in some garbage dump. Some kids ride their rickety old bicycles with flat tires and bent wheels. Do they know their clothes are tattered? Do they know their homes are shacks?

As we are leaving, the kids run along side us waving a hundred times. With each wave they look you in the eye. The last wave means as much as the first. If you’re not willing to give your heart away, you should never come to Cuba.”

Here is what one of the female mission team chiropractors related to me “What an incredible experience I had in Cuba. It was 5 of the most meaningful days of my life. We spent weeks training, preparing and praying for God to use our 17 person team as he saw fit. We went to be a blessing to the wonderful people of Cuba. We were blessed far more. We had the privilege of adjusting in homes and sharing chiropractic in churches. We built relationships with the many beautiful Cuban people and delivered pure chiropractic with God’s love to as many people as possible. We were humbled to see many chiropractic miracles while we were there. We saw God working through us as we taught and adjusted in Havana and Regla, Cuba. We heard great life-changing testimonies from those that we adjusted the days before. Although we adjusted our brothers and sisters in Cuba, our team was also ministered to from our Cuban brothers through their dedication and love of God. We saw God work despite the very limited resources and the many hardships that must be endured to carry out God’s mission in Cuba. Speaking for our team, and myself, this chiropractic mission trip was a life-changing experience for both our brothers in Cuba and us.”

An international chiropractic mission trip is a life-changing experience. I promise that your life will never be the same. You will come home a changed person. On our next chiropractic mission trip in October we plan to collect and bring school supplies, powdered milk, eyeglasses and toothbrushes, Dr. Morgan said. “Take part in this unique opportunity by bringing humanitarian aid to churches in the last standing communist country in the western hemisphere. Learn first-hand about the condition of life in Cuba. Join our ongoing mission projects and interact with local churches and community homes. Meet individuals and help us help children, elderly, and the handicapped. You will have the opportunity to roam the island and see its beautiful history while spending most of your time bringing humanitarian aid to the wonderful people of Cuba.”

Dr. Peter Morgan is the immediate past president of the N. Y. Chiropractic Council, past secretary of the North East Chiropractic Council, past treasurer of the New York Chiropractic Political action fund, past CEO and cofounder of ChiroMission. Dr. Morgan is the founder of Mission-Chiropractic and cofounder of Mission Life International. @ 1:10 pm | Article ID: 1249935029

Barcelona College of Chiropractic announces appointment of Principal

Garry Carless – BCC News

The Board of Governors of the Barcelona College of Chiropractic (BCC) are very happy to formally announce that the college principal has now been confirmed – Adrian Wenban B.Sc., B.App.Sc., M.Med.Sc., MACC. Principal, Barcelona College of Chiropractic.

Barcelona College of Chiropractic - BCC

Originally from Australia, with 20 years of experience as a practicing chiropractor, he has lived and worked in Barcelona, Spain for the last 12 years.

Adrian has been involved in developing the college since day one and through his previous involvement with a number of important projects and the AEQ, he has worked tirelessly to improve the profession and it’s availability in Spain for some time now.

Through his collaboration with a small but dedicated group of chiropractors and a team of academic consultants, based in Barcelona, the first bilingual college of chiropractic has been created. The BCC will deliver a five year full-time programme of study in chiropractic balanced around the three pillars; the science, art of philosophy of chiropractic.

For the last two years Adrian has served as the President of a non-profit government registered foundation called the Fundación Privada Quiropractica. Additionally, he is a member of the Asociación Espanola Quiropractica, the Australasian Epidemiological Association, the Cochrane Collaboration’s Patient Reported Outcome Methods group, and the Australasian College of Chiropractic.

On behalf of the BCC I would like to welcome Adrian to his new post and wish him the best as he continues to work towards the further development of chiropractic in Spain.

The Barcelona College of Chiropractic has a new telephone number: 934 765 310 The office’s address is: C. Mallorca, 364, 2. 1., visit the school website at: @ 8:24 pm | Article ID: 1249529116

Looks like a SCAM Attempt

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m not crazy about posts like this one, but at least a once a month reminding about buying and selling on the internet, seems worthwhile to me. I hope nobody falls for these scams and I realize that’s wishful thinking but we’ll keep making mention of it as long as the activity exists. Back in July of 2008 it was reported that the community was coordinating on identifying potential frauds, and that was followed up about a year ago today. Here is where we are at in August 2009.

scam emails money order requests
It’s the same game from those that like to send out offers to purchase peoples equipment. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling expensive camera lenses, motorcycles, sewing machines, laptop computers, or in the chiropractic classifieds case… chiropractic tables, scammers just want to separate you from your money.

In many cases (like this one) scammers only slightly modify their e-mail address and name. The pitch to separate people from their products is still the same. Here’s some information, that was forwarded to me, with a scammer using nearly the exact same e-mail address used in a similar scam months ago.

From: <[email protected]>
Subject: Reply To Ad
Sender IP: (in this case the IP address traces to Canada)


I just place a look on your item and i am interested
in immediate purchase of this item,but before i proceed
on this transaction i will like to ask some question as follow.

1.What is the condition of the item?

2. Do you accept a ( Check / money order) as a mode of

3. What is the final asking prize you can go at last?

4. Will you let our shipping company to come to your
house for the pick up of the item cos we don’t want you
to worry yourself about the shipping of the item.

5. Will you be able to send the are remaining
fund back to the shipping company via western union
money transfer same day you receive and cash the
Check or the money order for the arrangement of the home pick up from your house

6.if okay You are to send your NAME,ADDRESS,CITY,STATE,POSTCODE,TEL #
to mail out the payment.



[email protected]

So Matt Smith is still at it. I would hope that anybody selling any product online, would recognize the above e-mail request for information as a scam. Unfortunately, people still do reply to such e-mails, I believe mostly because they’re excited by the thought that they may sell their item and make some money. Anytime somebody e-mails a reply for something you have posted on a forum or classified ad website, always best to pause and review the e-mail for anything potentially fishy. It’s also very easy to perform a search on the name and/or e-mail address you are contacted by in a way to discover if there is any previous knowledge posted about the individual being a scammer.

Use common sense and know you’re doing business with online. @ 12:28 pm | Article ID: 1249327741

Helene Dido Internet Classified Ad Scams

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m posting this in the hope that someone potentially getting scam by an overseas buyer will perform a search and find this persons info. It’s similar to the dozens of other scam emails I’ve seen over the years, only the names and email addresses change (and sometimes the IP address). Here is info on the latest…

Helene Dido
Sender IP:

Ad Headline: Traction Table
Posted To: Chiropractic Classifieds

Sender replied to a Chiropractic Classified with the following…

hello i say you advert for sale and am willing to buy it i want you to give
me your best selling price for it and the present condition .. i will be
waiting to read from you ..

helene dido
[email protected]

OK, not everybody spells great or has proper grammer (myself included) but this is classic scam copy, similar to Osram Slam, Martins Gilbert, Mark Nicholas, Daniel Monday, Loaded Martins, and many others.

Regardless of where you are posting your classified ads, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a few minutes to do some research and find out who you are dealing with, BEFORE you even reply to email requests.

If you are not sure the email sent to you from some stranger wanting to purchase your item on behalf of a client using a shipping company and check or money order is a scam, the least you could do is perform a search for the persons name or email address. Many times it will appear on a 419 Scam Forum site or in a blog post like this.

Don’t be fooled, do your homework.