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Chiropractic Blogging like it’s 1999

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Taking a walk down history lane on what parts of the website looked like 10 years ago. Amazing to think that we’ve been at it for more than a decade now, and today even our news archives feature a full 10 years of solid content that has been posted near daily since June of 1999.

Chances are you don’t recall how things looked on our chiropractic of planets back in the 1990s. I had an affirmation in 1999 that I’ve repeated each day. The affirmation was Fresh Content Daily. That was the simple goal set out from around the time of December 1998. The goal was to create some form of fresh html based content on a daily occurrence. If I didn’t spend 1994 through 1998 playing Doom and Duke Nukem 3-D there probably would have been even more content. I pretty much stopped playing computer games around the time I put my focus on the website. It was a worthwhile sacrifice.


That’s what a screenshot from the news archives look like in 1999. At least the ones that were posted by me (Dr. Mike). Back then, articles simply had a title, the author name, and the time of the post, as well as a date for each group of articles posted that day. I like the one that reads “Internet will change doctor-patient relationships” knowing it has become a reality in 2009.

It’s 10 years later and many healthcare professionals still believe ADHD maybe over diagnosed in children. There is also still quite a few concerns regarding ADHD medication safety. Look at the headlines from August 22 and ask yourself if drug-resistant staph bacteria is still on the rise. One only has to perform a Google News search for the term to see that 10 years later it still appears in quite a few news headlines. It is not as popular a topic right now, since so many are focused on Swine Flu a.k.a. the H1N1 virus.

10 years later do you think drug manufacturers still continue to seek pushing chemicals on the market without valid scientific evidence supporting their product? Today, both homeopathic and drug company manufactured products are under the gun when it comes to searching news related to pharmaceutical fraud.

Searching in 1999 — If you landed on our website in 1999, you had a whopping six choices for searching the Internet from our site. There is a screenshot below that shows a drop down box on our home page allowing people to search across six different engines. Those sites included Alta Vista, Excite, Goto, Infoseek, Lycos and Yahoo. I think about that time in 1998-1999, Alta Vista was our number one source of search traffic. How times have changed.


Of those six engines shown above, only Yahoo remains as a popular search destination. 10 years later we have Google dominating search along with Microsoft Bing challenging the behemoth engine for a slice of the search engine pie.

The above two screenshots show white pages with black text combined with shades of blue. Around late 1999 we went all black for about a six month period. Anybody remember what the site looked like then? I had even forgotten about much of the design created in the 1990s, but just yesterday I came across an about page which says a bit about what we had set out to do.


Planet Chiropractic is a growing information network for the chiropractic professional. Chiropractors, students, and staff worldwide are logging onto Planet Chiropractic to access updated information on news and events related to the chiropractic profession. Planet Chiropractic offers a unique service by providing users with up to date information on a regular basis. The Planet Chiropractic website is dynamic as the news and event information we bring you is refreshed daily. We do all the work in gathering information so that you can focus on other things.

I really like this… “Planet Chiropractic was launched with the intent of connecting more chiropractors with their colleagues and to increase awareness and involvement in the worldwide chiropractic community.”

At the bottom of the about page I found a personal message that looked as though it was my signature on pages for people visiting the website. There’s something to learn from dedicating years of your life to service in an endeavor that you’re passionate about.


10 years later one message I have for you still rings true…

May your days be abundant and your lives filled with passion.

Looking Back on Planet Chiropractic June 1999

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

What’s it like writing news content for the past 10 years? I can tell you that today, everything has the potential to be newsworthy, as the world has become a constant flow of online information. Today we celebrate 10 years of consistent news content creation and there’s times I wonder just what went on during the past decade. For you Internet old-timers that have been around creating content since previous to 1999, I salute you, it’s a constant effort. It’s Father’s Day Sunday morning, and I’m already 3 posts up in preparation of the week ahead. There’s more than a dozen articles outlined on the whiteboards lining my office, but I’m taking some time off for the rest of the day.

About Planet Chiropractic 1999(photo: screenshot from 1999 of a webpage on planet chiropractic)

I didn’t want to not have a post on June 21, I could’ve covered the 2009 first day of summer, but that was already done. I thought about writing some more on the US Open Golf Championship in Bethpage, New York, but I believe I covered the key specifics for that yesterday.

Instead of posting something fresh and forward thinking today, I thought I’d show a screenshot from the About Planet Chiropractic page that I found, which serves as a reminder ( more for me than for you) as to what it is that we are doing here.

About Planet Chiropractic — Planet Chiropractic is a growing information network for the chiropractic professional. Chiropractors, students, and staff worldwide are logging onto Planet Chiropractic to access updated information on news and events related to the chiropractic profession. Planet Chiropractic offers a unique service by providing users with up to date information on a regular basis. The Planet Chiropractic website is dynamic as the news and event information we bring you is refreshed daily. We do all the work in gathering information so that you can focus on other things.

Planet Chiropractic was launched with the intent of connecting more chiropractors with their colleagues and to increase awareness and involvement in the worldwide chiropractic community.

Nice to know we’re still making those connections.

For the dads out there, have a Happy Father’s Day! For those of you in the northern hemisphere, enjoy the summer solstice and our first day of summer! And Happy Graduation to all of you celebrating your successes in educational achievement this weekend! @ 12:16 pm | Article ID: 1245611812

US Open Golf 2009 Leaderboard and TV Schedule

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The 2009 US Open Golf Championship has made it to the weekend, despite rain hitting Long Island, making play difficult on the already treacherous Bethpage Black course at Bethpage State Park in New York. If you’re not watching the US Open live on NBC, there are several online resources for keeping up with scores and seeing who’s on top of the leaderboard.

2009 U.S. Open Bethpage Black
photo: 2009 U.S. Open Bethpage Black — credit: idovermani via Flickr
There’s three major sports websites providing great coverage for this weekend’s 2009 U.S. Open championship in Long Island. The first is the official site of the 2009 U.S. Open ( They are running a leaderboard along the right side of the screen (currently I see Ricky Barnes is playing hole 10 and in the lead). There is also lots of NBC highlights from the tour on the U.S. Open site as well.

Yahoo Sports ( has a clean and easy to view live leaderboard for the PGA tour as well. The Yahoo Sports leaderboard page auto refreshes and it’s probably one of the best bets for viewing leaderboard stats from mobile devices or netbooks. On the leaderboard page, check the previous tournaments drop down box for stats on other championships and golf classics.

ESPN is running a leaderboard across the top of the site ( and there’s also to live links available on the page. ESPN is live blogging and tweeting from Bethpage Black, check the blinking live icon on the site for a link. ESPN also has a live Pop Up video so you can watch the tournament online. Live streaming quality is spectacular. It opens in a new browser window so instead of linking to it from here, go to the ESPN homepage, and click on Watch Tiger Woods live. ESPN has the best source of Bethpage Black live streaming video I’ve seen yet.

NBC Sports also has live online coverage for the 2009 U.S. Open (ns/sports-us_open_2009/). Click on the main page and look for the bar across the top that reads “Watch live online: Full-day coverage of the 17th hole at the U.S. Open” to open a pop-up browser featuring live video coverage and related highlights.

ESPN had live TV coverage before the weekend, with today and tomorrow’s play being broadcast live by NBC television as well. For more live blogging and coverage for this weekend’s Bethpage Black event, check out ( They’re running a leaderboard and have a nice clean television schedule available as well.

For chiropractic and Tiger Woods fans, check out our British Open story, or the chiropractic and Bob Gilder story, and even the Doug Tewell story. Many chiropractors love golf and taking care of the pros, I believe the feeling is mutual. @ 11:05 am | Article ID: 1245521147

First Day of Summer 2009

By Daria Belov

The longest day of the year is here, Sunday is the first day of summer for 2009, taking us into the approaching summer solstice (June 21 at 05:45). As you may be wondering, the solstice is an astronomical event that occurs twice each year, when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is most inclined toward or away from the Sun, resulting the Sun’s apparent position in the sky to reach its northernmost or southernmost extreme. Opposite from Summer, the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year.

first day of summer 2009
First Day of Summer 2009 – Boats Entering Marina del Rey

The above photo was taken on the west coast of Southern California. Boats are entering the Marina as the sun gets ready to drop below the mountains of Malibu. A much larger version, along with photos of a California Grey Whale that has been in the channel off the coast of Marina del Rey, can be viewed in this Marina del Rey Flickr photo set.

In the northern hemisphere, the days have grown longer, but they will gradually begin getting shorter after June 21. There’s lots happening this weekend, with a continuation of the 2009 US Open Golf Championship this week at Bethpage State Park, Fathers Day (on Sunday), Graduation Day for many thousands across the globe, a World Championship Triathlon in Washington DC, and opportunity to get out on the bicycle and enjoy some sunshine.

I must have mentioned it 10 times today that the first day of summer was this weekend. People looked at me like I was batty, and two even asked me when was the first day of spring? Um, that was in March and now we are in June. So much for spring cleaning. It’s time to get the bikes out of the garage, lube up the rollerblades, find your stakeboard, make plans to visit the beach (or a local state fair), and get out an enjoy yourself.

Many in the US will be off, since the beginning of summer is fortunately falling on a Sunday. The summer solstice gives us our longest day here in North America, but you shouldn’t notice much difference between sunset on Saturday vs Sunday.

If you’re looking for things to do this summer, movie blockbusters are coming out during the next few weeks. Summer movies are great for when it’s too hot out to enjoy the sun, and they’re terrific on warm summer evenings, especially if popcorn is included. Besides the theatre, there are several 2009 Solstice Parade events taking place across the USA. For example the Fremont Fair in Seattle Washington is held this weekend.

Today is also day 3 of the Nike Outdoor Nationals taking place at North Carolina A&T’s Irwin Belk Track. The American Track & Field high school championship meet completes today in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Maybe you want to make a visit to your local chiropractor before you hit up the summer action, we understand, but remember chiropractors tend to be an active and fit group, often taking time off for summer activities themselves. Be sure to call your local DC (doctor of chiropractic) and get the scoop on summer calendar hours. That way you’re not surprised to arrive at the office only to find a Gone Surfing sign. @ 12:01 am | Article ID: 1245481310

2009 ITU Triathlon World Championship Series Stop in DC

By Daria Belov

For you triathlon lovers, the 2009 ITU World Championship Series makes a stop in Washington, DC this weekend, with live online coverage June 21. The series of seven world championship triathlon events began in May of this year in Tongyeong, South Korea. The second race was held May 30 and 31st in Madrid, Spain. The world championship series continues in Washington DC this weekend. Watch it live online via Universal Sports.

ITU Triathlon World Championship Women(photo: elite triathlon women — credit: darkness via Flickr)

Billed as the Dextro Energy Triathlon — the ITU World Championship Series 2009 is a series of seven World Championship Triathlon Events leading to a Grand Final being held in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia in September 2009. The Series is organised under the auspices of the world governing body of triathlon – the International Triathlon Union (ITU) – and is sponsored by Dextro Energy.

Triathlon enthusiasts seeking to watch the events online, can tune in Sunday to for live coverage. Universal Sports is providing live coverage of the Washington DC event. Fans can tune in online and watch the world’s elite triathletes compete head-to-head in this one-of-a-kind athletic event.

Points leader Dmitry Polyansky from Russia leads the elite men’s field, which includes U.S. triathletes Jarrod Shoemaker, Hunter Kemper and Andy Potts in the nation’s capital. The women’s field features great competition from a pair of Australians: Emma Moffatt and Emma Snowsill. This is the only North American stop in the ITU World Championship series.

Fans can visit for up-to-date broadcast schedules, highlights, breaking news, video highlights, special features, photo galleries and more. The race schedule is as follows: June 21 Men’s Elite Race 9:05am ET Live — June 21 Women’s Elite Race 11:40am ET Live.

This year’s prize purses offer top performers a significant amount more weddings than for previous world championship triathlon events. A reported total of $700,000 will be distributed, with an additional $150,000 distributed at each of the 2009 world championship triathlon events, and $250,000 award at the grand final in Gold Coast Australia.

The triathlon world championships continue in July with a stop in Austria and then in Hamburg Germany. August events are scheduled to be held in London and Yokohama, Japan. The finals are on September 9-13 in Australia. @ 1:29 pm | Article ID: 1245443422

If Tiger Woods Planned His Success, Why Can’t You?

By Jennifer Kushell

Playing Bethpage Black in the 2009 US Open today? It’s possible you are if your name is Tiger Woods. Let’s face it. It’s pretty easy for any of us to say we’re going to get to the top of our game, but few actually pull it off – let alone in the sporting world. Tiger Woods did though. So why can’t any of us?

Before you rush to discount the comparison of Tiger’s success in his field to yours (listen up chiropractors), consider the fact that he was just a kid when he built his plan. It wasn’t the smoothest start either. In fact, Tiger was nine years old when he decided he might stop playing golf altogether. After some serious discussions with his parents, he reconsidered, then dove into training harder than ever.

Tiger Woods by Keith Allison
Tiger Woods, the world’s #1-ranked golfer, will play the 2009 US Open Golf Championship this week at Bethpage State Park on Long Island. — photo credit Keith Allison

While he might have his pick of the top tools and equipment in the world today, his initial planning was simple enough for any of us to emulate. In his room, on the wall right above his bed, Tiger went to work on his grand plan. Through a series of pictures and statistics, he created a timeline that laid out the then twenty-year career of Jack Nicklaus, his idol. On it he listed Nicklaus’s every major milestone, benchmark, award and tournament championship, then tracked his own career below. Even at nine, Tiger had already beaten some of Nickaus’s early records, but with the steps to his dream of ultimate success clearly mapped out, he had the plan he needed to become the best and do it earlier than Nicklaus did.

Now building a successful business, becoming a top exec, launching a game changing non-profit… they’ve all got to be easier than becoming one of the top athletes of all time. Wouldn’t you think?

Is it possible that all we really need to succeed at anything is the gumption, talent, tenacity and a plan? Three of those variables are totally in our control. Talent is another story. It certainly can be developed though. Let’s imagine that any raw talent or glimmer of some great potential can be nurtured… just like Tigers. We all have something that we’re great at – even if we haven’t yet discovered it.

In his 5 Graduation Gifts that Aren’t for Kindergarteners, Joey Flores mentioned that planning was essential to success. he even suggested a Career Planner as a way graduating students could perform a scientific self-assessment in career development.

Before you give up on your dream before you even have the chance to see it take flight, consider how much more focused you could be if you had a really well thought out plan, with benchmarks and stats and a big bold visual tracking chart on your wall. You don’t have to be nine to load up your bedroom or office with pictures of your goals. You can even put it on the back of a door or in your bathroom. Just do it. Map your path out. Embellish it with photos and load it up with all sorts of facts and stats. Look at it and contemplate it every day. Keep taking it step by step and readjusting as necessary. This could be the beginning of everything you ever dreamed of happening. So, why would you waste another day imagining what could have been? Plan your success today. @ 8:55 am | Article ID: 1245340558

ADHD Drugs Pose Serious Risk to Children


ADHD Drugs Pose Serious Risk to Children — Chiropractic Recommended as Safer Approach A new study has found that drugs used to treat attention deficit disorders may put kids at risk for of sudden death. The study, in the American Journal of Psychiatry, found an association between stimulant medications (like Ritalin) used to treat ADHD may cause sudden death in healthy children. In the past, there have been published reports indicating warning signs of danger. Last year, even the American Heart Association suggested the initiation of routine heart screening tests prior to starting children with ADHD on stimulant drugs and called for future studies to assess the risk of sudden death. The manufacturers of the drugs are still denying an association, with some refusing to comment to media inquiry.

Ritalin 10 MG Tablets Blisterpack(photo: blister pack Ritalin 10mg — credit: ADHD CENTER via Flickr)

US news wires, however are informing parents of the potential risks associated with the drug use. In a recent CBS news broadcast, HEALTHWATCH announced that an estimated 2.5 million US children are prescribed these questionable drugs. Dr. Jennifer Aston, CBS HEALTHWATCH spokesperson had these suggestions for parents:

1. Do not stop medications without speaking to a pediatrician.
2. Ask whether other screening procedures like EKG’s can be done on their child and evaluated by a pediatric cardiologist.
3. Alternatives or complimentary therapies like chiropractic and diet change have been shown to be beneficial for these children in place of or in conjunction with the drugs.

She concluded by recommending parents, “Explore their options and weigh the risks verses the benefits.”

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), spokesperson, Jeanne Ohm, DC reports: “Previous evidence related to the side effects of these drugs have kept us wary of their justified use for many years. We are pleased to finally see these concerns made public so parents are aware of the potential consequences of these drugs and can make informed decisions accordingly.”

As for weighing the risks verses the benefits of treatments as suggested by Dr. Jennifer Aston, Dr. Ohm adds, “A recent ICPA study, Adverse Effects Associated with Chiropractic Care for Children accepted for publication by a major biomedical journal reports minimal and minor adverse effects associated with care. Another study from the ICPA The chiropractic care of patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a retrospective analysis, also accepted for publication, shows promising results for children under chiropractic care.”

ICPA Research Director, Dr Joel Alcantara, DC concludes, “It is the ICPA mission to continue to lead the profession’s research efforts relevant to safe and natural chiropractic care for children. ICPA research projects and publications can be found at: @ 9:06 pm | Article ID: 1245298002

2009 Lakers Parade Route and Photos

By Daria Belov

The Lakers Parade Route is an easy one this year, as the 2009 NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers make their way from the Staples Center to the LA Coliseum for a victory celebration. After much heated discussion as to who was going to cover city expenses for hosting such a parade, it is moving forward, with contributions made by wealthy Los Angeles residents and the Lakers organization. I love a parade!

Lakers Parade - Los Angeles Lakers Cheerleaders
Cheerleaders at Los Angeles Lakers Parade

When is the Lakers Parade? — The 2009 parade is expected to start at about 11am today, with gates opening at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum around 9:30am. Participants are advised to arrive at the Coliseum early, in order to beat the crowds. There should be plenty of opportunities for those wanting to see the World Championship Lakers along the parade route, if they don’t want to head to the Coliseum. The view along Figueroa Street should be clear most of the way.

Richard Winton of the Los Angeles Times, wrote yesterday that Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa says Lakers parade needed in tough times, and I agree. I know that LA chiropractor Michael Dorausch agrees as well, having closed his chiropractic office for the 2001 Lakers Parade, and the 2002 Lakers Parade. We told him to be back in for the evening shift, and to bring some Lakers Parade photos. We’ll update this post with Parade photos later today.

Lakers Parade Route — It’s easy, this year’s Lakers victory parade begins at the Staples Center (just off the 110 and 10 freeways) and heads south along Figueroa Street. The parade is expected to reach the Los Angeles Coliseum around noon, with an afternoon victory celebration taking place there. Those taking the MetroLink should look for the Blue Line on Flower Street in downtown Los Angeles. That will get you close to the Staples Center.

Those heading to the LA Coliseum to celebrate there, can find more details on the Colosseum Website Lakers Championship Parade page. The parade route is nearly 2 miles long, and players, Lakers coaching staff, executives and city officials will travel along Figueroa Street on double-decker buses. The Colosseum is limiting access to the first 95,000 people arriving, so make plans to get there early. There will be big screen videos to watch the parade live from the Colosseum.

Be safe and have fun Los Angeles! @ 5:38 am | Article ID: 1245242303

ADHD Drugs and Sudden Unexplained Death

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Adolescents taking stimulant medications such as Ritalin for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) could possibly be several times more likely to suffer sudden unexplained death when compared to children not taking such drugs, according to a recent study funded by the Food and Drug Administration and the National Institute of Mental Health.

Ritalin 10mg Metylfenidathydroklorid(photo: Ritalin 10 mg prescription medication — credit: ADHD CENTER via Flickr)

Are kids taking ADHD drugs at a higher risk for sudden death when compared to those that don’t take similar medications? Before a widespread panic ensues, prompting everyone to discontinue the use of schedule II narcotic medications for children, researchers report that the numbers in the study were small, but a rare and troublesome connection may be found in the evolving puzzle of research.

There is no doubt I’m biased regarding the idea of giving kids (or even adults) medications like Ritalin or other ADHD drugs. I think it’s safe to say most chiropractors (and many natural health practitioners) would suggest approaches other than medicating children in regards to attention deficit disorder symptoms. But parents are hopefully making educated decisions, along with discussing the risks versus benefits with their respective healthcare practitioners, particularly those well-educated/experienced in the field.

Since these stimulants increase heart rate and have other cardiovascular effects, most doctors already evaluate patients for potential cardiac risks, before making recommendations for prescription medications like Adderall and Ritalin. Current numbers suggest an estimated 2.5 million children in the United States are taking such drugs via prescription. While it’s an old story, a year 2000 UK study suggested Ritalin was being overprescribed in children, prompting new guidelines to be created regarding prescribing the medication (in the UK, not the US). No idea how that’s worked out nine years later.

Currently, FDA officials say that given the seriousness of ADHD and the rarity of sudden death, the benefits of medicating children outweighs the risks. Agency officials urged parents to discuss concerns with doctors rather than make the decision of taking kids off of such medications on their own. I think patients should discuss concerns like these with their doctors, but not over the telephone or via the Internet. When it comes to the safety of our children, I believe these should be face-to-face between parent/s and healthcare practitioner/s. If for some reason your doctor or healthcare provider doesn’t have the time (or shows little interest) to discuss the well-being of your child, maybe it’s time to seek out someone that does.

According to the study and the concerns on sudden unexplained death, there was an association found between the stimulant medication methylphenidate (chemical name of Ritalin), but data reportedly showed limitations in drawing definitive conclusions, as to concrete risks. There was no experimental study done, since researchers would have to compare millions of children taking such medications with those not taking medications, in order to generate a result that was scientifically plausible. Instead, researchers evaluated information obtained on about 564 children in the United States, who died suddenly and inexplicably between the years 1985 and 1996.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has more details on this topic: Questions Raised About Stimulants and Sudden Death @ 10:16 pm | Article ID: 1245129413

2009 NBA Champions Los Angeles Lakers

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The Los Angeles Lakers are 2009 NBA Champions! Today’s Game 5 against the Orlando Magic was won by a score of 99-86. That ends the NBA Finals series, with the Lakers winning four out of the last five games. There was some question about a Lakers Parade in Los Angeles this week, but it looks like it’s moving forward. We had closed our chiropractic office for the 2001 Lakers Parade, and the 2002 Lakers Parade, so consider this a 3peat for us. Many patients in our office are Lakers fans, so we may as well be celebrating together in the streets.

Los Angeles Lakers Cheerleaders at Laker Parade
Los Angeles Lakers Cheerleaders at past Laker Parade

The 2009 LA Lakers Parade will begin on Wednesday at 11am near the Staples Center in downtown LA. The parade will end at the Coliseum where players and coaches will be honored for their efforts in the 2009 NBA season. If you’re planning to watch the parade, or attend the festivities at the Colosseum, plan on heading out early, as traffic in Los Angeles will no doubt be hectic.

LA Laker Parade Route — The 2009 Championship Parade begins at Figueroa and 11th St, just outside the Staples Center. The route runs along Figueroa, to the Los Angeles Coliseum. Admission to the LA Coliseum is free, and gates are expected to open at 9:30 a.m. Lakers fans are urged to arrive early, to avoid already heavy traffic in Los Angeles.

I suspect the parade will likely be covered by several local news agencies and television stations. When I get a list of local LA stations that are going to broadcast the parade on TV, I’ll update this post. If we’re lucky, someone’s also going to have a Web stream so those that can’t leave work can possibly watch the Lakers Parade live online.

Congratulations 2009 Lakers, you deserve it! @ 9:34 pm | Article ID: 1245040520