Month: September 2002

Chiropractic Care Increases Quality of Life For HIV/AIDS Patients

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

A recent article in Up & Coming Weekly Magazine suggests that chiropractic care can offer greater immune competence to people with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other serious diseases.

According to clinical studies reported on in the article, chiropractic was shown to boost immune system function, help with secondary symptoms such as peripheral neuropathy, and provided reduction in stress. The article states that, “All of these are empowering HIV/AIDS patients to live a more positive quality of life. This in turn increases life expectancy.”

The article suggests success from several other clinical studies involving chiropractic and immune system function. A researcher involved in one study stated, “Chiropractic patients (in the study) had 200 percent greater immune competence than people who had not received chiropractic, and 400 percent greater immune competence than people with cancer or other serious disease.”

The article goes on to define a vertebral subluxation as being comprised of five components.
Spinal kinesiopathology – the inability to comfortably turn neck, hips, or back in every direction.
Neuropathophysiology – Impingement of nerves creating numbness, tingling, pain or pins and needles.
Myopathology – tight, spastic, weak, sore, and/or overly sensitive muscular responses.
Histopathology – swelling, tenderness, painful spots, and other soft tissue changes.
Pathophysiology – muscles, joints, ligaments, and organs show wear and tear and premature aging.

The article suggests that increasing ones quality of life and symbiotically decreasing stress plays a major part in life expectancy. The final sentence says it all… “If you aren’t under chiropractic, then you are not allowing your body to perform at 100 percent.”

Up & Coming Weekly: Chiropractic Care Increases Quality of Life For HIV/AIDS Patients @ 7:04 am | Article ID: 1033049096

Step Fourteen to a Hundred a Day

By Dr. Rick Wren

Step number fourteen is actually Advanced Success Principle #4 (Always cluster book appointments). I find that most Chiropractors schedule their adjustments over way too many hours of the day and week. This makes for boredom and early burnout.

Every time I have talked a Chiropractor into cutting back their hours, their practice has always gone up. It creates more synergy and energy with the practice. It also creates excitement within the team to gain more personal time. I would suggest if you are working 6 days a week, cut back to 5. If you are working 5 days a week cut back to 4. It is possible to cut down to 3 days a week if all 21 success principles are in place. Then look at how many hours you are scheduling adjustments each day. I schedule only five hours each day and still adjust over 100 a day with no stress.

My schedule for adjusting is: Monday Wednesday Thursday 8:30-9:30 11:00-12:00 3:00-6:00
I schedule Group Reports: M-W from 10:00-11:00 AM
I schedule Spinal Care Workshop: Thursday 6:00-7:00 PM
I schedule Weekly Staff Trainings: Thursday 10:00-11:00 AM
Staff office work and cleaning: Tuesday all day and Friday morning

I showed you my schedule, just so you know it can be done. Most of you need to schedule more days than this, but not more hours in a day. A nice schedule for most is all day Monday and Wednesday, afternoons only Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then Friday mornings only. With this schedule I adjusted 400 to 450 very easily.

Most of you are scheduling everything all the time. You need to have very specific separate hours for new patients, re-exams, and reports. Scheduling group reports makes life so much easier and fun. If you are interested in how to do a group report, download the “Group Report Script.” (File is in MS Word format) If you are not having patients asking you how to pay for one year of care, you may want to purchase our SOCM 3 Day ROF Video/ Audio set from Planet Chiropractic.

I will see you in Miami in 3 weeks (
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Manifest Your Own Dreams

By Bruce Parker, D.C.

You can dream about having wealth, but ultimately what you attract and accomplish will be the result of how you play your part in that dream. It is people with the vision of success who manifest success. Success minded people will hope for it, successful people have applied the active ingredient, ACTION! They realize a planned and definite objective must be established if you’re to accomplish anything in a big way. There is no achievement without a goal.

The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want. The second step is to act towards that objective. Planning and dreaming will cause emotion. Emotion fuels action. Action is what’s required for you to manifest the dream. When you are acting towards what it is you desire, with clear focus and certainty, the world will turn aside to let you pass, as long as you know where you’re going. Dreams give you a starting place. Goals give the destination. Action drives you there. Determine what you want. Decide on your major objectives, targets and destination. You will manifest your own dreams by first having the dream, decide to make it happen (goal) and take action daily to get it, not stopping until you have it.

It seems that most have a goal of a busier and more successful practice. To achieve it we must clearly see it in our mind, and then we will see it in physical manifestation. To achieve even higher goals we must become humble and see ourselves as servants. Willing to give of ourselves for the benefit of others. This is a form of release and an act of trust. Trusting in the universal principles, the same principles that we use everyday as Chiropractors. Knowing when we move the bone that GOD will do the healing.

The universe requires balance. If we give of ourselves unselfishly those we give ourselves to must give back, which is Universal balance. In the physical world we give the gift of life by giving an adjustment. We focus on our patients and see them as whole and healthy. They in return see us as the giver of this gift, and when they know the VALUE of the gift they will exchange energy to us, by exchanging money for this gift. The act of exchanging energy for energy brings balance to the exchange, and this exchange causes an expectancy of healing from the giver as well as the receiver. The act of exchange is in of itself, an action of healing.

To not allow a patient to participate in the exchange is to deny them true health. If they seem challenged by participating in this act of exchange, you must help them become responsible for the exchange, because they must participate in this act to achieve the healing (result) they are seeking.

By understanding this process it should then be clear that it is our obligation to demand exchange, which will then promote healing. Success then is in fact the result of your great intention, love and an act of healing. To deny your own success is to deny yourself love.

Financial and monetary success allows you to serve with no fear. You have no investment in a patient not accepting what you recommend because you don’t have to have them accept care so you can survive, you recommend what you feel is necessary for THEIR well being. When you practice with a need of money, you become NEEDY. When you practice within universal principles and truth you become FREE!

When we give unselfishly of ourselves, the universe responds with gifts of abundance. To have more patients we must focus on loving and serving and giving benefit. With this as our focus, the law of attraction sets up a tracking beam for your community to find you. When you focus on yourself and your selfish wants and desires, and the beam disappears, and it takes effort to build and rebuild your practice.

Chiropractic is not for you, it is for the world to receive. Let’s all focus this week on how our practices can better serve our community. If we commit to excellence for a cause greater than ourselves, and do so with love and appreciation for ourselves and our community, you will set up an attraction and the community will respond by seeking your service, no matter where you are located, environmental factors or changes in the economy. People want more health and vitality. Health and vitality is the benefit of a well adjusted being. Now let’s go and change this crazy world….. with Love!

Have a great week!

– – – – – – – – – –
See you in Seattle this weekend, Chicago next weekend, or Dallas the following weekend for the new #1 seminar in the new “Practice Freedom System” series.

Love, “Coach”
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Enjoying Every Step

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

Poor Blue has been a nervous wreck. Ever since I made the intention at the last Gathering to be as nice as my dog, I find myself staring at him a lot, observing his reactions and basically trying to figure out what makes him tick. He doesn’t dig it at all. He’ll stare back at me, apparently trying to determine what he did wrong, and when I don’t say or do anything, he keeps coming over to me, expecting to be petted or expecting us to go out for a walk or expecting whatever it is he expects. And since I’ve intended to be as nice as he is, I’ve been doing a lot of petting and walking. I’ve had to become sneakier in my observations, and thru them I’ve determined that he really is nice. He lives to please. Nothing makes him truly angry. He never judges today’s walk against yesterday’s. He bears no grudges, no resentments, no complaints, no addictions, no conceit, and no self-pity. He appears to have no ego to speak of, and basically he has been pissing me off. How can I ever be like that? Granted, I can certainly be nicer, especially with my family, and indeed I have even found myself asking the perhaps-blasphemous question, “what would Blue do?” But can I really be like him? Do I need to eat hard, dry, and disgusting dog food, and nothing else? Do I need to accept, integrate, deny, or obliterate my rather large ego? Do I need a lobotomy?

Last Friday rolled around, and after nearly 12 hours in the office, including another of my twice a week, marathon health talks, I was faced with the prospect of leaving my house at 9:30 PM, a 90 minute drive to Reno for a 12:30 AM flight to Dallas, a 2 and 1/2 hour layover there, then a flight to Toronto arriving at noon local time, all in order to speak at Saturday Nite Live at 8 PM. I can’t even begin to describe how little I wanted to go. I even went so far as to invent some excuses to get out of it, thinking the whole time how Blue would never have allowed himself to get into this situation, which didn’t help. I went ballistic on my ego, blaming it for getting me to want to speak in Toronto to begin with. But voices in my head kept murmuring about abiding by commitments, and about people needing to hear my message (not to mention the fact that my ego still slobbered over the idea of speaking where Sigafoose and Dick Santo and even BJ himself had spoken before), so off I went.

The talk went well, even if the crowd was considerably smaller than for the aforementioned speakers, and even tho I had gotten about 2 hours sleep since Thursday night. My ego was doing a somewhat reserved tap dance across the dance floor of my consciousness as people came up and thanked me. Then an amazing thing happened. A young man named Colin emerged from the shadows with tears in his eyes, identified himself as a University of Toronto philosophy student, and proceeded to ask me the meaning of life. I could tell he was lost, so I gave him a few answers straight from chiropractic philosophy, and gifted him with my book. I gathered my belongings, said some final good-byes, and left to return to my hotel. There was a thunderstorm raging (after 6 weeks of no rain), so I had to take a detour on my route back to the hotel. I past a tall column, and leaning on the far side of the column, reading my book, was Colin. We proceeded to talk for an hour. He was indeed lost. He had been experiencing what he considered to be some form of divine guidance, but had been unable to accept it. He questioned it, he tried to figure it all out, and he had plunged into a deep depression. I remember thinking that he could greatly benefit from hanging out with Blue. I said something to him (which I can’t even remember), and he burst into tears, saying, “I’m feeling very moved by what you’re saying.” At that precise moment, a lightning blast went off directly over our heads, and a nearly simultaneous thunderclap scared the shit out of both of us. We looked at each other, both with tears in our eyes, and started to laugh about the exclamation point that God had just placed after my sentence. It was right out of “The Natural.” Then he shared with me that he had gone to church earlier in the evening (for the first time in his life), and while there was loudly and clearly directed to get up and go to the auditorium where I was speaking, and there he would meet an angel. Wow. We hugged as he told me that he had always hoped his angel would turn out to be a beautiful girl, and I returned to my hotel room to subsequently keep my sleepless streak alive.

As always, I am left with multitudinous questions. Did Innate create my ego and does it use it to get me do stuff that is essential for the plan, like getting me to Toronto? Do I really have faults and weaknesses? Do I really have free will? Do I really want to be like Blue, or am I already an angel, just the way I am? Can I see myself as already whole, healed, and perfect? Can I really see that in others until I see it in myself? Is there any such thing as separation of any kind, or does my brain just continually cut slices out of wholeness? Is the whole thing rigged? Are we really all angels for each other in this magnificently designed life? Do I really have to have any of these questions answered? Or do I simply get to wonder and experience as I venture on my path, enjoying every step? @ 9:24 pm | Article ID: 1032495842

107 Years of Chiropractic – What’s in the News

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Happy Founders Day! Today is the 107th birthday of Chiropractic. It is also the opening day of my new office (ADIO Chiropractic) in Marina del Rey, California.

There’s an abundance of chiropractic news in the media. I thought I’d share some of the links with you.

First, and fitting for founders day, I noticed that Palmer college is planning on opening a college in Sacramento, California. The are looking into the Folsom area and plan to open by 2006. News Link: College chooses Folsom

The 2003 and 2004 New York State Special Olympics will be held at New York Chiropractic College. News Link: State Special Olympics to be held at NYCC

In observance of the anniversary of 9/11, chiropractors from across the country will be sponsoring “Lifesavers” Appreciation Day to honor the men and women who risk their lives to help save the lives of others. News Link: Chiropractors sponsor Lifesaver’s Appreciation Day

Chiropractors in the news this week…

Wendy Attadgie: She’s got your back
Charles Wade: College injury drew Oxford chiropractor into profession
Frank Zolli: Special legislation gives Bridgeport dean chiropractic license
Alex Carr: Alex Carr follows in family’s chiropractic footsteps

Enjoy this day of 107 years of chiropractic! @ 7:06 am | Article ID: 1032357988

I Believe I Can Fly

By Super CA Lynne

Isn’t it great to be alive and doing what you love? The other day I was taking a walk with my 13 year old daughter, we were laughing and acting silly when I loudly burst into song, “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky, I think about it every night and day, I spread my wings and fly away!”

“Mommmmmmmmmm, what are you doing” she says while pulling on my sleeve to get me to stop and cautiously looking around to make sure none of her teeny bop friends are looking. “I’m singing honey”, I say, “What does it look like”? “Well do you have to do it right now, right here”? she asks. “Ummmmmm, yeah as a matter of fact I do”, as I burst out into song again. “Mommmmmmmmmm, pleeeeeeeeease”, she whines as I continue my song and I might say a pretty good version of it. “Everyone is looking at us” “Who is everyone”, I ask, “my fans”? “Oh brother, you drive me nuts”, as she puts her head down and pretends she does not know me.

“Hey Taye ya know what, you should be glad you have a cool mom like me, who you look exactly like and act exactly like”, I say with a big smile on my face. “Ok, ok”, she says, “but do you have to sing so loud?” “Yes honey I do and do you know why? I yell! “I know, I know, she smiles, “It’s because you’re a Super CA and you’re changing the world one person at a time!” That’s right Taye, and do you think that those people we passed smiled when they heard me sing or did they think gee, I wish that crazy woman would shut up? Do you think next time they see me in the grocery store or walking downtown they will say, “wow lets go to the other side of the street, here comes the wacko woman?” Or will they think, wow here she comes I wonder why she is so happy all the time. “Your right mom, she hugs me tightly as we continue our walk now BOTH singing at the top of our lungs, “I believe I can fly…”

Whether you sing your song or just smile at everyone you meet this week… please know you are making a difference and know I love you and appreciate you for all that you do everyday to make this world a better place. Have an incredibly awesome week changing the world Super DC’S & CA’S… and remember there is no one like you… you’re the best.

Chiropractic is Life!!! @ 7:14 am | Article ID: 1032185644

Step #13 to a Hundred a Day

By Rick Wren, D.C.

Step #13 is actually Additional Success Principle #3 (Always use Chiropractic “Table Talk”). It has been a long standing knowledge, that the more you talk “chiropractic” the busier you are. Reversibly the more you talk weather, sports, news, and sex, the less busy you are.

One of the ways to find out how good your “Tic” talk is in your office is to ask your staff members to explain what a subluxation is. The second is to ask all your patients to explain what a subluxation is. If you are brave enough to try this, you will be very surprised at what your staff and patients do not know overall.

A visit in and out of McDonald’s to pick up food has an expectation of 15 minutes or less. A routine visit in and out of a chiropractic office should have an expectation of 30 minutes or less to expect growth. How thrilled would you be if the person at McDonald’s discussed news and sports every time you went, which delayed your experience by 15 minutes or more. But what if the person gave you a ten second one liner on the quality of their food or service each time you were in and it caused no delay.

Chiropractors make two mistakes with patients. One, they think all patients understand chiropractic after one poor explanation. Two, they try to make every patient their best friends. We all should already know that our family and friends are our worst patients overall.

Buy one of those pointer lasers from an office supply store and start pointing to nerve and subluxation charts on every visit at first. Then point and talk nerve interference every five visits. Any time a patient tells you something or asks you a question, get your laser out and point to a chart while you explain. The real beauty of this is when you have an open adjusting room and several people are learning something. Example, “Doc my numbness in my hand is going away.” Point with your laser to a chart and say, “See that nerve right there? As we correct your subluxation, you are getting more and more power flowing through that nerve. See you Monday.”

Get a score sheet and see how many people you can talk “Tic” with on your next day in the office. Remember it is the opposite of Golf, the higher the score the better.

If you did not make it to the Parker in Toronto you missed a good one. The energy was so high and loving. I will see you in Miami in 5 weeks ( @ 5:53 pm | Article ID: 1031705636

Old Habits are Hard to Break

By Travis Robertson (6th trimester student – Palmer College)

If you have ever tried to break yourself of a bad habit, you know how hard it can be. You have to break it once then again and again and again. You have to do it many times at relatively close intervals. This helps your body to retrain itself to a new habit. Hopefully the new one is better than the old. We are creatures of habit. We find a pattern that we are comfortable with and follow it to a tee, often without conscious thought.

We merely revert to our programming, our pattern, our habit. Example: Have you ever driven somewhere and when you got there remembered very little, if any, of the trip? It really freaks you out. You think to yourself, was I paying attention? You were, but it’s just that you’ve done it so many times before that it is part of your program. It is an action that can be done without conscious thought. If any of you play sports of any sort, you know that sometimes you just get in the “zone.” It’s the same thing but with this you get a feeling on oneness with the game, an intense focus that conscious thot has little and/or no bearing on. You react quickly, reflexively, instinctively, and innately to your motor program.

Another example is kids. We know that kids are very impressionable at a young age. Usually this is from about birth to six or seven years of age. The programming or habits that they learn in this period may be with them for a long time, maybe even for life. The “bad” habits formed here are the HARDEST ones to break.

We get into these patterns or habits and some are good and some are “bad.” The “bad” ones, I believe, are good in that they offer the possessor a chance to learn and change and grow as a person. What we often see is that those early habits, those tough ones, are the ones that many people have trouble breaking on their own. The best way to stop these habits is to never let them start in the first place. It’s like trying to stop a snowball after it has been rolling down a snow-covered mountain for forty years, it isn’t gonna happen. It’s much easier to stop the snowball when it’s a mere marble size, then when it’s a boulder. Actually it is like we said before, easier to stop it from starting in the first place.

Now that we are all on the same page, I would like to talk about one of the worst habits I know of that a great deal of people have and, for the most part, don’t even know it. That habit is a subluxation. It’s a habit that can begin at, or even before, birth. If left uncorrected for years it just gets harder and harder to break as it becomes more and more ingrained into whom we are. A subluxation is a minor disruption of the normal structural orientation of the bones of the spine. This may not seem like a very bad thing but if we look at it a bit closer we find that it can have long lasting and devastating effects. The bones of the spine, 24 movable ones, serve two primary functions in our body. One of those functions is to allow all the movements that we do on a daily basis. It serves as the “anchor” for the attachment and movement of our arms, legs and head. The second function is the one that the Chiropractor is most concerned with. That function is to PROTECT the spinal cord. The bones of your neck and back form a ring around the spinal cord to provide this protection. Between each of the bones in your neck and back there is an opening on either side to allow the spinal cord to shoot off a branch of nerves to supply a part of the body. Now if the structure of your house wasn’t good, let’s say that you had a hole in the roof you’d probably get rained on right? The same is true of your spine. If the structure of the spine is not good then the function of the nervous system that it protects will not be 100%. And as we all know the nervous system is the system that regulates and coordinates all functions of the human body, so if the nervous system is at less than 100% everything else in the body will be less than 100%.

nerves subluxations

I’ll give you one more analogy. A subluxation of the bones of your neck and back is like taking a tire on a car and making it square. Changing a car tire to a square most definitely changes the function of the tire but if you look at it a little deeper you come to realize that it affects the overall function of the entire “vehicle.” Changing structure changes function, and it’s as simple as that.

There is one large difference between you and the car, you adapt and the car doesn’t. If the car has a square tire it simply will not go any where. If you have a subluxation (square tire) you adapt to it. Adaptability is one of the five signs of life that all organisms possess. If life didn’t possess adaptability, it wouldn’t last very long. When your body becomes subluxated in the spine, your body adapts to that state. That state is an abnormal one. It is a negative cycle that continually feeds upon itself causing an increased chance of more subluxation and thus more adaptation into a negative pattern. The longer this “habit” is there and the more compounded it gets the harder it is to break.

This negative cycle, this bad habit, I believe, begins many times at the birth due to trauma to the spine during the birth process. The more natural the birth the better your chances that this won’t happen but remember that it still is a possibility. These “habits” are easy to get rid of early by adjusting the spine so that the structure is consistent with optimal function. Left unchecked and compounded by years of altered structure and adaptation to a negative cycle more than one adjustment may be needed to correct the original problem. This is why Chiropractors may want to see you several times in the early going especially if you weren’t adjusted from birth. (The Chiropractors ultimate goal though should be to get you to a point where you value and take responsibility for your own health. Through this “mental” adjustment you realize the values of healthy living and you learn to avoid those things that cause the problems in the first place so that you don’t have to see the chiropractor every week for the rest of your life. When you attain this status as a patient, you can just come in when there is a problem or when you are coming in for your monthly, six months, or yearly checkups, whatever the case may be.) Children adjusted from the very beginning may rarely need to be adjusted as adults because they have adapted correctly to their surroundings with a structure and function that was optimal for them.

To sum it all up, I look at the spinal column as the great “resistor” of the body. It is where internal and external interference is broken in an attempt to keep the body functioning. Although through this attempt to maintain function the body slowly “overheats” and ultimately begins to break down. The body must then be retrained to what is optimal and the initial interference, or cause of the problem, removed. This must be done in order to let the healing begin from within. This process requires time. The longer the problem is there the longer the process of healing takes.

Kids bounce back quicker than adults, so get those kids checked for subluxation, before they have years of subluxation and finally a stupid backache brings them into the chiropractor. If you take them to the dentist before they have a cavity then take them to a chiropractor long before they get a “backache.” The Chiropractor, unlike the dentist, is dealing with the most important system of adaptation in the body, maybe on the planet, the nervous system. Remember if we fail to adapt appropriately in an ever-changing world we die.

In closing, Health is defined as: Optimal physical, mental, and social well being and NOT merely the absence of disease or infirmary. Medicine continues to seek to alleviate symptoms and control the natural processes of the body. Chiropractic seeks to reduce or remove interference to the nervous system thus allowing the individual optimal adaptation and balance with their environment. Now tell me, whose REALLY about HEALTH? I think you already know the answer to that question. Knowing that answer, give yourself, your family, and your kids, a chance to live with REAL health through Chiropractic Care.

– – – – – – – – – – – –
Travis Robertson was a 6th trimester chiropractic student at Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa when this article was published.

Freedom – Chiropractic Style

By Dr. Stacy Larsen

Freedom is a very powerful word. Freedom is the ability to exercise choice. Freedom is also the capacity to engage in certain actions without interference. The concept and principles of freedom are enormous: countries have been founded on it, societies run by it and wars have been fought over it. Chiropractic care shares many similarities with the definitions that are mentioned above because it offers freedom for people who choose to use it.

Most people think of chiropractic care as a natural treatment of an ache or an injury, the freedom from pain. This can be valuable to the person suffering from the discomfort. It allows them to resume their normal activities, return to work or sleep through the night. They can do their housework, earn the money they need to support their family or have energy throughout their day. When the pain is no longer there, normal routines return.

People who choose regular chiropractic care enjoy the freedom of movement. Their spines and nervous systems become stronger over time. This allows them the opportunity to use their body as it was designed. This means that many people can do things they haven’t been able to do. Grandparents are able to pick up their grandchildren, people can ski for a whole day or complete a full round of golf. As the movement returns to the body, their quality of life improves.

When the health returns to the spine and nervous system, other people enjoy the freedom from medications. For some, they no longer have to take the antacids to relieve ulcer discomfort. Others can cut back on the blood pressure pills or they no longer need them. The overall health of the individual improves. The body is able to use what it already has on the inside. It doesn’t need chemical help from the outside.

The most powerful aspect of lifetime chiropractic care is the freedom from fear. This is the knowledge that your body is capable of standing up to what challenges the environment may throw at you. You know that you have the best doctor in the world working inside of you. You can rely only on yourself for health. When the media talks about the latest virus being reported in your area, rather than feeling threatened, you know your body is up to the challenge.

Regular chiropractic care offers many benefits to those who choose to use it. Less pain, more mobility, a stronger immune system and a higher quality of life just to mention a few. That’s freedom – chiropractic style.

– – – – – – – – – –
Dr. Stacy Larsen practices in Red Deer, Alberta. Visit his website at: @ 8:12 am | Article ID: 1031584356