Month: January 2002

Live It Large

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I returned home Sunday evening from a New Beginning’s event in New Jersey with that larger-than-life feeling I often have after attending a powerful chiropractic weekend. For those of you that have heard me speak, I frequently talk about being in tune with the universe and how I particularly become aware of this when I am traveling to and from chiropractic events. Once again, I had that “feeling.”

By no accident, this week I was talking about music and its relationship to the nervous system. “Be careful as to what you listen to” I said, as music (and the lyrics behind music) gets hardwired into our nervous system. While I had the feeling some event would occur in the next few days directly or indirectly related to my talk, I was not sure exactly what that event would be.

How do you feel when you come home from such an event? To tell you the truth, I often come back to the office and within hours begin to tell myself that I cannot possibly live up to the lofty thoughts and ideas I discovered during the weekend. The ideas like, “I’m going to see 20 new ones today” or “we are going to change the whole office.” I know that is in direct contradiction to how I am supposed to feel, but that is what often happens.

Somehow, and rather fortunately, I am becoming more frequently aware of this behavior. I guess what happens is that I have fallen into the same habits so many times that I begin to get comfortable with it. This is probably what a lot of chiropractic coaches call getting “pumped up.” You go to an event, get all excited, come back to the office full of energy, and that same first Monday morning patient comes through the door. Before you know it, you’re right back where you were before you left for the weekend.

It’s not that great things don’t happen, I think it’s more along the lines that I don’t often enough expect them to happen (or that they won’t happen for me). One of the biggest lessons I had this past weekend was to stop having limitations (Shaquille O’Neil says it’s not a lesson if you repeat it). Why do we put such limitations on ourselves? I don’t mean just limitations in care and our expected results, I noticed in my life I’ve set up all kinds of unnecessary bars and obstacles that really serve no purpose. What was the point?

As an example, I had a reminder of this just last week in the office. We have a new person in the shipping department and we usually prepack about four to six products per day in anticipation of products to be sold for that day. Ever notice how right on this can be? You set up two new patient files and how many new patient’s do you get that day? Two. Set up 6 new files, and how many new patients do you get that day?

So without really giving it much thought, I typically would just see that four to six packages were prepared in the office daily for the next day. Well my new staff member comes from a whole different level of thinking than I do. After telling her that we nearly always ship the same amount of packages daily that we have prepared she replies, “why don’t we prepare 50 of them?” To that I quickly replied, “50?, We would never sell 50 in one day.” What did I do? I created a limitation, and I have been manifesting that limitation in my daily life.

On Tuesday she comes in and instead of preparing the amount I had suggested, she prepares an entire shelf full of products. You probably already know what happens… we sell nearly all of them. The bar was raised and I was introduced to a new level thinking.

I know a got away from the “music” thing I was talking about. I’ll get back to that later in the week. We had something very exciting happen (musician related) in the office.

I don’t have the answers yet but I am working on it. I realize that for some, 50 new ones in a day would be cake. They can manifest it in their headspace. This goes back to the, “what we think about-we bring about” concepts so often talked about at seminars. So I am LIVING IT LARGE for as long as I can hold out. Think Think Think. I think I’ll get a custom table built for the pro NBA players I am about to adjust. @ 1:58 pm | Article ID: 1012514314

Occurrence Vs.Claims-Made Policies Explained

By Dr. Stuart Hoffman

Editors Note: Some things about practice still confuse me (actually lots of things do) so I plan to bring more technical office related articles to the news from outside authors.

Q: What is the difference between an Occurrence and a Claims-Made Policy?

Under occurrence coverage, claims are handled on the basis of when they occur. An occurrence Policy issued in 1997 pays claims that occur in 1997 only, even if they aren’t discovered and reported as claims until 2000. That several-year differential between an incident and the reporting of a claim the so-called “long tail” means a company writing occurrence policies have to “guesstimate” what a claim year down the road will cost.

Under a claims-made policy, which handles claims on the basis of when they are reported, the uncertainty of the long tail is greatly reduced. A claim that occurred in 1997 but went unreported until 2000 would be paid for under the 2000 claims-made policy. How, then, does the claims-made policy allow for more accurate pricing? Since it is a “year-to-year” system, future premiums and limits can be based on current reported claims data, with a one-year projection instead of a several-year projection. As losses are known at the end of each policy year, the uncertainty of the long tail is greatly reduced.

Claims-Made Premiums Are Lower and Cash Flow Savings Build
Claims-made premiums will be lower than occurrence premiums because the occurrence policy has to cover the long tail, while the claims-made policy covers current losses with current dollars. Claims-made premiums begin low and go up gradually as the likelihood of incidents emerging as claims increases. These low initial-year premiums offer definite cash flow advantages to the policyholder. After four years of coverage, the claims-made premium reaches “maturity”; that is, it becomes fixed and is the annual rate for subsequent policy years (unless there is a normal rate increase or decrease). In some states the premium does not become fixed until the 5th policy year. The mature claims-made rate is usually lower than the annual occurrence rate.

Comparison: Claims-Made & Occurrence Premiums Tail Coverage
If your claims-made policy is terminated for any reason, you should purchase tail coverage to protect yourself from incidents occurring during your policy period but not reported until years later. Under the ChiroSecure program, will make tail coverage available. The premium for a tail policy can range from .8 up to 1.5 times the mature claims-made rate. Generally over a four-year period, the amount saved on a claims-made policy will be enough to pay for a tail policy. We have switched doctors from other insurance programs to the ChiroSecure coverage without any cost for the tail.

There is no difference in the quality of coverage between a claims-made and occurrence policy. The only difference is in the reporting and pricing procedures.

Summary of Claims-Made vs. Occurrence
ChiroSecure makes both claims-made and occurrence coverage’s available. The policy chosen is decided by the chiropractor based on his/her needs and circumstances. A new doctor just starting out may choose a claims-made policy to take advantage of lower premiums in the early years. Other doctors prefer occurrence policies because they provide long-term coverage without the need to pay a tail premium. Ultimately, ChiroSecure makes both policies available to better serve the chiropractor’s needs. For more information, call Dr. Stu Hoffman Toll Free at (866) 802-4476 ext. 11. @ 1:51 pm | Article ID: 1012513869

President Bush Signs Chiropractic Veterans Bill

On January 23, 2002, President Bush signed legislation mandating the establishment of chiropractic benefits in the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) health care system. This law authorizes the hiring of chiropractors in the DVA and authorizes representatives from the chiropractic profession to implement and oversee the process.

The International Chiropractors Association (ICA) helped champion the inclusion of the term “subluxation” instead of being strictly neuromuscular. This bill was supported by the International Chiropractors Association, World Chiropractic Alliance, American Chiropractic Association and the Association of Chiropractic Colleges.

According to a recent PR Newswire article, “The measure was championed by a strong bi-partisan coalition led by Senate Majority leader Tom Daschle (D-SD), House Veterans Committee Chairman Chris Smith (R-NJ), Congressmen Jerry Moran (R-KS), Lane Evans (D-IL) and Bob Filner (D-CA), Senator Strom Thurmond (R-SC) and Senator Tim Hutchinson (R-AR). Governor Bob Wise of West Virginia was also instrumental in lobbying for support of the legislation.”

To find out more about this issue, visit the ICA website at @ 7:42 am | Article ID: 1012318931

Red Light, Green Light

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

I spoke at New Beginnings this weekend. As you stand in front of the audience in front of you is a device someone created. It is a red light, green light and yellow light mounted on wood. It tells you when you are running out of time and when you should end your talk. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people could wear one of these devices on their forehead? Wouldn’t it be nice to know when someone has stopped listening to you when you are talking to them so that you could know when to stop talking?

Sometimes I find myself talking at people instead of to them and I usually don’t figure that out until way to late. I am so interested in making my point I forget that just because I am saying it doesn’t mean they are hearing it. I would like to know when it happens. What is it that I say that causes someone to turn me off? How can I better communicate? I mean I know how to talk; my question is how can I better communicate? The best kind of communication is when I can relay a feeling.

For example my feeling about chiropractic. I have such a passion for passing on what I have come to find to be a reality concerning the lifelong health of people. I’ve got to be careful that I give them the principle in small enough bites so that they can chew it up and swallow it in such a way that it is integrated into their way of thinking. I don’t want them to feel like I am confronting or challenging them. I want them to be attracted to my way of thinking and curious about understanding more about what I love so dearly.

I also need one of these lights at home. Sometimes I talk to my husband way longer than he is listening to me. He is polite enough to continue sitting there and I mistake that for him listening to me. Then I don’t feel like he is understanding what I am saying so I say it with more passion and still don’t feel understood and then I think of another way of saying it and I’m getting more frustrated and sometimes even louder (like I think he all of a sudden developed a hearing problem too.)

When that happens I need to just shut up. He is not giving me permission to enter data into his head. He is not giving me permission to have that conversation at that moment. It won’t get in because he doesn’t want it to get in and I am just trying to overpower him into seeing how I feel. I have a visual about it. I’m talking and it is going over his head and hitting the wall and bouncing back at me. The more it keeps hitting back at me the more I want to reinstate it and try to get it to stick to the wall (or in his head) even more. That is when I get frustrated and try harder. I need to take a different approach. The red light is on. There is a different approach, not more of the same. Before anyone will let you in they usually non verbally have to give you permission. There needs to be a trust factor. There needs to be an attraction.

In reality I think I sometimes know when the red light is on and I keep talking anyway. The more I ignore the red light (or any feeling that I have for that matter ) the less aware I become or de-sensitized to feeling it as time goes on. That is a very dangerous place for me to be in. I stop feeling the feelings and I start feeling very empty. Then I try to fill that void with something outside myself. I need to be willing to feel the feelings. I need to listen to my innate and follow that voice or I will stop hearing that voice and I will start thinking that I am in charge and running the show. That is illusion. God is in control. Being humble is knowing where my place is. There can only be one Sharon. I can’t be one person in one situation and another person in another situation. I need to be true to my feelings and humble. @ 6:47 am | Article ID: 1012315639

An Adjustment Can Change An Attitude

By Super CA Lynne

I would like to tell you about a New Patient that I had this week. He opened the front door walked in like a kicked dog hiding behind a mop of long curly hair. His skin was the color of putty and his teeth grey. I stood up and I took him into the NP office and introduced myself. His first comment, I saw a chiropractor 15 years ago, all he did was throw me down on the table crack me and said good-bye. I had a headache for 3 weeks after and I swore I would never go again so I don’t know what I am doing here now.

There was a time I would have thought, wow this guy is a real A-hole and why is he wasting my time, but because I know the power of a Chiropractic adjustment I jumped up and said, “Burt (not his real name), your life is about to change. Chiropractic changed my life and it can change yours too if you let it.”

As we started to go through his case history I could tell he was a very angry guy. He was slouched over in his chair, never looked at me just stared at the wall. My heart was racing, because I knew he had come to the right place and we were about to start making a difference in his life. As he finished telling me his tales of woe, I got right in front of him looked him straight in the eyes and said, “Burt, you have the worst attitude to anyone I have ever met.” He looked at me and said, “Yeah, well I’m ready to die, I can’t stand to live this way no more.”

I asked him about his wife and if he had any kids. “Nope, not yet but probably soon”, was his reply. What do you mean? “Yeah, well she’s takin’ injections and this is our last time, we’ve done it four times.”

“Do you really feel you are capable of being a father right now?” I asked. ‘m not sure, I have been thinking about that a lot lately, if I’ll even be able to get on the floor and play with the kid. After 17 years of being a carpenter/house framer Burt’s body had been through a lot of challenges.

I explained again to Burt that he had come to the right place, and his life was about to change. I told him my own Chiropractic story and how I had felt like him at one point in my life and how the power of an adjustment changed my life. I explained if his abided by guidelines and schedule we set out for him his body would start to heal and some amazing changed would begin to take place and he just may have a whole new outlook on life. I told him I was going to go get Dr. D. and we would be right back.

In the mean time his wife came into the office and went into the exam room with Burt. Julie (not her real name was an extremely bubbly person, I thought oh boy, what a life she must have with him).

Dr. D. asked Burt about his previous Chiropractic experience and just what exactly he didn’t like about it. “Well I can tell you” Burt said, “It sure was nothing like this.” Nobody talked to me or asked me anything, just down on the table, crack, see ya!”

Dr. D. is absolutely awesome at making patients feel at ease. He did his exam, went over a few things with Burt to make sure he was completely relaxed and ready for an adjustment (or to have his life changed, as we all know). Burt had his adjustment sat up on the table and an amazing transformation took place. It made me think of the Grinch, Burt actually smiled yes, he smiled. I got tears in my eyes and a huge lump in my throat.

We told him the Chiropractic truth, we didn’t waver, we didn’t care if he got mad, we knew it would make a difference it ALWAYS DOES!!!

Burt came out and booked his next appointment, as he got to the door he turned said good-bye and smiled at me again, I yelled see, look at that smile.

WOW, that’s what it’s all about, being able to go home at the end of a realllllllllly long day and thanking God that he chose me to be a Chiropractic Assistant. Before I close my eyes at night giving thanks that He once again gave me the strength to do what I do every day and also thanks for the precious gift of a principled DC that has helped my be what I am today by making me a part of him.

Always remember what a big part you play in changing the world, don’t ever forget how very special you are.

Chiropractic is Life!!! @ 11:03 am | Article ID: 1012244619

Innate Provides – Hold Your Head High

By Dr. Martha Collins

Spiritual does not mean that it has anything to do with religion. It has to do only with the development and refinement of the nervous system and the accompanying rise in the level of consciousness. – Itzhak Bentov

Chiropractors watch people. We watch how people walk, move, how they hold themselves, we watch the gait of runners, the posture of the spines we see, how the head is held, the energy surrounding you, your gestures–all can be a window into your nervous system and your Innate. Looking into the eyes is very telling–if the eyes are dulled by worry or pain, if the pupils are different circumferences, if they meet our gaze with a smile, or turn away in fear, all communicate a vast amount of information about the being behind them.

Turning onto Princess Street last week, I saw a man walking. His head was down, his posture stooped, energy low. It appeared as if he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Just as I drove by, he looked up and our eyes met. Yes, he carried the weight of the world, but his gaze also suggested that he allowed the weight of the world to seep inside and pull him down. Not just physically, as indicated by his posture, but emotionally and spiritually as seen in his eyes. Everyday in the adjusting room, we feel how people can be pulled down by the weight of their worlds. A busy family life, an unfulfilling relationship, conflicts with friends or relatives, a career below their potential. Ultimately, it is this disconnection from our spirit and our purpose that can be the most devastating of subluxations.

The emotional and spiritual aspects of our health cannot be underestimated. There is, however, clearness and reconnection that occurs when the nervous system is free from interference. Not only is our nervous system responsible for how we interpret our environment, but also how we react to the environment. As we heal and grow and reconnect to our true selves, the stress and challenge of life doesn’t seem to seep in as much. We are Innately tuned and can better choose to allow worry into our lives or not.

Five years ago, we disconnected our cable television because the pharmaceutical ads were making us angry. (Next time you are watching, pay close attention to how many drug ads there are on television invading your consciousness and the message these ads are sending you and your family to be powerless in your health care decisions.) Sometimes, I still sneak a peek at my TV, and recently there was an ad for a drug that was designed to help cope with worrying. Worrying! How tragic that the answer for worry is a biochemical change to the nervous system to disconnect it even further from its normal function.

Often, the most anguishing events are what teach us the biggest life lessons. Since life, living and healing are processes, they can sometimes be punctuated by episodes of confusion and despair. The ability to overcome adversity is what builds character, and gives us the opportunity to make better life decisions. We cannot mask the signals to our body from Innate that indicate to us that something is amiss and a solution is necessary. Formulating and employing strategies for surmounting obstacles in our lives is a better solution, and far healthier.

Life is short. If you have decisions to be made to help your soul soar, make them. You owe it to yourself; the people who love you and the universe to reach your potential in all aspects of your life. Don’t waste another day. Hold your head high and stand tall knowing that you’ve made positive changes, so that the weight of the world does not pull you down.


– – – – – – – – – –
Dr. Martha Collins is a Family Chiropractor at the Chiropractic Life Centre in Kingston, Canada. It is her mission to spread the word of Chiropractic to help change the world one adjustment at a time. She can be reached at [email protected] @ 6:58 am | Article ID: 1012229904

The Secret To a Million Dollar Practice

Dr. Bruce A. Parker

A client contacted me with the following question. When I began to answer it, I decided it would be a good topic for a THOT.

“Last weekend when we were together, you told me that you have a client that wants to build a million dollar practice. That really has made me think… what would a million dollar practitioner act like?

I will tell you, for me that’s the issue. I have been attacking a bunch of areas in both my practice as well as myself, and have been cleaning them up since this weekend. How does a million dollar doctor think? That is what I am asking myself. I can tell you some things they would not do; because I fell, I have been thinking my way out of success at times. It is amazing how I want it, but must be afraid of it. I now think I am finding the answers. Thanks for showing me the path.”

It is true a THOT is a thing. No matter the THOT, positive or negative. I have found the million-dollar practitioner has learned the fundamentals of operating a practice, has a sound business plan, and has mastered the application.

The last of all the fundamentals to learn, seems to be the hardest to both learn and implement. Yet in actuality, it is the easiest and most rewarding. So why would anyone NOT do a step that has proven to be the most liberating and profitable step in personal and business growth.

As I reveal (what your educated mind already knows) the step, be very honest with your self and observe all aspects of your life and practice in which you have not taken this step. Also, notice that by not taking this step how it has stopped your growth, and in most cases is the only step left for your practice to take off to the stratosphere!

Imagine how a new practice seems to immediately shoot up… then the great plateau sets in place.

What happens is we will only rise to our level of competence. At first, it is our competence to handle the physical properties of our practice; later it becomes our ability to handle the mental aspects of our practice. Ultimately, it is the ability to transcend our practice from a physical expression between you and patients. The physical practice is focused on “how good we are in what we do as Chiropractors”, on each “treatment” or visit.

The spiritual experience is not about mysticism or rituals. Simply it is the experience between patient and doctor with the co-understanding that chiropractic increases the “tone” of the nerve. This vibrancy resonates in the body to bring cellular order. Each adjustment brings them closer to uniting their body the physical with their own innate expression, the spiritual. When they are “adjusted” (which literally means to bring order), they will no longer express dis-order; and begin to express order (health). They both have the understanding that Chiropractic is not about six treatments to get rid of pain. They understand that true health is achieved by adopting a Chiropractic lifestyle, which includes regular Chiropractic “adjustments”, attention to diet and exercise as well as a positive thought process. It is through this process, they will regain true health.

When a Chiropractor comes to that understanding, and is able to communicate this to a patient with understanding, they will now have a completely different experience of their patients, than they did when they were still “treating” for pain control. (You still may need to address those pain issues, but that it is part of the patients journey from Chiropractic the physical to Chiropractic the spiritual). It is at this level of understanding that all blocks from growth end. The only blocks are those caused by the doctor if they have limited their vision of the practice.

What holds us back?
Lack of systematic procedures installed, trained and implemented. This causes a physical capacity block. We simply are not efficient enough to manage the day-to-day operations of our practice because of actual blocks in time, space, and matter, caused by us! You can only do so many things when you are micro managing everything in your life and practice. Discussing each patients special requests, figuring out how to satisfy and appease them, answering repeat questions from staff, dreading your paperwork, etc. etc. etc. You simply run out of time and energy, and your practice stops at your level micro-management ability.

What do we have to do?
Learn a system that has proven to work and implement it. If you don’t feel comfortable with a given procedure realize it is your fears, and not that the system is bad. In fact, usually the things that you are most afraid to do would have caused your patients to have greater commitment had you followed through. If you would have required this commitment they would become easier to handle thus removing some blocks in your capacity, thus giving you time to expand. The doctor and staff require commitments to assigned actions, to implement the proven system.

The second requirement is for the facilitators of the practice (doctor and staff) to demand the patient to commit to what is required of them to get well. If they are not given a system to follow that will result in their ultimate wellness or are not held to that system they will not get well, and they don’t eventually respond to your care in a noticeable way, they will get bored, discouraged and ultimately will quit. In addition, do not expect them to refer others.

Now you get to go and learn more ways to get new patients, just to survive.

The secret is to demand commitment from yourself, your staff and ultimately your patients to understand the true benefit of Chiropractic. It is so much more than a back pain treatment, and you are so much more than a technician or therapist. You are their coach and it is your responsibility to show the path and keep them on it. This will cause the momentum required to get the million-dollar practice.

Next, you must let go of doing all the micro-management. You have trained your staff. Assure yourself they understand, and then perform that last action I said is the secret to your success.

Trust in your procedures, trust in universal law, trust in your chosen and well-trained staff… Then let it go!

Success is a shedding process. The more you hold on to everything the less you will grow. Let go and let GOD!

– – – – – –
As a business consulting firm serving the Chiropractic profession, Parker Professional Management is the gateway to a Chiropractor’s dream practice. You will discover powerful new strategies for building value and success into your practice, as well as your personal life. Parker Professional Management can assist and solve any challenges you may have. We would like to hear from you concerning any of your needs. @ 6:20 pm | Article ID: 1011838818

The Best and Worst of Times

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

I don’t believe I ever read the entire book, but I know that Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities” begins with the famous phrase, “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times”. Maybe I never finished the book because I didn’t understand the first line.

Now, I find myself thinking about that phrase after attending the 50th anniversary Parker Seminar this past weekend. It was the best of times, for sure. Seven or eight thousand chiropractic folks actually forgot why they didn’t like each other long enough to bask together in the glow of solidarity and hope for an entire weekend. I never thot I’d live long enuf to see Terry Rondberg and Lou Sportelli on the same stage without a referee! And this came after seeing the presidents of the ACA, the ICA, and the WCA standing together on the stage and actually shaking hands without any trace of nausea. I had to pinch myself. My euphoria was nurtured upon learning of Tedd Koren’s impending legal efforts to reverse the 1905 decision that made mandatory vaccinations legal. Then we got to hear a group of very famous non-chiropractors telling us of the truth of chiropractic, telling us that the world is waiting for us, and telling us that science is catching up to the rest of the world. It is indeed the best of times for chiroprac-tic, and this weekend was a fantastic reminder.

Well, you can’t have good without bad, and you can’t have best without worst. Evidence of this began as soon as you left the meeting rooms and entered the casino. It is a significant indication of my growth that I used to like Las Vegas! Now I find it the epitome of everything that is ugly, and nearly unbearable, and without my friends and the hordes of like-minded folks surrounding me, I’m sure I would’ve had to sit in my room and hope for Three Stooges episodes on TV.

The worst came up again when I was reminded about where many want this profession to go. You know, the ones who want pharmaceuticals and the ones that get off on attacking their own profession and all that. As Dr. Koren also said, “the smartest MD’s want to get into chiropractic, and the dumbest chiropractors want to get into medicine.” I heard of a “chiropractic college” where the graduating class was polled, and 75% of them had never been adjusted! Oy!! And as I strolled thru the exhibit area, one might have very reasonably assumed they were at a PT’s convention, as a host of remedies and therapies and outside-in stuff were being hawked while inside the meeting room some of the most famous speakers on the planet were talking about Innate, love, and true healing. Go figure.

Dr. Stew and some friends at Parkers 50thDeep down I know that good and bad, best and worst, and the like are merely illusions. Apparent paradoxes that I will never understand with the same mind that created them. They are simply perceptions. Pieces that either fit or conflict with our filters and our programming. Yet it seems as if the best is getting better and the worst is getting worse. Maybe that’s part of the plan, and when I come from that Innate place within me I know it’s all perfect. And at the same time, it inspires me to be more of a force for what I believe is good. To use the gifts that God gave me, to open my heart, to sing my song, to serve, with reckless abandonment. Even more than I already do. It inspires me to not denounce the things I think are bad, thereby giving them more power. I will simply watch them fade away from lack of attention. I re-dedicate myself to sharing myself with the world, doing what I love to do in joy and gratitude, knowing that my every loving thot and intention helps to balance the fear-based energy that exists. Whether it is the best of times or the worst of times, it is time for me to express my highest self to the world. I am deeply and blissfully grateful to be part of such a beautiful vehicle for that expression – chiropractic. I become more and more whole as I serve God thru chiropractic, and my wholeness sets the Universe to quiver in joy.

As we were reminded this weekend – the words whole, health, and holy all come from the same root word. Chiropractic ties them all together in a magnificent knot, for myself and for all I touch. It is time for that knot to surround the planet. @ 12:01 pm | Article ID: 1011816087

A Big Idea

By Stacy Larsen, D.C.

Mention that you’re a chiropractor and most people call you a bone cruncher or ask about their back or neck problem. There is something more profound that is being lost in what chiropractic is about. It’s not so much about your back; it’s about your life.

The association between bones and chiropractors is understandable. Most people think about chiropractic as being just about the backbone because that is what chiropractors work on. The chiropractor is affecting the most vital system in the body, the nervous system, because the most important parts of it lie within the spine. Across this system travels the intelligent and organizing information that animates and makes us alive.

The nervous system is an under appreciated part of the body. It runs, controls and regulates everything in the entire human existence. It’s not something you can readily see, touch or feel. It gets lost on the health radar. People easily talk about their cholesterol levels or heart angiograms. The heart is obviously an important organ but what controls how well it works? The nervous system. What would happen if the nerve supply was cut to the heart? Or interfered with? Did you know there are non-invasive ways of checking the function of the nervous system?

The spine offers the clearest window into the nervous system. By improving how well your spine works, you maximize the quality of the life-giving information that travels across it. Your entire being is improved by having a healthy spine. A great side effect of having your spine adjusted is that back pain usually goes away. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

So what is Chiropractic’s Big Idea? A healthy spine means a healthy nervous system. This allows a more complete expression of the intelligence in your body. You are more connected to the intangible spark of life that was there at the earliest stage of conception and stays with you throughout your life. It enables your body to do what it was designed to do better – heal, regulate and organize itself. A healthy spine means a healthier you at every level, improving mental, physical, spiritual, immune and emotional performance.

The next time you are at your chiropractor, consider the implications of the Big Idea. See yourself as a well-orchestrated symphony of trillions of cells beautifully conducted by your nervous system. Remember, it’s about your life. @ 2:19 pm | Article ID: 1011651548

Chiropractic Internet: TLD’s and Extensions

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Dr. C. Ferguson from Ohio writes…

Just recently I read that a new “directory??” (is that what that is called?) “.pro” is or will be available soon and will be reserved for professionals like drs and lawyers. How soon will that be available? Would it be, then, wise just to use .pro if it is avail. soon, or better to stay with the better known/more common .com/ .net, etc?

Thanks for your questions Dr. Ferguson, this provides a good follow up to my recent domain name article. For your first question, what you referred to as a directory is actually known as an extension or a Top Level Domain (TLD). Some of the most common extensions or TLD’s include: .com, .net, .org, .info, as well as others. Among TLD’s, .com (dot com) is still most popular yet there are many different extensions available worldwide. For chiropractors in Canada, you may see the extension .ca, while D.C.’s in Great Britain often use the TLD .uk and chiropractors down under commonly use the extension (TLD) .au (for Australia) or .nz (for New Zealand). Several new top-level domains such as .biz and .info have been made available recently. You can view all the new TLD’s on the ICANN website (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) by clicking here.

The soon-to-be (I don’t know exactly how soon) top-level domain you mentioned .pro, is in fact expected to provide domain names exclusively for certified professionals, including lawyers and doctors. The .pro extension will hopefully (according to the folks behind it) allow consumers to make distinctions among professionals while increasing the volume of currently available domain names. From my current understanding of the .pro extension, I would expect a qualified medical doctor’s domain to read something like If the extension were to be made available to chiropractors, one’s domain may look like or maybe even You can learn all about the .pro extension by visiting

I don’t yet know what it will cost to register a .pro extension and I don’t know if they plan to make such extensions available to chiropractors. With that said, I believe there could be some good uses for a .pro extension but in my opinion, I would not wait until it becomes available. The ever so popular .com extension can be registered for about $15 (US) per year and as I have stated in a previous article, there are many .com domain names still available for chiropractors. Consider registering a .com domain name now, perhaps using your office name, and in the future you may be able to also register a domain name using the .pro extension.

Also, it is perfectly O.K. to have two (or more) website domains. Many hosts (including us) will “point” or “redirect” one domain to the other. For an example, visit and click on the word, “Welcome.” If you look in your browsers address bar, you’ll notice you are now on rather than This was a smart move by the chiropractor. Ask someone to spell “Innate Chiropractic” and you will likely get many variations. However, this DCs office is in the Pacific Palisades and “pali” is a common term used around town. It is so common that the local High School is known as “Pali High” (there are even huge red letters painted on the schools gymnasium wall using the term which happens to be a few blocks from the chiropractic office). See the word association here? It’s brilliant.

Why do I like the .com extension best? It’s been well branded. For example, thanks to the success of the .com TLD, I can often tell others to, “visit us online at Planet Chiropractic.” Most people know to simply type even though I never mentioned the extension (I still always recommend you use the proper extension as well as the www prefix when inviting people to visit your website). Read the following aloud, “I get my books on Amazon” (I bet your mind said

If your extension ends in something other than .com it is critical that you mention it. For example, to visit the Life Chiropractic University web site you would need to type rather than If people cannot locate your website on the net it will be difficult to get your information to them.

Some chiropractors have asked me if it is okay for them to register .net or .org extensions for their Web sites. The answer to that is absolutely yes. However, I do not recommend it if the .com extension for the same name is available (for branding reasons mentioned above). To see an example of a D.C. using a .org extension in their domain you can visit (we recently registered this domain and host the website for the doctor).

Hopefully this article has helped you to better understand the use of common website extensions a.k.a. top-level domains and how they relate to chiropractic web sites. If you have more questions or want to suggest a topic, e-mail me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to answer them here. @ 9:06 pm | Article ID: 1011589607