Your Chiropractic Soap Box

By Super CA Lynne

“You never know how far reaching something you think, say or do today, will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” — BJ Palmer

Have you ever (silly question, of course you have) talked chiropractic to someone and then in a future conversation with that same person, along with another friend, listen to them while they bestowed the benefits of chiropractic care on the 3rd person?

Do you ever wonder if your family and friends ever really listen to you when you get up on your Chiropractic Soap Box?

Last week a fairly new friend of ours started care after asking several questions about chiropractic one night at the curling club. He has elbow pain and when making the connection between the spine and the nerve system thought he would give chiropractic a try. He said even if it didn’t help his elbows it would help his health. Inside I did the, “wow thing,” because all of a sudden he knew what I knew.

It’s always great when you know that you know what you know. But it’s even better when you convey it to those outside of chiropractic and they know what they know because they listened to you.

He was talking about his first visit the next night at the curling club, to a group of people at our table, and thought he would get his wife and girls to come in to get checked too. Not because there was anything wrong with them, just because he didn’t want there ever to be.

Before the night was over I had everyone lying on their tummies checking their leg lengths so everyone could see the imbalances in their spine even though they were not experiencing any symptoms. That’s always a great spot to throw in, “It’s not about how you’re feeling, it’s always about how you’re functioning.”

That night I looked around the room and realized that 13 out of 14 in my group of friends that I hang out with at the club are under care. I also realized that every time I start to talk about chiropractic those friends always jump in and tell about their own chiropractic experiences. We will work on the other 300 members this weekend. One adjustment one at a time until they all know that they know what we know!

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