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Pillars of Manual Medicine

Join us June 21 – 23, 2019 in Chicago, IL

The Pillars of Manual Medicine conference has 1 simple goal: to help attendees understand Why, When and How to utilize certain evidence-based, conservative techniques, approaches and systems as it pertains to Low Back Pain.

The people involved in this conference want to move the bar forward as it relates to manual medicine. Each has a strong belief that conservative manual and movement-driven healthcare should be a primary method of treatment for many people in pain yet there is so much we still do not know and so much more we can do to help people.

If you are an open-minded healthcare practitioner seeking ways to improve your practice by being exposed to new and innovative treatment approaches, this conference is FOR YOU.

We invite you to join a diverse group of practitioners from around the globe as we discuss our strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for treating musculoskeletal conditions and improving the lives of the patients we serve.

During our panel discussions, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions to some of the giants in the world of physical medicine, while listening to real-world case studies and patient evaluations and treatment.

The open dialogue will provide the opportunity for all attendees to discuss the various treatment approaches presented and differing strategies for addressing the patient’s condition.

During the weekend, attendees can choose from one of FOUR hands-on workshops:

– Fascial Manipulation with Dr. Warren Hammer
– Movement Impairment Syndromes: LumboPelvic Course with Dr. Shirley Sahrmann
– Neurodynamics Lower Quarter 1 with Dr. Michael Shacklock
– Maitland Australia Physiotherapy Seminars – Lower Quarter Course with Dr. Chris Showalter

Register before May 1st to save with Early Bird Pricing! Group Discounts and Vendor Opportunities are available.

CE hours are available for DCs, PTs/PTAs, LMTs and ATs and can vary by state and workshop track selection. Email [email protected] with any specific questions.

Learn more and register online here >>> https://motuseducation.com/pmm

Chiropassion Consulting Practice Mastery Summit Chicago

Join Chiroprassion Consulting with Dr Joe Borio to share in a transformational experience in practice growth. Learn simple and easy nuggets to put into your practice in a day that are impactful for growth and retention of patients. Learn new ways to attract new patients from internal procedures as well as what you can do outside to target your ideal patient. Our practice events begin Friday afternoon at 4:30 and go to 9pm. Friday night is Philosophy Spizz for practice and your life. Event party begins at 9pm and goes till 11. Saturday event begins at 8am and goes to 6pm. We will hit protocols, procedures, science, business, and financial mastery. Join me, Dr Joe Borio, in Chicago March 8 and 9 at the Drake Hilton. register Today for early registration $199. www.chiropassionconsulting.com

Chicago Airport WiFi not Free

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I have to imagine nearly all traveling bloggers love free Wi-Fi, especially when enduring long hours in airport terminals.

I arrived at Chicago’s Midway Airport about an hour ago and was excited when I sat down and noticed a sign that read… Sign on to Wi-Fi (see photo below).

Chicago Airport WiFi not FreeAs you can see in the photo the sign says… Use the official network of Midway International which is followed by Secure SSID concourse

I mistakenly assumed the access would be free so I launched my Dell XPS and got ready to twitter some of my friends. Unfortunately when I got a WiFi signal there were over a dozen WAP protected access points,  and none were broadcasting an SSID. There was an SSID that read concourse and it didn’t use encryption. I logged onto it, only to get one of those pay for access screens that gave the option of buying several hours of Internet access, for a month of service in multiple locations. So much for my excitement.

Fortunately I recently purchased the Verizon LG Voyager and I had that along with me for my trip. That reminds me to get one of those shields to protect the screen. I pay an additional monthly fee to use broadband service through my phone, but it’s worth it.

Wondering what major airport terminals in the United States are providing true FREE WiFi access?