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Running to Blow That Writer's Block

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Running is just one of many forms of exercise that can help stimulate your mind and get your fingers moving forward, to unleash thoughts and ideas that may have been stuck somewhere in the back of your blogging head space.

Early this morning I noticed a post to twitter from doshdosh in Toronto, Canada. Being the concerned citizen of the world that Maki is, he twittered his followers with the question: If you’ve ever got writer’s block before, how did you break through it?

A number of people messaged back and I chimed in with: I live a few hundred yards from the beach so I go running until I can’t think. Typically new ideas come flooding in. Todd Mintz messaged back: I get all my best ideas while working out… I couldn’t imagine not exercising for so many reasons. Todd’s response is right on and it’s one more great reason to get out and get moving.

I’ve been running the beaches of Santa Monica, Marina del Rey and Venice for nearly a decade and I do my best hit the beach at least four times a week. Many articles have come soon after those coastal runs.

volleyball Santa Monica It’s January here but people are active outdoors pretty much all year round. This photo was taken in the summer of 2007 when I was a volunteer chiropractor for a women’s volleyball championship tournament in Santa Monica. Yes, it’s a tough job, but I make my sacrifices.

Okay, the point of this post was that I went running today, like I often do on Thursdays, and I had a number of cool blog post ideas just flow through me while I was out there. Not every post makes it to the final stages but I do try to capture the jist in my mind and mentally knock out a title.

I had my iTouch thanks to the cool military shield someone recently sent me, so I was listening to some music. On came David Lee Roth’s version of That’s Life and I thought it would make a great song for SEOs and online marketers.

“each time that I find myself flat on my face, I pick myself up and get back in the race.”

Other songs played and I came up with some ideas for Top 5 Lists and Top 7 Lists. Thanks to Maki stimulating the thought, and getting out to energize my body and mind, I’ve got about a half-dozen new posts to work on that I’m excited about.

Whether your activity is surfing, volleyball, tennis, running, lifting weights, riding the elliptical trainer, or throwing a football, get out and get moving, and stimulate your mind body and spirit. Your readers will be glad you did.

X-Ray of Blogging Hand

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Have you ever wondered what your hand would look like on an x-ray while using your mouse? Probably not. Either way, I was experiencing some numbness in my right thumb after several days of excessive blogging activity and I thought it would be interesting to see how the bones in my wrist and hand were lining up along with my mouse.

I started with my Microsoft cordless mouse and placed it on the cassette that holds the x-ray film. Don’t try this at home.

Microsoft cordless mouse x

I set the radiology unit on a timer so I’d have time to position my hand properly over the mouse before the exposure was made.

blogging hand before x-ray

On a normal hand or wrist x-ray one might just want to see the carpal bones (bones of the wrist) or the carpal and metacarpal bones (larger bones in the hand). In this case I wanted to see all 8 carpal bones, all 5 carpal bones, the five metacarpals, the phalanges, and the distal phalanges (fingertips). I also needed to not over or under expose the image.

blogging hand x-ray

Success! The tips of my fingers (distal phalanges) are a bit overexposed but the thumb view came out clearly and that’s what I was most interested in. The really bright white areas are metallic parts of the mouse. On x-rays, areas of the most density area typically appear the whitest. The plastic casing of the mouse barely shows up, nor does most of the soft tissue of my hand, except for that meaty area between my first and second carpal bones (thumb and index finger).

After studying the image I discovered I’d been using my thumb frequently to motion the mouse to the right (notice it’s in an unnatural bent position). That resulted in additional strain that could be avoided. I ended up switching to a smaller and more lightweight mouse (Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse 3000) and started using a 3M mousing surface to allow for easier glide. These were small changes, but they’ve made a big difference.

Blogging SOAP Note Taking Laptop Stations

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

More photos that I found on the front desk computer. These may not be of too much interest to non-chiropractors but they are actually nice and efficient workstation setups that we’ve used successfully for a few years now.

3 Foot Efficient Laptop Workstation
There are 3 setups like this in my LA chiropractic office and they have served us very well. The space measures a bit more than 3′ but we’ve got everything needed all in one space.

The counter has no edges which is safer for patients. There is a clipboard that has blank SOAP sheets (note taking for chiropractors), some Pilot black pens (for nice notes), Altoids, business cards, tissues, some sticky notes, an atlas vertebra, exercise handouts (under the counter) and one of three Dell laptop computers.

Blogging SOAP Note Taking Laptop Stations

These are the smaller 12″ Inspiron 700m models, recently replaced with XPS 1210’s (all running ubuntu), which serve several functions in the office.

The laptops get used for note taking, report writing, web browsing and such, but they also are great blogging stations. All run skype and other messengers so we can keep connected with our friends in social media circles.

Chiropractic Posters Cheat Sheets
Here is another view that shows some of the posters on the walls.  In my experience posters like this work great for educating people about chiropractic care and the office.

twitter station

Posters like the one on the left wall also come in handy as there are dozens of conditions listed along with information about nerve pathways, the spinal column, and associated complaints/symptoms.

Lot’s of discussion involving vertebral subluxation and corrective chiropractic care in this office. I don’t include subluxation info in my twitters but maybe I’ll begin doing that soon.

Chiropractors can sit or stand while using these stations and that’s worked really well for helping to avoid neck and back strain. Last thing we want is chiropractors sitting at the computer all day and developing poor posture.