Send your emails on Sundays or Fridays

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

If you are sending chiropractic newsletters to your patients, practice members, and people in your community, Sunday and Friday are the best days to do so.

Emails sent on Sunday or Friday have the best chance of being opened, that according to a study done by marketing company eROI. According to the report, email read and click rates are the lowest during the middle of the week and the highest on Sunday and Friday. “What we are seeing in this trend is that business-to-consumer e-mails… performed better on Friday” said Ryan Buchanan, president and CEO of eROI.

The amount of email being sent may have some correlation to open and click rates. Excluding Saturday and Sunday, fewer e-mails were sent on Friday than any other day of the week. The highest volume of emails are sent on Mondays. The thought is that people are being inundated with mail on higher volume days and are more likely to delete or skip reading messages on those days.

Some interesting Email Statistics
1.2 billion active e-mail accounts worldwide in 2005
43.18% of spam sent in January of 2006 originated in the US
52.46% of January 2006 spam was drug-related
source: eROI

If you are getting lots of chiropractic spam (or just spam in general) from marketers chances are they are “harvesting” your email address from your website. You can protect against website archiving programs and email collector programs by having your webmaster place an .htaccess file that is designed to block access to these programs. Our email link is above if you want more details. @ 7:19 am | Article ID: 1142003979