Chiropractic Adjustments Remove the Cause

C.C. Petersen’s chiropractic adjustments remove the cause of so-called conditions and diseases. That, according to a 1920s local newspaper advertisement. The confident chiropractor tells potential new patients that he will know what and where your trouble is without asking a question. The downtown Los Angeles chiropractor practiced in a popular historical location, the Homer Laughlin building, located on S. Broadway Blvd. in Los Angeles, California.

Directional Non Force Technique Chiropractic Research

A study on health-related quality of life improvements and Directional Non-Force Technique Chiropractic was published in the December 2011 issue of the Chiropractic Journal of Australia, a peer reviewed journal. The primary author is Kim Khauv D.C. and Life West faculty member, and alumnus, and co-author is Christopher John D.C. from Beverly Hills, California.