Michael Phelps Suspended for Marijuana Pics

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Looks like the Michael Phelps marijuana photo drama is far from over. News outlets are reporting that Phelps has been suspended from competing for three months after a photo emerged allegedly showing him smoking pot from a bong. While the situation isn’t related to anti-doping rules in his sport, the governing body for USA swimming has apparently decided to send a strong message regarding the pics. The 23 year-old Olympic superstar has also reportedly lost an endorsement deal with cereal maker Kellogg.

Michael Phelps - Olympic Swimmer(photo: Michael Phelps prepares for a race – credit: ngmanth)

So USA Swimming has reportedly suspended Phelps for three months of competition and has cut off his financial support during that time. The sport governing body admits that the situation is not related to any violations in the sport but the decision was made to send a message to Michael Phelps because he apparently has disappointed hundreds of thousands of kids to look up to him as a role model and hero. Personally, I think it’s a bunch of horse crap.

Phelps is an adult and should be fully aware of the consequences of his actions but this was supposedly a private situation where he was allegedly smoking marijuana recreationally. I’m sure that Kellogg’s received a lot of pressure from people either inside or outside the company to send a message that smoking pot is not OK. I mean come on, marijuana is a gateway drug, it will only lead to a destructive and disappointing life of lackluster achievement. Let us not forget that this allegedly pot smoking 23 year old is the winner of 14 Olympic medals.

Phelps has reportedly accepted the disciplinary actions taken by USA Swimming. Michael Phelps has been featured on cereal boxes for Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes (both made by Kellogg) and the company has reportedly ended their endorsement deal with him because his recent behavior is not consistent with the company’s image. Phelps has other sponsors, including Speedo, Omega, Visa, and Subway.

I think it totally sucks that someone took photos of this kid apparently getting stoned and likely made a hefty profit from selling them. That’s pretty crappy. What’s also pretty crappy as America’s two-faced attitude toward smoking marijuana. Things are different here in California with medicinal marijuana being legal via prescription from a medical doctor. Legal or not, America is long overdue for changing its attitude towards this longtime recreational (and often times therapeutic) substance.

In my opinion, the role model story is just a copout that highlights the negatives in US drug policy. It’s time to talk to our kids and tell them the truth. Sugar can cause all sorts of disorders and diseases, and there’s likely a lot more sugar in chemically enhanced frosty cereals, then there is in Mother Nature’s own favorite medicine.

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