Healing Potential of a Skillfully Delivered Spinal Adjustment

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

We all know the Healing potential of a skillfully delivered spinal adjustment given at the right time in the right place. But have even we in subluxation-based Chiropractic actually been selling this profession short? We know the power of the spinal adjustment when it comes to healing dis-ease and disease conditions in the human body, but is it also possible that this same spinal adjustment can actually change human behavior?

Everything that occurs in the human body is controlled by and through the nervous system so the potential is certainly there. Dr. Greg Cheatwood told the story of a man who came to him suffering with a chronic low back problem who, after 3 weeks of spinal adjustments, was feeling much improved. Then his wife came in with him one day and pulled Greg aside. She asked him, “What have you done to my husband? He’s not only feeling much better but he no longer hollers at the children and he doesn’t hit me any more!”. As his spine improved, his behavior improved. Was it just because he was no longer in constant pain? Possibly, but I think not.

I feel there is more to this than many of us in this field are seeing and that it could enormously expand the potential of Chiropractic to include the correction of aberrant human behavior, while we still stay within our scope of practice involving adjustment of the spine and extremities. This could totally establish our position at the very top of the overwhelming wave of “natural healing” energy that is sweeping this planet. But how can we make this change in behavior consistently and not by chance as it happened with Dr. Cheatwood’s patient? And as I’m sure that we’ve all seen it happen at times with some of our own patients.

This has the potential to expand our scope of practice while remaining within the legal practice parameters of this profession and, at the same time, remaining true to the basic tenants (Philosophy, Art, and Science) of Chiropractic. But how can we go about doing this?

The incredible genius of Dr. George Goodheart has been an amazing catalyst for change and improvement within this profession. He was the first to popularize the “Triangle of Health” as a metaphor for Healing. This equilateral triangle has “Structure” as its base (meaning the structural integrity of the spine and entire skeletal system which directly and/or indirectly involves the nervous system) with “Nutrition” and “Emotions” occupying the other two sides of the triangle. My understanding of this triangle is that both “Emotions” and “Nutrition” feed back to the base (“Structure”). And that our emotions and our nutritional status can be a cause of spinal subluxations (remember that D.D. Palmer spoke of “auto suggestion” as one of the causes of subluxation).

As I understand the philosophy of Chiropractic, our creator (God/Universal Intelligence) who is perfect has infused our MindBody with a spark of God (Innate Intelligence) that flows through our nervous system instilling us with the perfection of the creator. Therefore, we should all be perfect (and our behavior should also be perfect) unless we interfere in some way with the expression of that perfection in our lives. The Universal/Innate principle is perfect but the expression of that principle in our body and in our life is not always perfect due to interference with that perfection which takes place in our mind and in our spine. Spinal interference we all understand and know how to correct, the “mind” interference has not yet been totally addressed by this profession.

Interference in the mind (what Dr. Jim Parker labeled “Quality Interference”) takes place in the Innate/Subconscious part of the mind which controls and co-ordinates the physical body through the nervous system. This major part of the mind is much like a programmable computer except that it has an amazing power and capacity that engineers can only dream about being able to put into a man-made computer. When you start a program on your desktop computer, it runs the program the way it is designed to do. When a “program” is triggered in our Innate Mind, this part of our mind powerfully runs the “program” in the same way (resulting in behavior of one type or another on our part). It doesn’t decide if the “program” will help us or hurt us in our daily life, it just does what it’s designed to do. And some “Innate programs” can interfere with the free flow of the Loving/Healing energies of the Universe that are our birthright.

We can easily determine which behavior is coming from our Educate Mind (10% of the mind) and which is coming from our Innate Mind (90% of the mind). If the behavior is logical & reasonable, it is from the Educated part of the mind. If the behavior is not logical & reasonable, it is from the Innate part of the mind (this part of the mind is not logical & reasonable but, instead, is purposeful and powerfully driven). If the behavior is not logical & reasonable and is aberrant in any way (not serving us well in our life), we in Chiropractic can change it and change it comparatively quickly.

An example of behavior that would fit into this category would be a practice where we continually treat far fewer patients and receive far less income than we want and need. Since the Chiropractic adjustment is such a powerful Healing entity, this behavior on our part is not logical & reasonable, it is obviously coming from the Innate Mind and that’s good news, because that means it can be changed. If we are perfect, then our behavior should be perfect and should provide us with total Success, Health, and Happiness (SH of the Universe as Dr. Jim Parker called it). If our behavior does not provide us with total SH in our life, it is only because we are interfering with that perfection and keeping it from ourselves. Let’s change our non-resourceful behavior and provide ourselves and this profession with all the good things in this life that are our birthright, we’re a “chosen” profession and we deserve it. And we already know how to do it.

I call this New Millennium Chiropractic and I believe it will work with any accurate system of spinal adjusting. Let’s use your practice as an example. Decide how many patients you want to adjust each day and set a date in the near future for it to happen (perhaps 3 months from now). Let’s use 100 patients a day as an example. Have your Chiropractic buddy adjust and balance your spine totally…where no subluxations are present in your spine or extremities. Now, while you are still on the adjusting table, vividly imagine yourself adjusting 100 patients a day (seeing the sights involved with it, hearing any sounds involved with it, feeling the feelings involved…the more senses you can bring into the image, the more effective this technique will be)! In your imagination, also see a calendar on the wall showing the date you have decided upon…the Innate Mind is immortal so we have to pin it down to a certain date on this earth. Since your MindBody doesn’t know the difference between a vividly imaged event and something that is actually happening physically, to your nervous system this is actually happening right now! And since we have one MindBody with the mind totally influencing the body and the body totally influencing the mind, this “happening” will bring up everything concerning the adjustment of 100 patients a day that is in your minds, including any “life-limiting Innate programs” (many of these “programs” put there when you were under the age of seven). Your Educated Mind is vividly imagining adjusting 100 patients a day but if the Innate Mind is running “programs” that disagree with this goal, there will be a conflict between the minds. And since the Innate Mind runs the physical body, it will re-subluxate the spine…with a vengeance! This is a David and Goliath type of conflict…the 10% Educated Mind is seeing you adjust 100 patients a day while the 90% Innate Mind is running “programs” that say you can’t do that (due to your not being worthy, your not having the energy, your father didn’t adjust that number of patients so you can’t, etc., etc., etc.). No matter what the “program” says, it is only a “life-limiting Innate program” and nothing more. We don’t need to know what the “programs” are or how they were put into our Innate Mind…it doesn’t matter! If vividly imaging your goal re-subluxates your spine, there are “life-limiting programs” running in your Innate Mind that disagree with your reaching that goal and they’re holding you back from achieving your MTD in this life (Mission, Talent, and Destiny as Dr. Jim called it).

To remove this limit in your life simply have your buddy totally re-adjust your spine (including ribs, TMJ, etc.) while you vividly imagine your goal! It will generally take from 1 to 6 adjustments to remove this “life-limiting program” from your Innate Mind. You’ll know this has been accomplished when you can vividly imagine adjusting 100 patients a day in the near future without any re-subluxation of your spine. When that happens, your Educated Mind and your Innate Mind are in agreement regarding this goal. You still have to provide the consistent effort to accomplish the goal but there are no longer any barriers that can block it and/or make its achievement extremely difficult and stressful to your MindBody. Dr. Jim often stated that when Educated and Innate are in agreement, everything in our life happens “Naturally Right”…easily and surely! Let’s all of us in this “chosen” profession become Naturally Right and change Chiropractic by changing our own behavior!

For Chiropractic to progress to its rightful place on this planet, we each have to progress to our rightful place in this life! We each have to do it ourselves! And we already have the knowledge and the tools to accomplish this. Mother Theresa said it well, “Don’t wait for leaders, do it yourself one by one.”

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