Girlpower starts in the spine!

By Dr. Madeline Behrendt

Dr. Madeline Behrendt - ChiropractorWhere does GIRLPOWER begin? The mind, the heart, the spine?

A girl’s mind is busy this time of year as the spontaneity of summer shifts to the structure of school and there are backpacks, new clothes, cool school supplies, make-up, music and boys to think about.

A girl’s heart seems up for grabs in our culture as dollars direct messages offering: myths about body image and worthiness, cool advertisements to promote not-so-cool milk, pop and fast food, internet excess that can result in isolation and inactivity, and drug free school zones endorsing and popularizing prescription fixes.

A girl’s spine. It may seem the outside gets all the attention, but girls care about the inside too, girls get it, they enjoy the benefits of chiropractic and let their parents know they want care.

Do Chiropractors support girls in their quest for true health and the chance to express their unique potential? Everybody say “Yeah!” We can share with girls that the spine is where all thought and actions start, where memories are stored, where all life experiences hang out.

Nutrition, sleep, exercise, positive mental attitude, are all run through the nervous system, every mental, physical, emotional and chemical reaction is under it’s control and direction. Getting checked for interference – subluxations – is powerful, restoring health is powerful, life expressed is powerful… GIRLPOWER STARTS IN THE SPINE!

Studies show those under chiropractic care start to move towards healthier choices. That’s not a surprise as Chiropractic is a lifestyle.

The full value of lifestyle choices can be explored not just by themselves, but viewed in relationship to subluxation, does a choice cast a light or shadow? Supporting girls as they discover what influences subluxation is important so that care offered results in a true shift to a healthier way of living, and is not limited to repairing chronic distortion related to repeating choices that create shadows on our health. Following are chiropractic lifestyle tips that can influence physical, chemical, mental and emotional subluxations and interfere with GIRLPOWER:


1) Get Checked – Visit your chiropractor to be checked for vertebral subluxations

2) Bone Care Today – Lose the Milk and Pop

Girls are designed to reach peak bone density in the 30’s, so all girls want to pay attention to making their bones strong and need to know the lifestyle factors not on their side.

— Cool ads but not-so cool results, Milk and Dairy products are linked to allergies, obesity, heart disease, cancer insulin-dependent diabetes and yes, osteoporosis (suggested from a Harvard study of 75,000 nurses.)
For more info see: (info is backed by research.)

— In addition, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has filed a major complaint with the Federal Trade Commission regarding the Milk Mustache Advertisements for making false and misleading health and nutritional claims. (ads include Britney Spears, Marc Anthony and the Williams Sisters) For info see:

— Another example of where the ads are better than the product – Pop/Soda. Offers no nutritional benefits, leeches calcium, contributes to poor bones, hyperactivity and other problems.

3) Drugs – Do you know where the best drugstore in the world is? It’s in your body – it makes chemicals that restore health. Drugs from the outside can only wrestle with what your body already makes and all drugs have side effects, know that reports show taking a drug can be more like trading symptoms and may actually be a set back.

Vaccines, ritalin, antibiotics, aspirin are choices, know the side effects. For excellent vaccine information:

4) Exercise / Obesity – Computer mania, excess TV time, nutritionally deficient processed food and poor family exercise/activity habits are suggested to contribute to a high % of obesity. (affecting over 6 million kids) Obesity affects diabetes and additional health problems including creating patterns that continue into adult life. Know simple habits that affect you – a medium size popcorn at the movie theater can hold up to 16 cups of popcorn (+fat), if you go to movies 4x a month – whoa, it adds up. Your body is designed with muscles and bones that it wants you to use and make stronger, find an exercise/activity you want to do and enjoy.

5) Smoking / Drinking / Caffeine – All can contribute to poor bone health, among other health problems. Look at successful young people, does Tiger Woods smoke? No way. No way. No way.

6) Friendly food – More girls are becoming aware of food that is friendly, developing fast food-fatigue from heavy promotions and light nutrition. A report in the Chicago Sun-Times titled “Teens Veg Out” focused on the growing population of teenagers who are choosing to become vegetarians – due to interest in animal cruelty and health issues. For info: or

Schools are including vegetarian meals and nutritionists confirm the safety of adopting a meatless diet to parents who have not had the opportunity to be exposed to this info before.

— Girls want to know that hormones in food products, including meat, dairy and anything sprayed with pesticides can influence her female hormonal system and menstrual cycle, affect her risk factors for estrogen-based cancers and her future unborn children. Kids as young as 4 have exhibited breasts and ovarian cysts while on diets which included hormones, symptoms resolved upon changing diets. Go organic, available almost everywhere now, and tastes soooo good.

— Genetically modified food, in Europe referred to as “Frankenstein Food” is causing great concerns, girls can look for No GMO labels.

7) Body Image is huge topic in our culture, with super models weighing less than the magazines they appear in. As a former model, I’ve seen these women suffer more than you realize. In England recently, the fashion and magazine community met together to commit to using more real life images so that we would not be bombarded with unrealistic and unhealthy images, it’s about time. Know it is key for a girl to have the appropriate amount of body fat, not more, not less. Less affects our ability to have a menstrual cycle (missing it messes up many parts of our body, including bones), more causes health problems.

8) Our Environment – are we subluxating our environment?
Check out these cool web sites that give great info on how to go green, they are excellent resources for school projects: and

GIRLPOWER! Chiropractic and the Chiropractic Lifestyle supports connecting girls to the power within that expresses GIRLPOWER.

Dr. Madeline Behrendt is the author of A Woman’s Experience/A.W.E.(TM) Reports On Women’s Health Topics. She practices chiropractic in the state of Idaho. @ 6:58 pm | Article ID: 968205535