Tiger Woods Wins British Open: A Chiropractic Story

The news began appearing on Sunday, Tiger Woods had again won the British Open. Hours later, news agencies began reporting on American cyclist Floyd Landis and his winning of the Tour de France. Tiger Woods is the second golfer to win back-to-back British open championships (Tom Watson won in 1982 and 1983). I’ve noticed almost 2000 articles on the internet since Sunday, many of them talking about the intensity and endurance required for these great champions to be successful. These are not just regular athletes. Some articles suggested that the Floyd Landis win represents one of the biggest athletic comebacks seen in decades. Tiger Woods win of the British Open was his 11th major championship win. Many articles referred to Tiger as “the greatest golfer ever.”

Floyd Landis Tour de France Win #8 for Chiropractor

Cyclist Floyd LandisThe news is in, American cyclist, Floyd Landis has won this year’s (2006) Tour de France. News from all over the world is saying this is one of the biggest sports achievements in decades. The news of the Tour de France win for Landis came in just hours after it was reported that another well-known American, Tiger Woods, had just one his second British Open. The Landis win alone is enough to get any diehard sports enthusiast excited because the story behind his win is rather incredible. This year’s Tour de France was a thrilling adventure and Landis beat some pretty heavy odds to win this race.

US Open Golf 2009 Leaderboard and TV Schedule

The 2009 US Open Golf Championship has made it to the weekend, despite rain hitting Long Island, making play difficult on the already treacherous Bethpage Black course at Bethpage State Park in New York. If you’re not watching the US Open live on NBC, there are several online resources for keeping up with scores and seeing who’s on top of the leaderboard.

June News Calendar of Topics

There’s a lot of things happening during the month of June. Here in Los Angeles we’re pretty excited about the 2009 NBA finals getting started on Thursday, and although I’m not making any predictions, it’s been seven years since I’ve closed my chiropractic office for a Lakers Parade. I’d be happy to do that again later this month if the situation came up. Besides NBA basketball and continual news regarding the swine flu (vaccinating the entire planet is probably on someone’s agenda), there’s plenty of other stuff you can expect to read about this month.

What’s Happening January 2009

From the Tournament of Roses Parade to the day before the 2009 Super Bowl (SuperBowl XLIII), this month of January is packed full of activities, events, and news happenings, some that will shape year remaining months to come. I’ve organized a summary of happenings for the month along with resources for those seeking details on specific topics. Best of health to all of you and hope you are enjoying the new year so far.

NFL superstar Jerry Rice named chiropractic spokesman

Widely regarded as the National Football League’s (NFL) greatest wide receiver, and one of the best players in NFL history, Jerry Rice is now speaking on behalf of the chiropractic profession. An advertising campaign featuring the 10 time All-Pro wide receiver, is appearing on newsstands now, with the publication of the December 15 issue of ESPN The Magazine.