Asthma Cases Double in U.S.

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Over the past 15 years, cases of Asthma in the United States have doubled. Asthma now affects some 15 million Americans and according to some sources, those numbers are underestimated. A recent article on states that asthma is the most common of chronic childhood diseases.

According to one article, there are two factors which play a part in whether you’re likely to suffer from asthma: a cleaner living environment and genetics. Some families do have several asthma sufferers but what of those that don’t? If this were true how would we explain a family of 5 living in the same environment yet only one suffers from asthma? If the environment is a cause why doesn’t everyone have it?

The inside-out approach. It would make more sense to me that the body’s inability to respond to its environment is more likely at cause. If the environment caused asthma we would all suffer from it.

According to one article, many doctors believe that ones increased susceptibility to allergies and asthma may be linked to the idea that children are leading healthier lives in cleaner living spaces. The article states that our bodies typically grow resistant (via innate intelligence) to allergies while fighting off childhood infections and diseases. But if children are facing fewer childhood infections as they grow up, it may leave them more susceptible to increased incidence of asthma.

A good point is made here which is that our bodies grow resistant when exposed to germs and outside agents. What then happens to the body that is feed antibiotics, numerous childhood vaccines, and other powders, pills and potions? Does this increase or decrease ones ability to adapt and respond to the environment in which we live?

The developer of Chiropractic, Doctor B.J. Palmer said, “The master maker of the human body did not create you and then run off and leave you masterless. He stayed on the job as Innate, as the Fellow Within, as nerve transmission controlling every function of life, as Spirit from Above-Down, Inside-Out, expressing, creating, exploring, directing you in every field and phase of experience so that your home is truly the world and the world is your home.”

This is a fine way of saying that our bodies are divinely designed to interpret, respond and adapt to our environment from the inside out. It all begins from within. Not surprisingly though, the medical approach continues to be from the outside-in. One individual mentioned in an article used to take “fistfuls of medicines that weren’t always effective” but today “controls” her asthma by taking newer and improved medications.

From the outside in or from the inside out, it’s your choice. Asthma Now Afflicts 15 Million Americans Childhood Asthma Underdiagnosed @ 9:24 am | Article ID: 1053361461