A Message From Sigafoose

From the beginning chiropractors searched for a miracle, that guarantees a high level of success in everything they wanted to do. Something that would ensure personal happiness, in a simple way to make all hopes and dreams come true.

If you want more health, get health consciousness, more power, get power consciousness, happiness, get happiness consciousness. live as it were because you already have it. Much gathers more and loss gathers loss. All our experiences in life are as a result of our attitude. Attitude of mind depends on what we think. All of our achievement depends on what we think. We must be before we can do and we can do to the extent we are, and what we are depends on what we think.

The world without is a mirror of what we think. What comes to us in the world without comes from the world within. All possession is based on consciousness. We are related to the world within via the innate mind.

It is through innate we are connected to the universal mind, and brought into relation with universal constructive forces. Our future is under our control, by coordinating conscious and innate and understanding their function, which is the secret of life. There is but one principle, and one mind, and one spirit, and it is identical to universal consciousness.

Universal mind is potential energy each individual is the individualization of universal. The ability of one to think is their ability to act on universal and bring it into manifestation.

So it is.

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